Baby Names

Naming your baby is one of the most important decisions you may have to make in your lifetime. Names hold the power to bring happiness into your child’s life, so why wouldn’t you take it up with the seriousness it deserves? Since ancient times in India, people have relied on astrological significance of letters, days and several other factors before naming their newborn baby. An auspicious name can change the path of a person’s life and an inauspicious one can bring in unnecessary trouble and hardship. At DTP Magic, we present to you a carefully crafted list of baby names that will ensure your naming ceremony is a success that brings in a lifetime of happiness for your child. Find the meanings of baby names and make a sound choice that reflects well on the future. We have built one of the largest resource of baby names for you to fall back on every time you need to name a newborn within your family or even to help out friends. It may look like a simple task, but we know how significant the consequences are where names are concerned. Hope you have great luck with your choice and reach out to us for any further help that you need while naming your baby.

S. No Name Meaning Gender
1 Aaban Name of the angel Boy
2 Aabha One who shines Girl
3 Aabheer A cow herd Boy
4 Aadarsh Ideal Boy
5 Aadesh Command Boy
6 Aadhan Be first Boy
7 Aadhira Moon Boy
8 Aadi First; most important Boy
9 Aadidev The first god Boy
10 Aadinath The first god Boy
11 Aadir Origin, beginning Boy
12 Aadit Peak Boy
13 Aaditeya Son of aditi Boy
14 Aaditya The sun Boy
15 Aafreen Encouragement Girl
16 Aagam Coming, arrival Boy
17 Aagney Son of fire Boy
18 Aagneya Son of the fire Boy
19 Aahan Good morning Boy
20 Aahlaad Delight Boy
21 Aahva Beloved Boy
22 Aakaar Shape Boy
23 Aakaash Sky Boy
24 Aakanksha Desire Girl
25 Aakar Shape Boy
26 Aakarshan Attraction Boy
27 Aalap Prelude to a raga Boy
28 Aalok Light Boy
29 Aamil One who is invaluable Boy
30 Aamod Pleasure Boy
31 Aanand Joy Boy
32 Aanandswarup Full of joy Boy
33 Aandaleeb The bulbul bird Boy
34 Aanjaneya Son of anjani Boy
35 Aapt Trustworthy Boy
36 Aaraadhak Worshipper Boy
37 Aaradhya Worship Girl
38 Aarav Peaceful Boy
39 Aarhant Protector from enemies Boy
40 Aarpit To donate Boy
41 Aarth Meaning Boy
42 Aarush First ray of sun Boy
43 Aarushi First ray of the sun Girl
44 Aarya One who is noble and honored Unisex
45 Aaryah One who is noble and honored Girl
46 Aaryana One who is noble and honored Girl
47 Aaryanna One who is noble and honored Girl
48 Aashish Blessing Boy
49 Aashman Son of the sun Boy
50 Aashutosh Who is easily pleased Boy
51 Aastik Who has faith in god Boy
52 Aatish Explosive,a dynamic person Boy
53 Aatmaj Son Boy
54 Aatreya Name of a sage Boy
55 Aayu Span of life Boy
56 Aayushmaan With long life Boy
57 Aben Aben Boy
58 Abha Shine Girl
59 Abhati Splendour , light Girl
60 Abhay Fearless, a son of dharma Boy
61 Abhaya Fearless, goddess durga Girl
62 Abhayananda Delighting in fearless Boy
63 Abhayaprada Bestower of safety , another name for vishnu Boy
64 Abheek Fearless Boy
65 Abhi Fearless Boy
66 Abhibhava Overpowering , powerful , victorious Boy
67 Abhicandra With a moon like face , one of the seven manus of the svetambara jain sect Boy
68 Abhidha Literal meaning Girl
69 Abhidhya Wish , longing Girl
70 Abhidi Radiant Boy
71 Abhihita Expression , word , name Boy
72 Abhijaat Well born Boy
73 Abhijat Noble , wise Boy
74 Abhijay Victorious Boy
75 Abhijaya Conquest , complete victory Boy
76 Abhijeet Variation: abhijit Boy
77 Abhijit Victorious Boy
78 Abhijun Expert, skilled Boy
79 Abhijvala Blazing forth Boy
80 Abhik Beloved Boy
81 Abhilasa Desire , wish Girl
82 Abhilash Desire Boy
83 Abhilasha Ambition, desire Girl
84 Abhimand Gladdening Boy
85 Abhimani Full of pride , another name for agni as the eldest son of brahma Boy
86 Abhimanyu Son of arjuna Boy
87 Abhimanyusuta Son or abhimanyu Boy
88 Abhimoda Joy , delight Boy
89 Abhin Different Boy
90 Abhinabhas Renowned , famous Boy
91 Abhinanda To rejoice , to celebrate , to praise , to bless , delight Boy
92 Abhinandan Congratulation Boy
93 Abhinandana Felicitous , delighting , welcoming Boy
94 Abhinatha Lord of desires , another name for kama Boy
95 Abhinav Brand new Boy
96 Abhinav Brand new Boy
97 Abhinava New , young , fresh , modern , a sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment Boy
98 Abhinay Expression Boy
99 Abhineet Perfect Boy
100 Abhinit Acted Boy
101 Abhinithi That which is already been performed , friendship Girl
102 Abhinivesh Desire Boy
103 Abhiprithi Full of love Girl
104 Abhiraam Pleasing Boy
105 Abhiraj Fearless king Boy
106 Abhirath Great charioteer Boy
107 Abhirathi Pleasure Girl
108 Abhiri A raagini of indian music Girl
109 Abhiruc The sun Boy
110 Abhirup Handsome Boy
111 Abhisar Companion Boy
112 Abhishek An auspicious bath for a deity Boy
113 Abhisoka Passionate , loving Boy
114 Abhisri Surrounded by glory , shining , powerful Girl
115 Abhisumat Radiant , another name of sun Boy
116 Abhisyanta Splendid , a son of kuru and vahini Boy
117 Abhithi Fearlessness Girl
118 Abhivaadan Greeting Boy
119 Abhivachan Good word Boy
120 Abhivanth Royal salute Boy
121 Abhivira Surrounded by heroes , a commander Boy
122 Abhra Cloud Boy
123 Abhrakasin With clouds for shelter , an ascetic Boy
124 Abhyagni Towards the fire , a son of aitasa Boy
125 Abhyudaya Luck Boy
126 Abhyudita Elevated , risen , prosperous Boy
127 Abij Seedless Boy
128 Abimanyu Arjunas son Boy
129 Abin Servant of the lord Boy
130 Abishta Lady of the house Girl
131 Abivanth Royal salute Boy
132 Abjayoni Born of the lotus , another name for brahma Boy
133 Abjit Conquering water Boy
134 Aboil The name of a flower Girl
135 Achal Constant Boy
136 Achala Earth, steady, mountain Girl
137 Achalendra The himalayas Boy
138 Achalraj Himalayan mountain Boy
139 Achintya Inconceivable Boy
140 Achyut Imperishable; a name of vishnu Boy
141 Achyuta Indestructible Boy
142 Achyuthan Indestructible Boy
143 Adarsh Ideal Boy
144 Adavan Sun Boy
145 Adeep The light of vishnu Boy
146 Adesh A message or command ; to make a statement Boy
147 Adheer Restless Boy
148 Adheesh King Boy
149 Adhik More, lots Boy
150 Adhip King Boy
151 Adhira Quick, lightening Girl
152 Adhiraj King Boy
153 Adhita A scholar Boy
154 Adinath Lord vishnu Boy
155 Adipurush Primordial being. Boy
156 Adit From the beginning Boy
157 Aditeya Another name for the sun Boy
158 Aditha The first root Girl
159 Adithya Sun god, son of adithi Boy
160 Aditi Mother of gods, earth, nature Girl
161 Aditri Highest honor, goddess lakshmi Girl
162 Aditya Lord of the sun Boy
163 Adityanandana Son of the sun Boy
164 Adityavardhana Augmented by glory Boy
165 Adrija Name of parvati Girl
166 Adrika Celestial Girl
167 Adripathi Master of the mountains Boy
168 Advait Unique Boy
169 Advaita Focussed Boy
170 Advay Unique Boy
171 Advaya One; united Boy
172 Advik Unique Boy
173 Adwaita Non-duality Boy
174 Adwaith Non-duality Boy
175 Adway One ; united Boy
176 Adwaya Unique Boy
177 Adya Goddess durga Girl
178 Afreen Friendly Girl
179 Agasthya A name of a sage Boy
180 Agasti Name of a sage Boy
181 Agastya Name of a sage Boy
182 Agendra Himalayan mountain Boy
183 Aghanashini Destroyer of sins Girl
184 Agharna The moon Boy
185 Aghat Destroyer of sin Boy
186 Aghosh Quiet, soundless Boy
187 Agnes Fire Girl
188 Agneya Son of agni Boy
189 Agnimitra Friend of fire Boy
190 Agniprava Bright as the fire Boy
191 Agnishikha Flames of fire Girl
192 Agnivesh Bright as the fire Boy
193 Agraj Leader, senior Boy
194 Agrata Leadership Girl
195 Agrima Leadership Girl
196 Agyeya Unknown Boy
197 Ahalya Rishi gautams wife , woman rescued by lord rama Girl
198 Ahan One who is of the nature of time itself Boy
199 Ahijit Conquerer of the serpent Boy
200 Ahilan Knowledgeable , commanding Boy
201 Ahilya Maiden Girl
202 Ahladita In a happy and nice mood Girl
203 Ahladitha Delighted Girl
204 Ahyanna Cherokee: this child is of the creek Girl
205 Ainesh The suns glory Boy
206 Airaawat The celestial white elephant Boy
207 Aishwarya Great and soft mind in life. Girl
208 Aja Unborn Boy
209 Ajaat Unborn Boy
210 Ajaatshatru Who has no enemies Boy
211 Ajala The earth Girl
212 Ajamil A mythological king male islamic Boy
213 Ajanta Eternal fame Boy
214 Ajatashatru Without enemies Boy
215 Ajay Unconquerable Boy
216 Ajaya One who is invincible ; having the power of a god Girl
217 Ajeet One who is invincible Boy
218 Ajeeta Invincible , unconquerable Girl
219 Ajit Unconquerable Boy
220 Ajitaabh Whose lustre cant be diminished Boy
221 Ajitabh Victor Boy
222 Ajitesh Lord vishnu Boy
223 Ajoy Joyful Boy
224 Akaash Sky Boy
225 Akalka Free from impurity , moonlight Girl
226 Akalmash Stainless Boy
227 Akalpa Ornament Boy
228 Akand Calm Boy
229 Akanksha Expectation, wish Girl
230 Akansh Whole Boy
231 Akarsh Attractive Boy
232 Akash Sky Boy
233 Akhila Complete Girl
234 Akhilesh Lord of the universe Boy
235 Akilesh Lord of the universe Boy
236 Akriti Diagram Girl
237 Akroor Kind Boy
238 Akshaj Lord vishnu Boy
239 Akshan Eye Boy
240 Akshansh Universe Boy
241 Akshar Imperishable Boy
242 Akshat Unharmed Boy
243 Akshay Immortal Boy
244 Akshayaguna Of limitless attributes. a name for lord shiva Boy
245 Akshaykeerti Eternal fame Boy
246 Akshit Permanent Boy
247 Akshita Forever fast Girl
248 Akshobhya Lord vishnu Boy
249 Aksithi Imperishability Girl
250 Akul A name of lord shiva Boy
251 Akula Goddess parvati Girl
252 Akuti Princess Girl
253 Alak World; beautiful tresses Boy
254 Alaknanda Faultless, flawless, also name of a river Girl
255 Alankar Gold, ornament Boy
256 Alka Lock of curly hair, small girl Girl
257 Alok Cry of victory Boy
258 Aloke Light Boy
259 Aloki Brightness Boy
260 Alop That which does not disappear Boy
261 Alopa Faultless Girl
262 Alpa Little, tiny Girl
263 Alpana Floor decoration ( rangoli ) Girl
264 Alpesh Tiny Boy
265 Amaan Peace Boy
266 Amala The pure one Girl
267 Amaldeepti Camphor Girl
268 Amalendu Full moon Boy
269 Amalesh The pure one Boy
270 Aman Peace Boy
271 Amanath Treasure Boy
272 Amanjot Emanating the light of peace Boy
273 Amanpreet Emanating the light of peace Unisex
274 Amar Forever Boy
275 Amara Grass, immortal one Girl
276 Amardeep Eternal light Boy
277 Amaresh Name of indra Boy
278 Amaris Child of the moon Boy
279 Amarjeet Victorious Boy
280 Amarnath Immortal god Boy
281 Amarta Immortality Girl
282 Amartya Immortal Boy
283 Amba Goddess parvati, goddess durga, mother Girl
284 Ambalika Mother Girl
285 Ambar Sky Boy
286 Ambareesh King of the sky Boy
287 Ambarish The sky Boy
288 Amber Sky Boy
289 Amberley The sky Girl
290 Ambika Goddess parvati Girl
291 Ambikapathi Lord of siva Boy
292 Ambu Water Girl
293 Ambud Cloud Boy
294 Ambuda Cloud Girl
295 Ambuj Lotus Boy
296 Ambuja Born from lotus (goddess lakshmi) Girl
297 Ameal One who is invaluable Boy
298 Ameet Boundless Boy
299 Ameil One who is invaluable Boy
300 Ameya Boundless Boy
301 Ameya Boundless Unisex
302 Ameyatma Lord vishnu Boy
303 Ami Nectar Boy
304 Amil Invaluable Boy
305 Amish Honest Boy
306 Amit Boundless Boy
307 Amita Limitless, without boundries Girl
308 Amitaabh Boundless lustre Boy
309 Amitabh Unlimited Boy
310 Amitabha Limitless lustre ; name of lord buddha Boy
311 Amitava Same as amitabh Boy
312 Amitbikram Limitless prowess Boy
313 Amitesh Infinite god Boy
314 Amithi Immeasurable Girl
315 Amitiyoti Limitless brightness Boy
316 Amitrasudan Destroyer of enemies Boy
317 Amiya Delight Girl
318 Amiyah Delight Girl
319 Amlan Unfading; everbright Boy
320 Amlankusum Unfading flower Boy
321 Amlika Tamerind Girl
322 Amod Happiness Boy
323 Amoda Happiness Girl
324 Amodini Happy girl Girl
325 Amogh Unerring Boy
326 Amol Priceless Boy
327 Amolik Priceless Boy
328 Amoorta Formless Boy
329 Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a devotee of buddha Girl
330 Amresh Lord indra Boy
331 Amrik Nectar Boy
332 Amrish Lord indra Boy
333 Amrit Nectar Boy
334 Amrita Nectar, elixir (one which makes one immortal) Girl
335 Amritambu Moon Boy
336 Amritaya The immortal. lord vishnu Boy
337 Amritkala Nectarine art Girl
338 Amritrashmi Moon light Girl
339 Amrusha Sudden Girl
340 Amruta Devi Girl
341 Amshu Atom Boy
342 Amshul Bright Boy
343 Amshula Sunny Girl
344 Amuk Some; one or another Boy
345 Amul Priceless Boy
346 Amulya Priceless Girl
347 Anaadi Without beginning Boy
348 Anadi Eternal Boy
349 Anagh Sinless Boy
350 Anagha Innoccent Girl
351 Anamika Ring finger Girl
352 Anamitra The usn Boy
353 Anand Bliss, happiness Boy
354 Anandi Happy Girl
355 Anandita Happy Girl
356 Anandmayee Full of happiness Girl
357 Anando Bliss boy
358 Anang Cupid or kamadeva Boy
359 Ananmaya One who cannot be broken Boy
360 Anant Infinite Boy
361 Anantajeet The victor of infinity. lord vishnu Boy
362 Anantha Endless , eternal Girl
363 Anantram Eternal god Boy
364 Ananya Matchless Girl
365 Ananyo Sole, peerless Boy
366 Anarghya Priceless Girl
367 Anasuya One who is charitable Girl
368 Anathakrishnan Lord of the orphans Boy
369 Anathi Modest , respectful Girl
370 Anay Radhas husband Boy
371 Anchala One end of saree which is free ( pallu ) Girl
372 Anchita Honored, worshipped Girl
373 Anek Many Boy
374 Anesh Creative and active Boy
375 Angaar Spark of fire Boy
376 Angad An ornament Boy
377 Angada A son of lakshmana Boy
378 Angaj Son Boy
379 Angak Son Boy
380 Angana One with a beautiful body Girl
381 Angarika Name of red flower Girl
382 Anhithi Gift , donation Girl
383 Aniij Charming Boy
384 Anik Soldier Boy
385 Anikait Lord of the world Boy
386 Aniket Homeless; lord shiva Boy
387 Anil Wind Boy
388 Anila Child of the wind Girl
389 Anilaabh Spirit of the wind Boy
390 Anilah Child of the wind Girl
391 Anilatmaja Son of anil-pavan Boy
392 Animesh To stare open-eyed Boy
393 Animish Open-eyed therefore attractive Boy
394 Aninditha Virtuous , venerated Girl
395 Anindya One who cannot be blamed Boy
396 Aniruddha Which cant be restricted Boy
397 Anirudh Boundless Boy
398 Anirudhha Cooperative Boy
399 Anirvan Undying Boy
400 Anirvinya A name of god vishnu Boy
401 Anish Lord vishnu; lord shiva Boy
402 Anisha Continuous Girl
403 Anit Joyful unending Boy
404 Anita Grace, variety Girl
405 Aniteja Immeasurable splendour Boy
406 Anitta Grace , variety Girl
407 Anjal Hollow formed by joining two hands Boy
408 Anjali Offering with devotion Girl
409 Anjan Eye liner Boy
410 Anjaney Lord anjaneya Boy
411 Anjani Hanumans mother, illusion (maya) Girl
412 Anjas Fortright Boy
413 Anjasa Guileless , deceitless Boy
414 Anji Hanuman Girl
415 Anjor Bright Boy
416 Anju One who lives in heart Girl
417 Anjuman A garden Boy
418 Anjushree Dear to ones heart Girl
419 Ankal Whole Boy
420 Ankit The chosen one Boy
421 Ankita Conquered, a signet, symbol Girl
422 Ankur New life Boy
423 Ankush Restraint Boy
424 Anmol Priceless, unique Boy
425 Annapurna Goddess of food Girl
426 Annita Grace , variety Girl
427 Annitta Grace , variety Girl
428 Annuabhuj Lord shiva Boy
429 Anoop Incomparable Boy
430 Anram Continuous Boy
431 Ansh Portion Boy
432 Anshu Ray of light Boy
433 Anshuk Radiant Boy
434 Anshul Radiant Boy
435 Anshula Glowing, luminous Girl
436 Anshumaan The sun Boy
437 Anshuman Sun Boy
438 Anshumat Luminous Boy
439 Antara A notation in indian music Girl
440 Antariksh Space Boy
441 Antim Last Boy
442 Antini Living in a hermitage Girl
443 Anubhav Experience Boy
444 Anuga A companion Girl
445 Anugya Permission Girl
446 Anuha Satisfied Boy
447 Anuhlad Brother of prahlad Boy
448 Anuj Younger brother Boy
449 Anuja Younger sister Girl
450 Anula Not wild , gentle Girl
451 Anulata One with very slim figure ( eg like a climber plant) Girl
452 Anulekha One who follows destiny Girl
453 Anumati Consent Girl
454 Anunay Supplication; consolation Boy
455 Anunitha Courtesy Girl
456 Anup Variation: anoop Boy
457 Anupam Incomparable Boy
458 Anupama Unique, unparalleled Girl
459 Anuprabha Brightness Girl
460 Anuraag Love Boy
461 Anuradha A bright star ( 17th nakshatra) Girl
462 Anurag Love Boy
463 Anurag Love Boy
464 Anuragini Beloved Girl
465 Anurati Consent Girl
466 Anusha Beautiful morning, a star Girl
467 Anushri Pretty Girl
468 Anusuya Non-jealous Girl
469 Anuttam Unsurpassed Boy
470 Anuva Knowledge Boy
471 Anvesh Investigation Boy
472 Anyla Child of the wind Girl
473 Anylah Child of the wind Girl
474 Apala Most beautiful Girl
475 Aparajita Undefeated, nightingale ( koel ), goddess durga Girl
476 Aparijita Undefeated ; name of a flower Girl
477 Aparna Goddess parvati Girl
478 Apeksha Expectation Girl
479 Apoorva Exquisite Boy
480 Appaji Lord venkateswara of balaji Boy
481 Apparajito Undefeated Boy
482 Aprameya A name of lord krishna Boy
483 Apuroop Alltrope Boy
484 Aradhana Worship Girl
485 Aran Rightious Boy
486 Aranab Ocean Boy
487 Arati Hymns sang in praise of god with lamp in hand Girl
488 Arati Worship Girl
489 Arav Peaceful Boy
490 Aravali Righteous Boy
491 Aravan Righteous Boy
492 Aravind Lotus Boy
493 Archan Worship Boy
494 Archana Worship Girl
495 Archini Ray of light Girl
496 Archisha A ray of light Girl
497 Archit Worshipped Boy
498 Archita One who is worshipped Girl
499 Ardhendu Half moon Boy
500 Ardra 6th nakshatra Girl
501 Areehah Destroyer of enemies Boy
502 Arghya Floral tribute to god Boy
503 Arha Lord shiva Boy
504 Arhan Tirthankara Boy
505 Arhat Respectable Boy
506 Arihaan Worrior Boy
507 Arihan Killing enemies Boy
508 Arihant Destroyer of enemies Boy
509 Arij Pleasant smell Boy
510 Ariktha Fulfilled Girl
511 Arin Woman from ireland Boy
512 Arindam Destroyer of enemies Boy
513 Arins Happy Boy
514 Arivanandhan Person having wisdom and happy Boy
515 Arja Divine Boy
516 Arjit Earned Boy
517 Arjun One of the pandava brothers Boy
518 Arjuni Dawn, white cow Girl
519 Arka Offering to the sun Boy
520 Arman Wish Boy
521 Armon High place Boy
522 Arnav Ocean, sea Boy
523 Arnesh Lord of the sea Boy
524 Arni Sun Girl
525 Arpan Offering Boy
526 Arpana Gifted, donated, given away Girl
527 Arpit Allways Boy
528 Arrya One who is noble and honored Girl
529 Arryana One who is noble and honored Girl
530 Arryanna One who is noble and honored Girl
531 Arshad Heavenly Boy
532 Artagnan The knower of all meanings Boy
533 arti Hymns sang in praise of god with lamp in hand Girl
534 Arul Gods grace , gods blessing Boy
535 Arun The suns charioteer Boy
536 Aruna Dawn, red cow Girl
537 Arunachaleshwara Lord of the hills of sun Boy
538 Arundhathi Fidelity Girl
539 Arundhati A small star near the great bear Girl
540 Aruni Dawn Girl
541 Arunima Red glow of dawn Girl
542 Arushi First ray of sunlight Girl
543 Arvan One of the moons horses Boy
544 Arvind Lotus Boy
545 Arya Goddess parvati, goddess durga Girl
546 Arya One who is noble and honored Unisex
547 Aryaa One who is noble and honored Girl
548 Aryaditya Sun like person in aryans Boy
549 Aryah One who is noble and honored Girl
550 Aryaman The sun Boy
551 Aryan Of the aryan race Boy
552 Aryav Noble Boy
553 Aryia One who is noble and honored Girl
554 Asav Essence Boy
555 Asavari Name of a raaga in our indian music Girl
556 Aseem Limitlessashank = faith Boy
557 Aseema Limitless Girl
558 Asha Hope Girl
559 Ashakiran Ray of hope Girl
560 Ashalata Creeper of hope Girl
561 Ashank Faith Boy
562 Ashavari Name of a raaga Girl
563 Ashcharya Surprise Boy
564 Ashesh Benediction Boy
565 Ashika One without sorrow, mercury ( element ) Girl
566 Ashiq Lover Boy
567 Ashirvad Blessing Boy
568 Ashish Blessings Boy
569 Ashit Lord of the rings Boy
570 Ashlesh To embrace Boy
571 Ashlesha Name of a nakshatra Girl
572 Ashok Without sorrow Boy
573 Ashray Shelter Boy
574 Ashrith One who gives refuge to others Boy
575 Ashutosh Lord shiva Boy
576 Ashvath Strong Boy
577 Ashvik Santhoshi mata,mare Boy
578 Ashvin A cavalier Boy
579 Ashwaghosh Name of buddhist philosopher Boy
580 Ashwat Genration tree Boy
581 Ashwath Banyan tree Boy
582 Ashwatthama Son of dronacharya Boy
583 Ashwika Goddess name Girl
584 Ashwin Hindu month Boy
585 Ashwini Name of a star, 1st nakshatra Girl
586 Asija A great sage, brother of brihaspati Girl
587 Asit Not white Boy
588 Asita Yamuna river Girl
589 Asitvaran Dark complexioned Boy
590 Aslesha A star Girl
591 Asmita Pride Girl
592 Astha Faith Girl
593 Asuman Lord of vital breaths Boy
594 Asvika A little mare Girl
595 Atal Immoveable Boy
596 Atambhu The holy trinity Boy
597 Atanu Cupid Boy
598 Atasi A blue flower Girl
599 Ateet Past Boy
600 Atharva Name of ganesha; the first vedas Boy
601 Atharvan Knower of the arthara vedas Boy
602 Athrv Lord ganesha Boy
603 Atiksh Wise Boy
604 Atimanav Super man Boy
605 Atithi Guest Boy
606 Atma Soul Boy
607 Atmaja Daughter Girl
608 Atmajyoti Light of soul Boy
609 Atman The self Boy
610 Atmanand Blissful Boy
611 Atmananda Blissful soul Boy
612 Atraiu Great warrior Boy
613 Atreya Container of glory Unisex
614 Atreyi Name of a river Girl
615 Atul Matchless Boy
616 Atulya Unequalled Boy
617 Aurva Grandson of Rishi Bhrigu Boy
618 Avadhesh King dasaratha Boy
619 Avalok Who beholds Boy
620 Avaneesh Master of the earth Boy
621 Avani Earth Girl
622 Avanindra King of the earth Boy
623 Avanish God of the earth Boy
624 Avanti Ujjain city in india Girl
625 Avantika The princess of ujjain Girl
626 Avashesh Remainder Boy
627 Avasyu Lord indra Boy
628 Avatar Incarnation Boy
629 Avi The sun and air Boy
630 Avichal Unmovable Boy
631 Avijit Invincible Boy
632 Avikam Diamond Boy
633 Avilash Faithful Boy
634 Avinash Indestructible Boy
635 Avinashi Indestructable Boy
636 Aviral Continous, ongoing Boy
637 Avirat Continuous Boy
638 Avishi Earth, river Girl
639 Avkash Limitless space Boy
640 Avleen First Girl
641 Avtar Holy incarnation Boy
642 Avyukt Crystal clear,lord krishna Boy
643 Avyukta Crystal clear Boy
644 Awaz Sound Boy
645 Ayaan Natural Boy
646 Ayas Gold Boy
647 Ayavanth Lord shiva Boy
648 Ayog Auspicious time Boy
649 Ayush Long lived Boy
650 Ayushmaan Blessed with long life Boy
651 Ayushmati One who has a long life Girl
652 Aziz Good friend Boy
653 Baadal Cloud Boy
654 Baalaark The rising sun Boy
655 Baalkrishan Young krishna Boy
656 Baanbhatt Name of an ancient poet Boy
657 Baani Goddess saraswati Girl
658 Baanke Bihaari Name of krishna Boy
659 Babala Above Boy
660 Babbi Babi Girl
661 Babby Brightness Girl
662 Babul Father of bride Boy
663 Babulal Beautiful Boy
664 Badal Cloud Boy
665 Badri Lord vishnu Boy
666 Badrinath Lord vishnu Boy
667 Badriprasad Gift of badri Boy
668 Bageshri Name of a indian music raaga. Girl
669 Bahubali A jain tirthankar Boy
670 Bahugandha One with lot of scent, bud of champa flower Girl
671 Bahula Cow, kritika nakshatra Girl
672 Bahuleya Lord kartikeya Boy
673 Bahuliya Lord kartikeya Boy
674 Bahumanya Honoured by many Boy
675 Bahurai With great riches Boy
676 Baiwab Bhagawan shivas name Boy
677 Bajrang Lord hanumans name Boy
678 Bakool Flower Boy
679 Bakul A kind of tree Boy
680 Bakula Nagakeshar flower Girl
681 Bala Young girl, ear- ring Girl
682 Balaaditya Young sun Boy
683 Balachandar Young moon Boy
684 Balachandra Young moon Boy
685 Balagopal Infant krishna Boy
686 Balagovind Infant krishna Boy
687 Balaji Lord vishnu Boy
688 Balakrishna Young krishna Boy
689 Balamani Young jewel Boy
690 Balamohan One who is attractive Boy
691 Balaraj Strong Boy
692 Balaram Brother of lord krishna Boy
693 Balashankar Young lord shiva Boy
694 Balavan Powerful Boy
695 Balbhadra Brother of krishna Boy
696 Balbir Strong Boy
697 Baldev Strong Boy
698 Balendu Young moon Boy
699 Balgopal Baby krishna Boy
700 Balgovind Krishna Boy
701 Bali Brave Boy
702 Balvant Of immense strength Boy
703 Balvindra Strong Boy
704 Balwant Strong Boy
705 Banaj Lotus Boy
706 Banbihari Lord krishna Boy
707 Bandhu Friend Boy
708 Bandhul Pleasing Boy
709 Bandhula Charming Boy
710 Bandhura Pretty Girl
711 Baneet Polite Boy
712 Bani Goddess saraswati Girl
713 Banke Lord krishna Boy
714 Bankebihari Lord krishna Boy
715 Bankim Not straight Boy
716 Bankimchandra Crescent moon Boy
717 Banmala A garland of 5 types of flowers Girl
718 Bansari One who is musical Girl
719 Banshi Flute Boy
720 Banshidhar Krishna Boy
721 Bansi Flute Boy
722 Bansilal Lord krishna Boy
723 Banwari Lord krishna Boy
724 Barid Cloud Boy
725 Barindra Ocean Boy
726 Barkha Rain Girl
727 Barsaat Welcome rain Boy
728 Barsha Rain Girl
729 Barun Lord of the sea Boy
730 Basant Season of spring Boy
731 Basanta Spring Boy
732 Basanti The spring season, yellow colored Girl
733 Basavaraj Lord of bulls Boy
734 Basdev Fire Boy
735 Basistha A sage Boy
736 Batuk Boy Boy
737 Bela Flowering creeper, sea shore Girl
738 Bhadra Asteroid belt, earth, holy, cow, cultured Girl
739 Bhadrak Handsome Boy
740 Bhadrakapil Lord shiva Boy
741 Bhadraksh One with beautiful eyes Boy
742 Bhadrashree Sandalwood tree Boy
743 Bhadresh Lord shiva Boy
744 Bhagat Devotee Boy
745 Bhagavaan The lord Boy
746 Bhagesh Lord of richness Boy
747 Bhagirath Name of an ancient king Boy
748 Bhagwant Fortunate Boy
749 Bhagyalakshmi Goddess of wealth Girl
750 Bhagyaraj Lord of luck Boy
751 Bhairav Lord shiva Boy
752 Bhairavi A melody in classical music, Goddess Durga Girl
753 Bhajan Adoration Boy
754 Bhakti Devotion Girl
755 Bhalendra Lord of light Boy
756 Bhamini A beautiful, short tempered lady Girl
757 Bhanu Sun Boy
758 Bhanudas A devotee of the sun Boy
759 Bhanuja The river yamuna Girl
760 Bhanumati Ganga river , bright, shining Girl
761 Bhanumitra Friend of sun / planet mercury Boy
762 Bhanuprakash Sun light Boy
763 Bhanuprasad Gift of Sun Boy
764 Bharadwaj A sage; a mythical bird Boy
765 Bharat India, universal monarch Boy
766 Bharati Goddess saraswati, speech Girl
767 Bharavi Tulsi plant ( basil) Girl
768 Bharddwaj A sage Boy
769 Bhargava Lord shiva Boy
770 Bhargavan Name of deity in ahobilam Boy
771 Bhargavi Goddess durga Girl
772 Bhartesh King of bharat Boy
773 Bhartihari Name of a poet Boy
774 Bhaskar A name of sun Boy
775 Bhasvan Bright Boy
776 Bhaswar Shining Boy
777 Bhaumik Lord of earth Boy
778 Bhav Lord shiva Boy
779 Bhav-bhooti The universe Boy
780 Bhavan Palace Boy
781 Bhavana Feelings, sentiments Girl
782 Bhavani Goddess parvati, goddess durga Girl
783 Bhavesh Lord of the world Boy
784 Bhavik Emotional Boy
785 Bhavin Living, existing Boy
786 Bhavini Emotional, beautiful lady Girl
787 Bhavna Feelings, sentiments Girl
788 Bhavya Grand, splendid, goddess parvati Girl
789 Bhawanidas Devotee of durga Boy
790 Bheema Goddess durga Girl
791 Bheemsen Sons of brave man Boy
792 Bheesham Strong Boy
793 Bheru Friend Boy
794 Bhim One of pandavas Boy
795 Bhishma Teacher of kauravas bhoj Boy
796 Bhoj Name of a poet king, meal Boy
797 Bhojaraja Lord of generosity Boy
798 Bholanath Lord shiva Boy
799 Bhoopat Lord of the earth Boy
800 Bhoopendra King of the earth Boy
801 Bhooshan Ornaments Boy
802 Bhooshit Decorated Boy
803 Bhoumik Land owner Boy
804 Bhramar Black bee Boy
805 Bhrigu Name of a saint Boy
806 Bhudev Lord of the earth Boy
807 Bhudhav Lord vishnu Boy
808 Bhuman Earth Boy
809 Bhumi Earth Boy
810 Bhupad Firm Boy
811 Bhupal King Boy
812 Bhupali A raagini in indian music Girl
813 Bhupati King Boy
814 Bhupen King Boy
815 Bhupendra King of kings Boy
816 Bhupesh King Boy
817 Bhushan Ornament Boy
818 Bhuvan The world Boy
819 Bhuvana Earth Girl
820 Bhuvanesh Lord of the world Boy
821 Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world Boy
822 Bhuvesh The king of earth Boy
823 Bibek Conscience; discrimination Boy
824 Bibhas A raga Boy
825 Biboswan Sun god Boy
826 Bijal Lightning Boy
827 Bijesh Bhagawan shivas name Boy
828 Bilva A sacred leaf Boy
829 Bimal Pure Boy
830 Bimb Halo Boy
831 Bimbisaar King of the gupta dynasty Boy
832 Bina Musical instrument Girl
833 Bindiya Drop, point Girl
834 Bindu Drop, point Girl
835 Bindusar An excellent pearl Boy
836 Bipin Forest Boy
837 Bir Courageous Boy
838 Birbal Brave heart Boy
839 Biren Lord of warriors Boy
840 Birendra King of warriors Boy
841 Birju Nice singer Boy
842 Bisaj Lotus Boy
843 Bodhan Kindling Boy
844 Boudhayan The name of a sage Boy
845 Brahma Creater of the universe Boy
846 Brahmaanand Supreme joy Boy
847 Brahmabrata Ascetic Boy
848 Brahmadutt Dedicated to brahma Boy
849 Braj Place of lord krishna Boy
850 Brajamohan Name of lord krishna Boy
851 Brajendra Lord of braj land Boy
852 Brajesh Lord of braj land Boy
853 Brajraaj King of braj land Boy
854 Bramhaghosh Chanting of vedas Boy
855 Bramhanand Happiness for knowledge Boy
856 Bratindra Devoted to right deeds Boy
857 Brent Hill top Boy
858 Brij Lord krishna Boy
859 Brijesh God of the land brij Boy
860 Brijkishor Lord krishna Boy
861 Brijmohan Krishna Boy
862 Brijnandan Lord krishna Boy
863 Brijraj The one who rules the nature Boy
864 Brinda Tulsi Girl
865 Brirar Without pain Boy
866 Buddha Awakened, lord buddha Boy
867 Buddhadev Wise person Boy
868 Buddhadeva Wise, gautama buddha Boy
869 Buddhapriya One liked by buddha Boy
870 Budhil Learned Boy
871 Bukka Heart , loving , sincere Boy
872 Cauvery Name of a river in india Girl
873 Cavery Name of a river in india Girl
874 Chaanakya Name of kautilya, the great scholar Boy
875 Chaaruchandra Beautilful moon Boy
876 Chaarudatt Born of beauty Boy
877 Chaaruhaas With beautiful smile Boy
878 Chadna Love Girl
879 Chahana Desire , affection Girl
880 Chahel Good cheer Boy
881 Chain Peace Boy
882 Chairavali Full moon of chaitra month Girl
883 Chaitalee Girl born in month of chaitra Girl
884 Chaitali Girl born in month of chaitra Girl
885 Chaitaly Name of an ancient city Girl
886 Chaitan Consciousness Boy
887 Chaitanya Consciousness Boy
888 Chakor A bird that loves the moon Boy
889 Chakori A bird enamored of the moon Girl
890 Chakradev Lord vishnu Boy
891 Chakradhar Name of lord vishnu Boy
892 Chakrapaani Name of lord vishnu Boy
893 Chakravartee A sovereign king Boy
894 Chakravarthi King Boy
895 Chakresh Name of lord vishnu Boy
896 Chakrika Lakshmi Girl
897 Chakshu Eye Boy
898 Chaman Flowering garden Boy
899 Chamanlal Garden Boy
900 Chameli Creeper with sweet scented flower Girl
901 Champa Fragrant flower / pagoda tree Girl
902 Champabati The capital Girl
903 Champak A flower Boy
904 Champakali A bud of champa Girl
905 Champakavathi Owner of champak trees Girl
906 Champakmala A garland made of champa flowers Girl
907 Champamalini Garland of champa flower Girl
908 Champika Little champa flower Girl
909 Champion A warrior ; the victor Boy
910 Chanak Father of chaanakya Boy
911 Chanakya Bright Boy
912 Chanasya Delighting Girl
913 Chanchal Active Boy
914 Chanchala Unsteady, goddess lakshmi, lightening Girl
915 Chanchareek Bee Boy
916 Chanchari Bird, vortex of water, Girl
917 Chanda Moon Girl
918 Chandak The moon Boy
919 Chandalini Glorious Girl
920 Chandan Sandlewood Boy
921 Chandana Sandal wood, parrot Girl
922 Chandani Star, moon- light Girl
923 Chandanika Diminutive Girl
924 Chandara Of the moon; another name for the Goddess Devi Unisex
925 Chandavarman An old king Boy
926 Chandeedaas Name of a saint Boy
927 Chander Moon Boy
928 Chandika Goddess durga, goddess gayatri Girl
929 Chandini Moon light Girl
930 Chandni Light Girl
931 Chandra Moon Boy
932 Chandraabhaa Lusture of moon light Boy
933 Chandraaditya Name of a king Boy
934 Chandraanan Moon-like face Boy
935 Chandraayan The moon Boy
936 Chandrabali Krishna ;s girl-friend Girl
937 Chandrabha Moon- light Girl
938 Chandrabhaga River chenab in india Girl
939 Chandrabhan The moon Boy
940 Chandrabindu Crescent moon Girl
941 Chandrachur Lord shiva Boy
942 Chandragupt Name of ancient king Boy
943 Chandrahaas Smiling like a moon, Bow of shiva Boy
944 Chandraja Daughter of the moon Girl
945 Chandrajyoti Moon- light Girl
946 Chandrak Peacock feather Boy
947 Chandrakala Phases of the moon Girl
948 Chandrakanta Wife of the moon (night) Girl
949 Chandrakanti Moon light Girl
950 Chandraketu Moon banner Boy
951 Chandraki Peacock Girl
952 Chandrakin A peacock Boy
953 Chandrakiran Moon beam Boy
954 Chandrakirthi As famous as the moon Boy
955 Chandrakishore The moon Boy
956 Chandrakumar The moon Boy
957 Chandralekha The phase of moon two nights after new moon, ray of moon Girl
958 Chandraleksha A ray of the moon Girl
959 Chandramaadhav Sweet Boy
960 Chandramathi As beautiful as the moon Girl
961 Chandramauli Lord shiva Boy
962 Chandramohan Attractive like the moon Boy
963 Chandramukhi One with a round face ( like full moon ) Girl
964 Chandran The moon Boy
965 Chandranath The moon Boy
966 Chandrani Wife of the moon Girl
967 Chandraprabha Star, moon light Girl
968 Chandraprakaash Moon light Boy
969 Chandraprakash Moonlight Boy
970 Chandrapushpa Star Girl
971 Chandraraj Moonbeam Boy
972 Chandrashekar Lord shiva Boy
973 Chandratara Lord shiva Boy
974 Chandratha The moon and the stars conjoined Girl
975 Chandravadan Nectar of the moon Boy
976 Chandravathi Moon-like face Boy
977 Chandrea Lit by the moon Girl
978 Chandresh Of the moon ; another name for the goddess devi Girl
979 Chandria King of the moon Boy
980 Chandrika Of the moon ; another name for the goddess devi Girl
981 Chandrima Moon- light Girl
982 Chandrodaya The moon Girl
983 Chandrpeed Moonrise Boy
984 Chane Name of shiva Boy
985 Changuna Name of a god, dependability Boy
986 Chanyana A good woman Girl
987 Chapal Moon Boy
988 Chapala Clever, restless; lightning Boy
989 Charak Quick, lightening,goddess lakshmi Girl
990 Charan An ancient physician Boy
991 Charanjit Feet Boy
992 Charita One who has won over the lord Boy
993 Charitra Good Girl
994 Charu History Girl
995 Charudatta Beautiful, attractive, kumkum, saffron Girl
996 Charudutta Born with beauty Boy
997 Charulata Born of beauty Boy
998 Charulekha Beautiful creeper- like Girl
999 Charumati Beautiful, picture- like Girl
1000 Charuprabha A beautiful lady Girl
1001 Charusheel Beautiful Girl
1002 Charusheela Of good character, a jewel, a diamond Boy
1003 Charuvardhana Beautiful jewel Girl
1004 Charuvindha One who enhances beauty Boy
1005 Charuvrat Striving for beauty Boy
1006 Charvi Of good character Boy
1007 Chatresh Beautiful Girl
1008 Chatur Lord shiva Boy
1009 Chatura Clever Boy
1010 Chaturaanan Smart, wise Girl
1011 Chaturbhuj With four faces Boy
1012 Chaundra Strong, broad shouldered Boy
1013 Chayana Of the moon ; another name for the goddess devi Girl
1014 Chellam Moon Girl
1015 Cherin Pampered Girl
1016 Chetak Dear , loved Girl
1017 Chetan Rana prataps horse Boy
1018 Chetanaanand Consciousness, life Boy
1019 Chhaayank Supreme joy Boy
1020 Chhabi Moon Boy
1021 Chhandak Picture Girl
1022 Chhatrabhuj The charioteer of lord buddha Boy
1023 Chhavi Lord vishnu Boy
1024 Chhavvi Image, radiance Girl
1025 Chhaya Image , radiance Girl
1026 Chidaakaash Shadow Girl
1027 Chidaatma Absolute brahma Boy
1028 Chidambar Supreme spirit Boy
1029 Chidananda Sky like heart Boy
1030 Chidhatma Big Soul Lord shiva Boy
1031 Chiman Sweet; fruit Boy
1032 Chimayi Curious Boy
1033 Chinar Blissful Girl
1034 Chinmay Name of a beautiful tree Boy
1035 Chinmayananda The supreme being Boy
1036 Chinmayi Blissful Boy
1037 Chinmayu Happy, blissful Girl
1038 Chintak Supreme consciousness Boy
1039 Chintan Thinker Boy
1040 Chintav Meditation Boy
1041 Chiranjeev Lamp Boy
1042 Chiranjiv Immortal Boy
1043 Chirantan Immortal Boy
1044 Chirayu Ancient Boy
1045 Chitesh Immortal Boy
1046 Chiti Lord of the soul Boy
1047 Chitkala Love Girl
1048 Chitra Knowledge Girl
1049 Chitrabaahu Picture, 14th nakshatra, a raagini Girl
1050 Chitrabhanu With beautiful hands Boy
1051 Chitragandha The sun Boy
1052 Chitragupt A fragrant material Girl
1053 Chitragupta God of destiny Boy
1054 Chitraketu Secret picture Boy
1055 Chitraksh With beautiful banner Boy
1056 Chitral Beautiful eyed Boy
1057 Chitralekha Of variegated colour Boy
1058 Chitrali As beautiful as a picture Girl
1059 Chitramala Line of pictures Girl
1060 Chitramaya Series of pictures Girl
1061 Chitrangada Worldly illusion Girl
1062 Chitrani Name of arjuns wife Girl
1063 Chitrarath River ganga in india Girl
1064 Chitrarathi The sun Boy
1065 Chitrarekha With a bright chariot Girl
1066 Chitrasen Picture Girl
1067 Chitrita A king of gandharvas Boy
1068 Chitt Beautiful, decorated Girl
1069 Chittaprasad Mind Boy
1070 Chittaranjan Happiness Boy
1071 Chittaswarup Joy of inner mind Boy
1072 Chittesh The supreme spirit, Lord of the soul",Boy Cholan,A south indian dynasty,Boy Chudamani,Crest jewel,Boy Chumban,Kiss,Boy Chunmay,Supreme Consciousness,Girl Chyavan,edible,Boy Citrya,Name of a saint,Boy Cyan,Brilliant sparkling"
1073 Cyann Color Unisex
1074 Daamodar A name of krishna Girl
1075 Daaruk Charioteer of krishna, tree Boy
1076 Daarun Hard male hindu Boy
1077 Dabeet Warrior Boy
1078 Daha Daughter of milk Boy
1079 Dahana Blazing , very bright Girl
1080 Daitya A non aryan. Boy
1081 Daivya Divine Boy
1082 Daiwik By the grace of god Boy
1083 Daksh A son of brahma, capable Boy
1084 Dakshakanya Able daughter Boy
1085 Dakshata Skill Girl
1086 Dakshayani Goddess durga Girl
1087 Dakshesh Name of lord shiva Girl
1088 Dakshi The glorious Girl
1089 Dakshina A donation to god or priest Boy
1090 Dakshinayan Some movement of the sun Boy
1091 Dalaja Produced from petals Girl
1092 Dalajit Winning over a group Boy
1093 Dalbhya Belonging to wheels Girl
1094 Dalpati Commander of group Boy
1095 Daman One who controls Boy
1096 Damini Lightning Boy
1097 Dandak A forest Girl
1098 Dandapaani An epithet for yama Boy
1099 Danielle God is my judge Boy
1100 Danish One who is mercyful and foreseening Boy
1101 Daniya Gazing Boy
1102 Danta Calm. a name for lord hanuman Boy
1103 Danuj Born of danu , a danava Girl
1104 Danvir Charitable Boy
1105 Darika Maiden Boy
1106 Darma The universal law of order Boy
1107 Darpad Lord shiva Girl
1108 Darpak Kamdev, god of love Girl
1109 Darpan Mirror Boy
1110 Darpanika A small mirror Boy
1111 Darsh Lord krishna Girl
1112 Darshak Spectator Girl
1113 Darshan Vision Boy
1114 Darshil Rose Boy
1115 Darshit Display Boy
1116 Daruka Deodar tree Boy
1117 Dasharath The father of lord rama Boy
1118 Dasharathi Lord rama Girl
1119 Dasmaya Beautiful Boy
1120 Datta One who is given Boy
1121 Dattatreya A son of atri, a god Girl
1122 Dattey Lord indra Boy
1123 Daya Grace, kindness, pity, mercy Boy
1124 Dayaal Kind hearted Boy
1125 Dayada Son , inheritor Girl
1126 Dayakar Merciful lord shiva Boy
1127 Dayakara Compassionate Boy
1128 Dayamay Full of mercy Boy
1129 Dayamayee Kind Boy
1130 Dayanand Who takes joy in being merciful Girl
1131 Dayanidhi Kind person Unisex
1132 Dayanita Tender Boy
1133 Dayaram Merciful Boy
1134 Dayasagar Extremely kind, sea of mercy Girl
1135 Dayashankar Merciful lord shiva Boy
1136 Dayaswarup Merciful Boy
1137 Dayita Beloved Boy
1138 Dayyan A compassionate man Boy
1139 Debanshi Deva ansh Girl
1140 Debashis Benediction of god Boy
1141 Debashish Pleased by god Girl
1142 Debjit One who has conquered gods Boy
1143 Deenabandhu Friend of the poor Boy
1144 Deenadayaal Humble and merciful Boy
1145 Deenanath Lord of the poor Boy
1146 Deenbabdhu Brother of poor people Boy
1147 Deep A lamp Boy
1148 Deepa Lamp Boy
1149 Deepabali Row of lamps Boy
1150 Deepak Light, candle Girl
1151 Deepakala Evening time (time to light lamps) Girl
1152 Deepali Collection of lamps Boy
1153 Deepamala Row of lamps Girl
1154 Deepan Lighting up Girl
1155 Deepana Illuminating Girl
1156 Deepankar One who lights the lamp Boy
1157 Deepanwita Diwali Girl
1158 Deepaprabha Light of lamps Boy
1159 Deepashikha The flame of a lamp Girl
1160 Deepavati A raagini which is a hybrid of deepak & goddess saraswati Girl
1161 Deependra Lord of lights Girl
1162 Deependu Bright moon Girl
1163 Deepesh Lord of light Boy
1164 Deepika Little light, a raagini used in indian music Boy
1165 Deepit Lighted Boy
1166 Deepitha Illuminated Girl
1167 Deepta Luminous, glowing, bright Boy
1168 Deeptanshu The sun Girl
1169 Deeptendu Bright moon Girl
1170 Deeptesh Lord of light Boy
1171 Deepti Glow, shine Boy
1172 Deeptikana A beam of light Boy
1173 Deeptiman Lustrous Girl
1174 Deeptimoy Lustrous Girl
1175 Deeptimoyee Lustrous Boy
1176 Deeva A divine being Boy
1177 Dehabhuj Another name for lord shiva Girl
1178 Deshad Of the nation Girl
1179 Deshan Of the nation Boy
1180 Deshna Gift Boy
1181 Dev God, king Unisex
1182 Dev Kumar Son of gods Girl
1183 Deva A divine being Boy
1184 Devaapi An ancient king Boy
1185 Devabrata A name of bhisma Unisex
1186 Devachandra Moon among the gods Boy
1187 Devadarshan Familiar with gods Boy
1188 Devadas Follower of god Boy
1189 Devadatt Gift of the god Boy
1190 Devadeva Lord of all lords Boy
1191 Devadhipa Lord of the gods Boy
1192 Devadyumna Glory of the gods Boy
1193 Devagya With knowledge of god Boy
1194 Devahuti Daughter of manu Boy
1195 Devaj From god Boy
1196 Devajuta The one with the good Girl
1197 Devajyoti Brightness of the lord Boy
1198 Devak Divine Boy
1199 Devakali Name of a indian music raagini Boy
1200 Devakantha Beloved of the gods Boy
1201 Devakanya Celestial maiden Girl
1202 Devakeenandan Name of lord krishna Boy
1203 Devaki Mother of lord krishna Girl
1204 Devakiri Name of a raagini Boy
1205 Devakumar Son of a god Girl
1206 Deval Name of a saint Girl
1207 Devalatha Divine wine Boy
1208 Devalekha Celestial beauty Boy
1209 Devamadana Gladdening the gods Girl
1210 Devamati Godly minded , virtuous Girl
1211 Devamayi Devine illuision Boy
1212 Devanand Joy of god Girl
1213 Devang Part of god Girl
1214 Devangana Celestial maiden Boy
1215 Devank Godly Boy
1216 Devansh Part of god Girl
1217 Devanshi A divine messenger Boy
1218 Devaraj King of the gods Boy
1219 Devarpana Offerings to the gods Girl
1220 Devarsi Sage of the devas Boy
1221 Devarya Divine belief Boy
1222 Devashish Blessing of god Boy
1223 Devashri Goddess lakshmi, yagya, divine beauty Boy
1224 Devasmitha With a devine smile Boy
1225 Devbrata Bhishma Girl
1226 Devdarsh Worshipper of god Girl
1227 Devdas Servant of god Boy
1228 Devendra King of gods Boy
1229 Devendranath Lord of the king of gods Boy
1230 Devesh Lord shiva Boy
1231 Deveshwar Lord shiva Boy
1232 Devguru Teacher of gods ( brihaspati ) Boy
1233 Devi Goddess Boy
1234 Devidas Servant (devotee) of godess Boy
1235 Devilal Son of godess Boy
1236 Deviprasad Gift of godess Boy
1237 Devkinandan Son of devki (lord krishna) Boy
1238 Devkumar Son of gods Boy
1239 Devnarayan King Boy
1240 Devnath King of gods Boy
1241 Devpad Divine feet Boy
1242 Devraaj King among gods, name of indra Boy
1243 Devrat Spiritual Boy
1244 Devsena Army of gods Boy
1245 Devvrata Name of an ancient king Boy
1246 Dhairya Patience Boy
1247 Dhanajit Wealth Boy
1248 Dhananad Pleasure of having wealth Boy
1249 Dhananjay One who wins wealth Boy
1250 Dhanapati Lord of wealth Boy
1251 Dhanapriya Loved by wealth Boy
1252 Dhanashri Name of a raagini Boy
1253 Dhanesh Lord of wealth Girl
1254 Dhanishta Name of a nakshatra Girl
1255 Dhanraj Lord kuber Boy
1256 Dhansukh Wealthy; happy Girl
1257 Dhanush The bow Boy
1258 Dhanvant Wealthy Boy
1259 Dhanvantari Doctor of gods Boy
1260 Dhanvin Lord shiva Boy
1261 Dhanvine A name for lord rama Boy
1262 Dhanya Giver of wealth. lord vishnu Boy
1263 Dhanyata Success, fulfillment Boy
1264 Dhara Constant flow of liquid Girl
1265 Dharamnishth One who has faith in religion Girl
1266 Dharani The earth Girl
1267 Dharanidhar Sheshnaag Boy
1268 Dharendra King of the earth Girl
1269 Dharini Earth Boy
1270 Dharitree The earth Boy
1271 Dharm-mitra Friend of religion Boy
1272 Dharma Religion, nature Girl
1273 Dharmachandra Moon of dharma Boy
1274 Dharmadaas Servant of religion Boy
1275 Dharmadas One who serves his religion Boy
1276 Dharmadev Lord of religion Boy
1277 Dharmaditya Son of dharma Boy
1278 Dharmakeerti Fame of religion Boy
1279 Dharmaketu Who upholds the right way Boy
1280 Dharmanand Takes pleasure religion Boy
1281 Dharmaraaj King of religion Boy
1282 Dharmaveer Protector of religion Boy
1283 Dharmendra Lord of religion Boy
1284 Dharmendu Light of religion Boy
1285 Dharmesh Lord of religion Boy
1286 Dharmik A name for lord ganesha Boy
1287 Dharmpaal Protector of religion Boy
1288 Dharmveer Religious Boy
1289 Dharuna A rishi Boy
1290 Dhatri Earth, goddess parvati Boy
1291 Dhaval Fair complexioned Boy
1292 Dhavalachandra White moon Boy
1293 Dhawal White Boy
1294 Dheeman Intelligent Boy
1295 Dheemant Wise; intelligent Boy
1296 Dheemanth Wise Boy
1297 Dheer Tolerant Boy
1298 Dheeraj Patience, consolation Boy
1299 Dheeran Achiever Boy
1300 Dheerandra God of courage Boy
1301 Dheivamani Blessed gem Boy
1302 Dhevan Godly Boy
1303 Dhevaneyan Pious Boy
1304 Dhikshit Initiated Boy
1305 Dhimant Intelligent Boy
1306 Dhinanta Evening Boy
1307 Dhipin Exciting Boy
1308 Dhir Wise Boy
1309 Dhiraj Patience Boy
1310 Dhiren One who is strong Boy
1311 Dhirendra Lord of the brave Boy
1312 Dhitha Daughter Boy
1313 Dhithi Thought , idea Boy
1314 Dhriti Courage, morale Girl
1315 Dhritiman Patient Girl
1316 Dhritul Patient Girl
1317 Dhrupad Lord krishna Boy
1318 Dhruv The polar star Boy
1319 Dhruva Name of a star Boy
1320 Dhuthi Spleandour , lustre Boy
1321 Dhyaan Meditate Boy
1322 Dhyana One who meditates Girl
1323 Dhyanesh Meditative Boy
1324 Dhyaneshwar Lord of meditation Girl
1325 Digambar Unencumbered Boy
1326 Digambari Goddess durga Boy
1327 Digamber Nacked Boy
1328 Digant Horizon Girl
1329 Digvastra Sky clad Boy
1330 Digvijay Who is victorious over everyone Boy
1331 Dilawar Brave Boy
1332 Dilber Lover Boy
1333 Dileep King of the solar race Boy
1334 Dilip A king, ancestor of rama Boy
1335 Dilshad Happy Boy
1336 Dimple Fun Boy
1337 Dinakar The sun Girl
1338 Dinanath Protector Girl
1339 Dinapati The sun Boy
1340 Dinar Gold coin Boy
1341 Dindayal Kind to the poor Boy
1342 Dinendra Lord of the day, the sun Boy
1343 Dinesh The sun Boy
1344 Dinkar Sun Boy
1345 Dipen Lord of the lamp Boy
1346 Dipendu Moon Boy
1347 Dipesh Lord of light Boy
1348 Diptanshu Sun Boy
1349 Disha Root Boy
1350 Diti In hinduism , an earth goddess Boy
1351 Divaakar The sun Girl
1352 Divena Blessing Boy
1353 Divit Immortal Boy
1354 Divya Heavenly, brilliant, extraordinary Girl
1355 Divyam Lighty Boy
1356 Divyanga Divine body Girl
1357 Divyanshu Divine light, sun Boy
1358 Divyendu The moon Boy
1359 Divyesh Sun Boy
1360 Draupadi Wife of pandavas Boy
1361 Drisana Daughter of the sun Boy
1362 Dristi Sight Girl
1363 Dron Prominent mahabharata character Girl
1364 Drupad A king, father of draupadi Girl
1365 Druthi Softened Boy
1366 Duddu Love of sun Boy
1367 Dulal Loved one Girl
1368 Dulari Dear Boy
1369 Duranjaya A heroic son Boy
1370 Durga Goddess parvati Girl
1371 Durgadas Servant ( a devotee ) of godess durga Boy
1372 Durgadutt Gift from godess durga Girl
1373 Durgesh Lord of forts Boy
1374 Durijesh Moon Boy
1375 Durja The invincible Boy
1376 Durjaya Difficult to conquer Boy
1377 Durva Sacred grass Boy
1378 Durvesh Shehnai Boy
1379 Durvish Who cannot be affected by poison Girl
1380 Dushyant Name of a king Boy
1381 Dwaaraka-nath Lord of dwarakaa Boy
1382 Dwaipayan The sage vyasa Boy
1383 Dwaraka-daas Servant of dwaarakaa Boy
1384 Dwarakaa Capital, lord krishnas kingdom Boy
1385 Dwijaraj King of brahmins; the moon Boy
1386 Dwijendra King of brahmins; the moon Boy
1387 Dwijesh Lord of brahmins Boy
1388 Dwipavati River Boy
1389 Dyotin Expressing Boy
1390 Dyuksa Light, brilliant. Girl
1391 Dyumani Lord shiva Boy
1392 Dyumat Brilliant , splendid , excellent Boy
1393 Dyumna Glorious Boy
1394 Dyutit Illuminated Boy
1395 Eashan Lord vishnu Boy
1396 Ecchumati A river Boy
1397 Edha Sacred Boy
1398 Edhas Happiness Girl
1399 Edhitha Progressed, increased Girl
1400 Edi Herb Boy
1401 Ednit Evolved Girl
1402 Eelakili Parakeet from eelam, beautiful Boy
1403 Eesha Goddess parvati,purity Boy
1404 Eeshwar God Girl
1405 Eha Lord vishnu Girl
1406 Ehimay All pervasive Boy
1407 Ehimaya An all pervading intellect Boy
1408 Eila The earth Boy
1409 Eiravathi River Girl
1410 Eka Lord vishnu Girl
1411 Ekaaksh One eyed, shiva Girl
1412 Ekaakshara A name for lord ganesha Boy
1413 Ekaant Soliltary Boy
1414 Ekaatmaa Oneself, alone Boy
1415 Ekachakra Son of kashyapa Boy
1416 Ekachandra The only moon Boy
1417 Ekachith With one mind Boy
1418 Ekadant Lord ganesh Boy
1419 Ekadhana A portion of wealth Boy
1420 Ekagrah Focussed Boy
1421 Ekaja The only child Girl
1422 Ekaksha Lord shiva Boy
1423 Ekaling Name of lord shiva Boy
1424 Ekambar Sky Boy
1425 Ekamveer Only one Boy
1426 Ekana Lord vishnu Boy
1427 Ekanath King Boy
1428 Ekanga Bogyguard Boy
1429 Ekani One Boy
1430 Ekansh Whole Boy
1431 Ekantha Lovely Boy
1432 Ekanthika Devoted to one aim Boy
1433 Ekapad Lord shiva Girl
1434 Ekaparana Wife of himalaya Girl
1435 Ekaparnika Goddess durga Boy
1436 Ekaraj Emperor Girl
1437 Ekata Unity Girl
1438 Ekatan Closely attentive Boy
1439 Ekavali Single-string Girl
1440 Ekavir Bravest of the brave Boy
1441 Ekavira Lord shivas daughter Girl
1442 Ekayavan The wise one Boy
1443 Ekbal Dignity Boy
1444 Ekisha One goddess Boy
1445 Eklavya Student who learned bow by watching Boy
1446 Eknath Poet, saint Girl
1447 Ekodar Brother Boy
1448 Ekram Honour Boy
1449 Ekta Unity Boy
1450 Ektaa Unity Boy
1451 Ela Cardamom tree Girl
1452 Elampirai Young crescent Girl
1453 Elavarasi Youthful, princess Girl
1454 Elili Beautiful Girl
1455 Eman God is with us Girl
1456 Enakshi Dear-eyed Girl
1457 Esh God Boy
1458 Esha Desire Girl
1459 Eshan Passion of the sun Boy
1460 Eshana Search Girl
1461 Eshani Goddess parvati Boy
1462 Eshanika Fulfilling desire Girl
1463 Eshanya East Girl
1464 Eshika An arrow, dart Girl
1465 Eshita One who desires Girl
1466 Eshwardutt Gift of god Girl
1467 Eta Luminous Boy
1468 Etash Luminous Boy
1469 Etasha Shining Girl
1470 Ethaha Shining Boy
1471 Ettan Breath Girl
1472 Evyavan Lord vishnu Girl
1473 Faaz Success Boy
1474 Falgu Lovely Boy
1475 Falguni Born in falgun , a hindu month ; arjun Boy
1476 Fanibhusan Lord shiva Boy
1477 Fanibhushan Lord shiva Boy
1478 Fanindra The cosmic serpent shesh Boy
1479 Fanish The cosmic serpent shesh Boy
1480 Fanishwar Lord of serpents , vasuki Boy
1481 Fenil Name of french flower Boy
1482 Filomina A friend of strength Boy
1483 Foolan Flowering Boy
1484 Foolwati Delicate as a flower Girl
1485 Fulki A spark Girl
1486 Fullara Wife of kalketu Girl
1487 Gadhadhar Name of lord vishnu Girl
1488 Gadin Lord krishna Girl
1489 Gagan Sky, heaven Boy
1490 Gaganadipika The lamp of the sky Boy
1491 Gaganasindhu Ocean of the sky Girl
1492 Gagandeep A lamp in the sky. Girl
1493 Gaganvihari One who stays in heaven Girl
1494 Gagnesh Lord shiva Boy
1495 Gajaadhar Who can command an elephant Boy
1496 Gajagamini Majestic- like an elephants walk Boy
1497 Gajalakshmi Lakshmi as graceful as an elephant Boy
1498 Gajanan One with elephant face Girl
1499 Gajanand Lord ganesh Girl
1500 Gajara Garland of flowers Boy
1501 Gajbaahu Who has strength of an elephant Boy
1502 Gajdant Elephant teeth, ganesha Girl
1503 Gajendra Elephant king Boy
1504 Gajendranath Owner of gajendra Boy
1505 Gajkaran Like ears of elephant Boy
1506 Gajpati Master of elephant, ganesha Boy
1507 Gajrup Lord ganesh Boy
1508 Gajvadan Name of lord ganesha Girl
1509 Gambheer Deep, serious Boy
1510 Ganak An astrologer Boy
1511 Ganaka One who calculates Boy
1512 Ganapati Lord ganesh Boy
1513 Ganaraj Lord of the clan Boy
1514 Ganda Knot Boy
1515 Gandesha Lord of fragrance Boy
1516 Gandha Fragrant Girl
1517 Gandhaa A sweet smelling Boy
1518 Gandhali Fragrance of flowers Girl
1519 Gandhar Fragrance Boy
1520 Gandhara Fragrance Girl
1521 Gandharaj King of fragrance Boy
1522 Gandhari From gandhara Girl
1523 Gandharika Preparing perfume Boy
1524 Gandharv Master in musicgandhi sun Girl
1525 Gandhi Sun Boy
1526 Gandhik Fragrance Boy
1527 Gandhini Fragrant Boy
1528 Gandira Hero Boy
1529 Gandiva The bow of arjuna Girl
1530 Ganendra Lord of a troop Boy
1531 Ganesa Goddess of wisdom Boy
1532 Ganesh Son of lord shiva/parvati Boy
1533 Ganessa Goddess of wisdom Girl
1534 Ganga Indian river ganga ( bhagirathi, mandakini) Boy
1535 Gangadatt Gift of the ganges Girl
1536 Gangadhar Shiva Girl
1537 Gangadutt Gift of ganga Boy
1538 Gangesh Lord shiva Boy
1539 Gangesha Lord of ganga. Boy
1540 Gangeya Son of river ganga Boy
1541 Gangi Goddess durga Boy
1542 Gangika River ganga Boy
1543 Gangol A precious Girl
1544 Ganitha Regarded Girl
1545 Ganjan Surpassing Boy
1546 Gannaath An epithet of shiva Girl
1547 Gannon The god of silence Boy
1548 Garati Virtuous woman Boy
1549 Garg Name of a saint Boy
1550 Gargi Name of a learned woman, goddes durga Girl
1551 Garima Prowess, strength, honor Boy
1552 Garisht Heaviest Girl
1553 Garjan Thunder Girl
1554 Garud The king of birds, falcon Boy
1555 Garv Pride Boy
1556 Gathika Song Boy
1557 Gatik Fast, progressive Boy
1558 Gatita A river Girl
1559 Gauhar A pearl Boy
1560 Gaura Goddes parvati, also name of a raaga Girl
1561 Gaurang Fair complexioned Girl
1562 Gaurav Honour, pride, respect Girl
1563 Gauresh A name of lord shiva. Boy
1564 Gauri Goddes parvati, fair complexioned Boy
1565 Gaurika Young lady Boy
1566 Gaurikant Husband of gauri Girl
1567 Gaurinandan Son of gauri -lord ganesh) Girl
1568 Gaurinath Lord shiva Boy
1569 Gaurish Lord shiva Boy
1570 Gaurishankar Peak of the himalayas Boy
1571 Gaurisuta Son of gauri. lord ganesha Boy
1572 Gautam Lord buddha Boy
1573 Gautami River godavari in india Boy
1574 Gaveshan Search Boy
1575 Gavisht Abode of light Girl
1576 Gayak Singer Boy
1577 Gayan Singing, the sky Boy
1578 Gayatri Mother of the vedas, also a goddess Girl
1579 Geet Song Girl
1580 Geeta Song, bhagwad gita Girl
1581 Geeti A song Boy
1582 Geshna Singer Girl
1583 Geyarajan King of songs Girl
1584 Ghanaanand Happy like cloud Girl
1585 Ghanashyam Lord krishna Boy
1586 Ghanendra Lord of clouds (lord indra ) Boy
1587 Ghanshyam Lord krishna Boy
1588 Ginni Goldcoin Boy
1589 Girdhari Lord krishna Boy
1590 Giri Mount Girl
1591 Giridari Lord krishna Boy
1592 Giridhar One who holds mountain Boy
1593 Girija Goddes parvati Boy
1594 Girijanandan Son of girija (lord ganesh) Boy
1595 Girik Lord shiva Girl
1596 Girika Summit of a mountain Boy
1597 Girilal Son of mountain Boy
1598 Girindra Lord shiva Girl
1599 Giriraj Lord of mountain Boy
1600 Girish God of mountain Boy
1601 Girivar Lord krishna Boy
1602 Girvaan Language of god Boy
1603 Gita Song, bhagwad gita Boy
1604 Gitali Lover of song Boy
1605 Gitanjali A collection of poems Girl
1606 Gitashri Bhagavat gita Girl
1607 Gitika A small song Girl
1608 Giyana Life Boy
1609 Giyanna Life Girl
1610 Gobhil A sanskrit scholar Girl
1611 Godavari River godavari in india Girl
1612 Gogula Lord krishna Boy
1613 Gokul A village near mathura Girl
1614 Gomati River gomati in india Boy
1615 Gool A flower Boy
1616 Gopa Gautamas wife Girl
1617 Gopal Krishna, cowherd Girl
1618 Gopan Protection gopesh Girl
1619 Gopesh Lord krishna Boy
1620 Gopi Protector of cows (female) Boy
1621 Gopichand Name of a king Boy
1622 Gopika Cowherd girls Boy
1623 Gopika A cowherd ; cowherd woman Boy
1624 Gorakh Cowherd Girl
1625 Gorakh-naath Saint of gorakh community Girl
1626 Goral Lovable Boy
1627 Gorochana Goddes parvati Boy
1628 Goswamee Master of cows Boy
1629 Gourangi Fair complexioned Girl
1630 Gourishankar Mt. everest Boy
1631 Goutam Name of lord buddha Girl
1632 Govardhan Name of a mountain in gokul Boy
1633 Govind Cowherd Boy
1634 Govinda Lord krishna Boy
1635 Govindi A devotee of lord krishna Boy
1636 Grahish Lord of the planets Boy
1637 Granthik Astrologer, narrator Girl
1638 Grhalakshmi Lakshmi of the house Boy
1639 Grhitha Understood and accepted Boy
1640 Grihith Understood , accepted Girl
1641 Grishm Heat Girl
1642 Gudakesha The archer arjuna Girl
1643 Gudiya Doll Boy
1644 Gulab Rose Girl
1645 Gulal Colour red Boy
1646 Gulshan Garden of flowers Boy
1647 Gulzar Gardener Boy
1648 Gulzarilal Name of lord krishna Boy
1649 Guna Bestowed with qualities Boy
1650 Gunaakar An ancient king Boy
1651 Gunagya Knower of virtues Boy
1652 Gunaja Virtuous maiden Boy
1653 Gunalan Filled with virtue Boy
1654 Gunamay Virtuous Boy
1655 Gunaratna Jewel of virtue Boy
1656 Gunavati Virtuous Boy
1657 Gunayukth Endowed with virtue Boy
1658 Gunin Virtuous Girl
1659 Gunina Lord of all virtues. lord ganesh Boy
1660 Gunitha Proficient Boy
1661 Gunjan Buzzing of a bee Boy
1662 Gunjana Buzzing of a bee Girl
1663 Gunjika Humming Boy
1664 Gunjita The humming of bee Girl
1665 Gunvant Virtuous Girl
1666 Gunwanti Virtuous Boy
1667 Gupil A secret Boy
1668 Gurbachan Promise of the guru Girl
1669 Gurcharan Feet of the guru Boy
1670 Gurdayal Compassionate guru Boy
1671 Gurdeep Lamp of the guru Boy
1672 Gurjari Name of an indian raaga Boy
1673 Gurjas Fame of lord Boy
1674 Gurjop Love to gods Girl
1675 Gurleen Gur ki leen Boy
1676 Gurman Heart of guru Boy
1677 Gurmeet Friend of the guru Girl
1678 Gurmukh Name of the guru Boy
1679 Gurnam Name of the guru Boy
1680 Gurpreet The loved one of the guru or god Boy
1681 Gursan Agree in anything Boy
1682 Gursharan Refuge at the guru Boy
1683 Guru Teacher, master, priest Boy
1684 Gurubachan The voice of the guru Boy
1685 Gurucharan The feet of the guru Boy
1686 Gurudas Servant of the guru Boy
1687 Gurudatt Bestowed by a guru Boy
1688 Gurusharan Refuge at the guru Boy
1689 Guruttam The greatest teacher Boy
1690 Gyan Knowledge Boy
1691 Gyanada Goddes saraswati Boy
1692 Gyandev Lord of knowledge gagan Boy
1693 Haimavati Parvati, Lord Shivas wife Girl
1694 Haji Born during the hajj Boy
1695 Hakesh Lord of sound Girl
1696 Hamsa Swan Boy
1697 Hanima A wave Boy
1698 Hansa Swan Boy
1699 Hansamala A line or row of swans Girl
1700 Hansanandini Daughter of a swan Girl
1701 Hansaraj King of a swan Girl
1702 Hansaveni Another name for saraswathi Girl
1703 Hanshal Swan like Boy
1704 Hansin The universal soul Girl
1705 Hansini Swan, very pretty lady Boy
1706 Hansraaj King of swans Boy
1707 Hanuman Monkey god Girl
1708 Hanumant The monkey god Boy
1709 Har Name of shiva Boy
1710 Hara The remover of sins Boy
1711 Hardik Heartfelt Boy
1712 Hareendra Lord shiva Boy
1713 Hareesh Lord Vishnu Boy
1714 Harekrishna Lord krishna Boy
1715 Harendra Lord shiva Boy
1716 Haresh Lord krishna Boy
1717 Hari Om saluting brahma, vishnu, shiva Boy
1718 Hariaksa Lord shiva Boy
1719 Haricharan Feet of the lord Boy
1720 Haridas Servant of hari Boy
1721 Hariganga Ganga of vishnu Boy
1722 Harigopal Lord krishna Boy
1723 Harihar Shiva and vishnu together Girl
1724 Harij The horizon Boy
1725 Harijatha Fair haired Boy
1726 Harika A superior woman Boy
1727 Harikanth Dear to indra Girl
1728 Harilal Son of hari Boy
1729 Harimanti Born during the spring Boy
1730 Harinaksh Lord shiva Boy
1731 Harinakshi One with deer like eyes Girl
1732 Harinarayan Lord vishnu Boy
1733 Harindra A tree Girl
1734 Harindranath Lord of hari Boy
1735 Hariom Lord vishnu Boy
1736 Hariprasad Blessed by lord krishna Boy
1737 Haripreet Beloved of gods Boy
1738 Haripriya Liked by hari ( goddess lakshmi, radha) Boy
1739 Hariraj King of lions Boy
1740 Hariram Lord rama Girl
1741 Harish Lord shiva; lord krishna Boy
1742 Harishankar Lord shiva Boy
1743 Harishchandra King of surya dynasty Boy
1744 Harit Green Boy
1745 Harita Grass, turmerik, green - coloured Boy
1746 Haritbaran Green Boy
1747 Harithi Green Girl
1748 Harivansh Belonging to the family of hari Boy
1749 Harivilaas The abode of hari Girl
1750 Harjeet Victorious Boy
1751 Harjit Victor Boy
1752 Harkrishna Lord krishna Boy
1753 Harman Man in the army Boy
1754 Harmendra The moon Boy
1755 Harmya Palace Boy
1756 Haroon Hope Boy
1757 Harpreet Gods love Girl
1758 Harrey Resembling a lion Boy
1759 Harrie Resembling a lion Unisex
1760 Harsh Happiness Boy
1761 Harsha Happiness Unisex
1762 Harshad One who showers joy Boy
1763 Harshada One who brings happiness Girl
1764 Harshal Joyful Boy
1765 Harshaman Full of joy Girl
1766 Harshan Happy Boy
1767 Harshavardhan Creator of joy Boy
1768 Harshdeep Happiness with glow Boy
1769 Harshil A bringer of joy Boy
1770 Harshini Happy Boy
1771 Harshit Joyous Boy
1772 Harshita Happy Girl
1773 Harshith Happier Boy
1774 Harshitha Happier Girl
1775 Harshul Deer Boy
1776 Harsimran Remembering god Boy
1777 Harteij Radiance of lord Boy
1778 Hary Resembling a lion Unisex
1779 Hasan Laughter Boy
1780 Hasanthi One that delights Boy
1781 Hasit Happy Boy
1782 Hasmukh Full of cheer Girl
1783 Hasti Smail Boy
1784 Hastin Elephant Boy
1785 Hasumati Happy Girl
1786 Hatisha With no desire Boy
1787 Havish Lord shiva Girl
1788 Heera Diamond Girl
1789 Heerkani Small diamond Boy
1790 Hem Gold; lord buddha Girl
1791 Hema Golden, beautiful Girl
1792 Hemaadri Mountain of gold Boy
1793 Hemachandra Golden moon Girl
1794 Hemadri Mountain of gold Boy
1795 Hemakesh Lord shiva Boy
1796 Hemakshi Golden eyed Boy
1797 Hemal Golden Boy
1798 Hemalata Golden creeper Girl
1799 Hemamdar Golden creeper Boy
1800 Hemang Lord vishnu Girl
1801 Hemanga Golden coloured Boy
1802 Hemangi Golden body Boy
1803 Hemangini Girl with golden body Boy
1804 Hemant Most beautiful season of the year Girl
1805 Hemanti Born in the hemant season Girl
1806 Hemanya Golden bodied Boy
1807 Hemaprabha Golden light Girl
1808 Hemaprakash Golden light Girl
1809 Hemaprasad Golden offering Girl
1810 Hemaraj King of gold Boy
1811 Hemashri One with golden body Boy
1812 Hemavati Goddess parvati, ganga Boy
1813 Hemavatinandan Son of goddess parvati Girl
1814 Hemchander Golden moon Girl
1815 Hemdev Lord of wealth Boy
1816 Hemen The king of gold Boy
1817 Hemendra Lord of gold Boy
1818 Hemendu Golden moon Boy
1819 Hemish Lord of the earth Boy
1820 Hemkanta Golden girl Boy
1821 Hemma Golden , beautiful Girl
1822 Hemraaj King of gold Girl
1823 Heramb Lord ganesh Boy
1824 Heramba Belonging to lord ganesh Boy
1825 Hetal Cheerful Boy
1826 Himaadri Snow mountain Boy
1827 Himaanshu Moon Boy
1828 Himachal The himalayas Boy
1829 Himaghna The sun Boy
1830 Himagouri Goddess parvati Boy
1831 Himalay Mountain range Boy
1832 Himani Goddess parvati, cold Girl
1833 Himanish Lord shiva Boy
1834 Himank Diamond Girl
1835 Himmat Courage Boy
1836 Himnish Lord shiva Boy
1837 Hindola A raga Boy
1838 Hira Diamond Boy
1839 Hiranmay The golden one Boy
1840 Hiranmayi Golden girl Boy
1841 Hiranya A precious metal Boy
1842 Hiranyadha Giving gold Girl
1843 Hiranyak Name of a maharishi Boy
1844 Hiren Lord of the diamonds Girl
1845 Hirendra Lord of diamonds Boy
1846 Hiresh King of gems Boy
1847 Hirkani Small diamond Boy
1848 Hita Lovable Boy
1849 Hitansh Helper Girl
1850 Hitarth Well wisher Girl
1851 Hitendra Well wisher Boy
1852 Hitesh Lord of goodness Boy
1853 Holika Lighting of ceremonial fire Boy
1854 Hradha Lake Boy
1855 Hrehaan Gods chosen Girl
1856 Hriday The heart Girl
1857 Hridayanand Joy of the heart Boy
1858 Hridayanath Lord of the heart Boy
1859 Hridayesh Lord of the heart Boy
1860 Hridyanshu Light from heart, moon Boy
1861 Hriman Wealthy Boy
1862 Hrishi Pleasure Boy
1863 Hrishikesh An epithet of vishnu Boy
1864 Hrithik From the heart Boy
1865 Hryday Heart Boy
1866 Hrydayesh Lord of hearts Boy
1867 Hurditya Joyous Boy
1868 Ibha Elephant Boy
1869 Ibhanan Lord ganesh Boy
1870 Ichaa Desire Girl
1871 Idaspati God of rain -vishnu) Boy
1872 Idhant Luminous Boy
1873 Idhika Another name for parvathi Boy
1874 Idhitri One who praises Boy
1875 Iha The earth Girl
1876 Ihina Enthusiasm Girl
1877 Ihit One who is honored Girl
1878 Ihitha Desired Girl
1879 Ijay Lord vishnu Boy
1880 Ikesh Unique Girl
1881 Ikshan Sight Boy
1882 Ikshu Sugarcane Boy
1883 Ila Water , earth, daughter of manu Boy
1884 Ilashpasti Lord of the earth Boy
1885 Ilesh Lord of earth Girl
1886 Ilisa King of the earth Boy
1887 Imaran Having great strength Boy
1888 Ina Lord surya Boy
1889 Inakanta Beloved of sun Boy
1890 Indeever Blue lotus Boy
1891 Indira Goddess lakshmi Boy
1892 Indivar Lord vishnu Boy
1893 Indra God of the skies Girl
1894 Indraarjun Bright and brave indra Boy
1895 Indradatt Gift of indra Boy
1896 Indradyumn Splendour of indra Boy
1897 Indrajeet Conqueror Boy
1898 Indrakanta Indrani ( shachi ) Boy
1899 Indrakshi One having beautiful eyes Boy
1900 Indraneel Emerald Girl
1901 Indrani Wife of lord indra Girl
1902 Indrasen Eldest of the pandavas Boy
1903 Indrasuta Son of indra Boy
1904 Indratan As strong as indra Boy
1905 Indratha Power and dignity of indra Boy
1906 Indravadan THE FACE OF INDRA Boy
1907 Indrayani A holy river Girl
1908 Indu Moon Boy
1909 Indubhushan The moon Girl
1910 Induj Mercury ( planet ) Boy
1911 Induja Narmada river in india Boy
1912 Indukala Phases of moon Boy
1913 Indukant Moon Girl
1914 Indukanta Wife of moon ( night ) Girl
1915 Indulal Moons lustre Boy
1916 Indulala Moon light Girl
1917 Induleksh The moon Boy
1918 Induma Moon Girl
1919 Indumal Lord shiva Boy
1920 Indumat Respected by moon Girl
1921 Indumati Full moon Boy
1922 Indumauli Moon crested Boy
1923 Indumukhi With moon-like face Girl
1924 Induprabha Moon rays Boy
1925 Indushekhar Shiva Girl
1926 Inesh Lord vishnu Girl
1927 Inganam Knowledge Boy
1928 Inkurali Sweet voice Boy
1929 Inoday Sunrise Boy
1930 Ipsa Ambition, desire Girl
1931 Ipsit Desired Boy
1932 Ipsita Desired Girl
1933 Iqra Read Boy
1934 Ira Earth Girl
1935 Iraj Lord hanuman Girl
1936 Iraja Daughter of the wind Girl
1937 Iravan King of ocean Boy
1938 Iravati Ravi river in india Girl
1939 Iresh Lord of earth, vishnu Boy
1940 Iri Hanuman , son of wind god Girl
1941 Ish Lord vishnu Boy
1942 Ishaal Flower of heaven Boy
1943 Ishaan Lord shiva Boy
1944 Ishaanvi Saraswati Girl
1945 Ishan The lord of wealth Boy
1946 Ishana Another name for lord vishnu Girl
1947 Ishani Goddess parvati Boy
1948 Ishanika Belonging to the north east Boy
1949 Ishanvi Saraswati Girl
1950 Ishanya North east Girl
1951 Ishit One who desires to rule Girl
1952 Ishq Love Girl
1953 Ishwar Powerful, the supreme god Boy
1954 Ishwari Goddess Boy
1955 Jaanvi Gangadevi Boy
1956 Jabaar One who consoles others Girl
1957 Jabar One who consoles others Girl
1958 Jabarr One who consoles others Boy
1959 Jabbaar One who consoles others Boy
1960 Jag Man of the world Boy
1961 Jag Jeevan Life of the world Boy
1962 Jagachandra Moon of the universe Boy
1963 Jagadamba Mother of the world, goddess durga Boy
1964 Jagadambika Goddess durga Boy
1965 Jagadayu Life spring of the universe Girl
1966 Jagadbandu Lord krishna Girl
1967 Jagadeep Light of the world Boy
1968 Jagadev Lord of the world Boy
1969 Jagadhidh Lord of the world Boy
1970 Jagadhish Lord of the world Boy
1971 Jagadip Lamp of the universe Boy
1972 Jagadish Lord of the universe Boy
1973 Jagajeet Conquerer of the world Boy
1974 Jagajeevan Life of the world Boy
1975 Jagamata Mother of the world, goddess durga Boy
1976 Jagamohini One who attracts the world, goddess durga Boy
1977 Jagan One who is self-confident Girl
1978 Jaganmay Spread over the universe Girl
1979 Jaganmayee Goddess lakshmi Boy
1980 Jagannath Lord of the world Boy
1981 Jagat World Girl
1982 Jagatbehari World traveler ( jagvihari ) Boy
1983 Jagatguru Preceptor of the world Boy
1984 Jagathi Of the universe Boy
1985 Jagatkishor World child Boy
1986 Jagatpal Caretaker of the world ( god ) Girl
1987 Jagatprabhu God of the world Boy
1988 Jagatprakash Light of the world Boy
1989 Jagatveer Bravest in the world ( jagveer ) Boy
1990 Jagavi Born of the world Boy
1991 Jagdeep Light of the universe Boy
1992 Jagdeo God of the world Girl
1993 Jagdish King of the world Boy
1994 Jagesh Lord of the universe Boy
1995 Jagger Strong, loyal Boy
1996 Jagish Lord of the universe Boy
1997 Jagjeevan Worldly life Boy
1998 Jagmohan One who attracts the world Boy
1999 Jagrati Awakening Boy
2000 Jagrav Awakened Boy
2001 Jagriti Vigilance Girl
2002 jagruti Awakening Boy
2003 Jahaan Man of the world Girl
2004 Jaheel Lake Girl
2005 Jahi Dignified Unisex
2006 Jahnavi Ganga river in india Girl
2007 Jahnu A rishi Boy
2008 Jai Lord shiva Girl
2009 Jaichand Victory of the moon Boy
2010 Jaidayal Victory of kindness Boy
2011 Jaideep Victory to the light Boy
2012 Jaidev God of victory Boy
2013 Jaigath Victorious Boy
2014 Jaigopal Victorious lord krishna Boy
2015 Jaikrishna Victory of lord krishna Boy
2016 Jailekha A record of victory Boy
2017 Jaiman Victorious Boy
2018 Jaimathi Victorious mind Girl
2019 Jaimini An ancient philosopher Boy
2020 Jainarayan Victory Girl
2021 Jainil Victorious Boy
2022 Jaipal Lord vishnu Boy
2023 Jaipriya Beloved of victory Boy
2024 Jairaj Lord of victory Boy
2025 Jairam Victory of lord rama Girl
2026 Jaisal Famous folk Boy
2027 Jaishankar Victory of lord shiva Boy
2028 Jaishree Honour of victory Boy
2029 Jaisudha Nectar of victory Boy
2030 Jaisukh Happy victor Girl
2031 Jaitashri Name of an indian music raaga Girl
2032 Jaithra Lord vishnu Boy
2033 Jaitra Leading to victory Girl
2034 Jaival Life giving Boy
2035 Jaivant Victorious Boy
2036 Jaivardhan Lord shiva Boy
2037 Jaiveer Victorious Boy
2038 Jaiwant Victory Boy
2039 Jaiwanti Victory Boy
2040 Jakarious Peaceful friend Boy
2041 Jala Lakshmi Girl
2042 Jalabala A river Boy
2043 Jalad Giving water Girl
2044 Jaladhi Of the ocean Girl
2045 Jaladhija Goddess lakshmi Boy
2046 Jalahasini Smile of water Girl
2047 Jalaja Lotus Girl
2048 Jalanhili As blue as water Girl
2049 Jalbala Lotus flower Girl
2050 Jalbhushan Ornament of water ( means wind) Girl
2051 Jaldev God of water (lord varun) Girl
2052 Jaldhar Clouds Boy
2053 Jalena Reflection of moon in water Boy
2054 Jalendra Lord of the water Boy
2055 Jalendu Moon in the water Girl
2056 Jalesh Lord of water Boy
2057 Jalindra Lord of the water Boy
2058 Jalsa Celebratory procession Boy
2059 Jamini Night Boy
2060 Jamuna S holy river Boy
2061 Janak Father of sita, creator Girl
2062 Janaki Daughter of king janak (sita) Girl
2063 Janakibhushan Ornament of janki Boy
2064 Janakidas Servant of janaki Girl
2065 Janakinath Lord rama Boy
2066 Janakiraman Husband of janaki Boy
2067 Janaknandini Daugter of king janak (sita) Boy
2068 Janamejay An ancient king Boy
2069 Janani Mother of earth Girl
2070 Janardan One who helps people Boy
2071 Janav Protecting men Girl
2072 Janesh Lord of men Boy
2073 Janhitha One who thinks of the welfare of men Boy
2074 Janhvi Gangadevi Boy
2075 Jankesh Lord of his subjects Boy
2076 Janmesh The king of his kundli Girl
2077 Janu Soul; life force Boy
2078 Januja Daughter Boy
2079 Japa Chanting Girl
2080 Japan Muttering prayers Girl
2081 Japendra Lord of chants, lord shiva Boy
2082 Japesh Lord shiva Boy
2083 Japeth One who chants Boy
2084 Jasamit Protected by fame Boy
2085 Jasapal Very famous Boy
2086 Jasbeer Victorious hero Boy
2087 Jash Victory Boy
2088 Jashith Protector Boy
2089 Jasjit Victorious of fame Boy
2090 Jaskaran Good deeds Boy
2091 Jasoda Mother of lord krishna Boy
2092 Jasodhara Mother of lord buddha Boy
2093 Jaspal Lord krishna Girl
2094 Jasraj King of fame Girl
2095 Jasveer Hero of fame Boy
2096 Jaswant Victorious (yashwant) Boy
2097 Jata Shankar Lord shankar Boy
2098 Jataayu A semi-divine bird Boy
2099 Jatan Nurturing Boy
2100 Jatasya The ocean Boy
2101 Jatin Lord shiva Boy
2102 Jatya Pleasing Boy
2103 Javed Stronger , smart Boy
2104 Javesh Related to god Boy
2105 Jawahar Gem Boy
2106 Jay Victory Boy
2107 Jaya Victory Boy
2108 Jayachand Ancient king of kannauj Boy
2109 Jayad Causing victory Girl
2110 Jayadeep Light of victory Boy
2111 Jayaditya Victorious sun Boy
2112 Jayakrishan Victorious krishna Boy
2113 Jayakumar Victory will be his side Boy
2114 Jayalalita Goddess durga Boy
2115 Jayamala A garland of flowers given to the won who wins Boy
2116 Jayani A shakti of ganesha Girl
2117 Jayant Victorious Girl
2118 Jayanta Lord vishnu Girl
2119 Jayanti Victorious, durga Boy
2120 Jayantika Goddess durga ; parvati Boy
2121 Jayapal King, lord vishnu, lord bramha Girl
2122 Jayaprabha Light of victory Girl
2123 Jayaprada One who gives victory Boy
2124 Jayaprakash Light of victory Girl
2125 Jayashekhar Crest of victory Girl
2126 Jayashree The goddess of victory Boy
2127 Jayasudha Nectar of victory Girl
2128 Jayati Victorious Girl
2129 Jayavanti Victorious Girl
2130 Jayawant Victorious Girl
2131 Jayendra Lord of victory Girl
2132 Jayesh Victor Boy
2133 Jayin Conqueror Boy
2134 Jayita Victorious Boy
2135 Jayitri Victorious Boy
2136 Jaysukh Pleasure of victory Girl
2137 Jeemutbahan Full of life Girl
2138 Jeeval Full of life Boy
2139 Jeevan Life Boy
2140 Jeevankala Art of life Boy
2141 Jeevanlata Creeper of life Boy
2142 Jeevanprakash Light of life Girl
2143 Jeevaraaj Lord of life Girl
2144 Jeevesh God Boy
2145 Jeevika Water Boy
2146 Jeeya Heart of soul Boy
2147 Jehan Man of the world Girl
2148 Jenet One who is heaven-sent Girl
2149 Jetashri A raga Girl
2150 Jharna A stream Girl
2151 Jhilmil Sparkling Girl
2152 Jhinuk Oyster Girl
2153 Jhoomer Ornament Girl
2154 Jhulier Precious Girl
2155 Jhumar Childs plaything Boy
2156 Jigar Heart Boy
2157 Jignesh Intellectual curiosity Boy
2158 Jigya Curiosity to know Boy
2159 Jigyasa Curiosity to know things Boy
2160 Jihan Man of the world Girl
2161 Jimuta One of 108 names of the sun god Unisex
2162 Jina Lord vishnu Boy
2163 Jinabhadra A jain saint Boy
2164 Jinadev Lord of victory Boy
2165 Jinendra Lord of life Boy
2166 Jishnu Triumphant Boy
2167 Jitamitra Vanquisher of foes Boy
2168 Jitendra Lord of conquerers Boy
2169 Jithya Victorious Boy
2170 Jitin Lord Shiva Boy
2171 Jival Full of life Girl
2172 Jivan A giver of life Boy
2173 Jivana One of 108 names of the sun god Boy
2174 Jivika Source of life Boy
2175 Jivin To give life Boy
2176 Jivitesh God Girl
2177 Jivon A giver of life Boy
2178 Jivraj Lord of life Boy
2179 Jnyandeep Light of knowledge Boy
2180 Jnyaneshwar God of wisdom Boy
2181 Jogesh Lord shiva Boy
2182 Joginder Lord shiva Boy
2183 Jogindra Lord shiva Boy
2184 Jograj Lord shiva Boy
2185 Jolly Flirt Boy
2186 Jonny God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles Boy
2187 Joshita Pleased Unisex
2188 Jowaki A firefly Unisex
2189 Joyal King Girl
2190 Joydeep Victory light Girl
2191 Joydev Ancient poet Girl
2192 Jubin Honorable / righteous Boy
2193 Jugal Couple Boy
2194 Jugnu Fire Boy
2195 Juhi Scented flower Boy
2196 Juily A flower Boy
2197 Jusal Pari Girl
2198 Jwala Flame Girl
2199 Jwalant Luminous Boy
2200 Jwalaprasad Gift of flame Girl
2201 Jwalia Lord shiva Boy
2202 Jyeshtha Eldest daughter, a nakshatra Boy
2203 Jyestha The eldest. lord vishnu Boy
2204 Jyoti Flame, light Girl
2205 Jyotibala Splendour Boy
2206 Jyotichandra Moonlight Girl
2207 Jyotika Light Girl
2208 Jyotindra Lord of life Boy
2209 Jyotiprakash Splendour of the flame Girl
2210 Jyotiranjan Joyous flame Boy
2211 Jyotirdhar Holder of the flame Boy
2212 Jyotirmaya Imbued with light Boy
2213 Jyotirmoy Lustrous Boy
2214 Jyotirmoyee Lustrous Boy
2215 Jyotishmati Luminous, bright, glowing Boy
2216 Jyotsna Moon light Girl
2217 Kaajal Eye-liner Girl
2218 Kaaliya A huge serpent Girl
2219 Kaan Rad Girl
2220 Kaanan Forest Boy
2221 Kaandhal Attractive Boy
2222 Kaarikaa Actress Boy
2223 Kaartikeya Son of shiva Girl
2224 Kaashinaath Lord of kaashi Boy
2225 Kaashvi A shining man Boy
2226 Kabeer A spiritual leader Boy
2227 Kadamb Name of a tree Boy
2228 Kadambari Goddess saraswati, novel, nightingale bird ( the koel ) Boy
2229 Kadambini Clouds Boy
2230 Kaditula Sword Girl
2231 Kahini Young Girl
2232 Kailani Home of the lord Boy
2233 Kailas silver mounain Girl
2234 Kailash Abode of lord shiva Unisex
2235 Kailashchandra Lord shiva Boy
2236 Kailashnath Lord shiva Boy
2237 Kairav White lotus Boy
2238 Kaishori Goddess parvati Boy
2239 Kaivalya Perfect isolation Boy
2240 Kajal Eye-liner Girl
2241 Kajjali Eye-liner Boy
2242 Kajri Cloud like Girl
2243 Kakali Chiping of birds Girl
2244 Kal-hans Swan Girl
2245 Kala Art, also phase of moon Girl
2246 Kaladhar One who shows different phases Boy
2247 Kalaka Blue Girl
2248 Kalanath Moon Boy
2249 Kalandhika Bestower of art Boy
2250 Kalanidhi Moon, lord shiva Boy
2251 Kalap Moon Girl
2252 Kalapi Peacock, nightingale Boy
2253 Kalapini Peacock, night Boy
2254 Kalapriya Lover of art Girl
2255 Kalash Sacred urn Girl
2256 Kalavati Goddess parvati, artist Boy
2257 Kaleecharan Feet of goddess kali Boy
2258 Kali Goddess durga, bud Girl
2259 Kalicharan Feet of goddess kali Boy
2260 Kalidas Servant of goddess kali Girl
2261 Kalika Flower bud Boy
2262 Kalimohan A devotee of goddess kali Boy
2263 Kalinda Of he sun Girl
2264 Kalindi Yamuna river Boy
2265 Kaling A bird Girl
2266 Kalipada A devotee of goddess kali Girl
2267 Kaliranjan A devotee of goddess kali Boy
2268 Kalith Understood Boy
2269 Kaliyan A beautiful and auspicious woman Boy
2270 Kalkin Tenth incarnation of god vishnu Boy
2271 Kalliyan A beautiful and auspicious woman Girl
2272 Kallol Shouts of joy Boy
2273 Kalpa Able , fit Girl
2274 Kalpak A heavenly tree Boy
2275 Kalpana Idea, imagination, fancy Boy
2276 Kalpanath Lord of Idea/imaginationfancy Boy
2277 Kalpesh Lord of perfection Girl
2278 Kalpini Night Boy
2279 Kalpit imaginativ Boy
2280 Kalpita Imagined Girl
2281 Kalyan Welfare Boy
2282 Kalyani Blissful, fortunate, also cow Girl
2283 Kalyann A beautiful and auspicious woman Boy
2284 Kalynda Of he sun Girl
2285 Kama One who loves and is loved Girl
2286 Kamadev God of love and passions Girl
2287 Kamadha Granting desires Girl
2288 Kamala Goddess lakshmi Boy
2289 Kamalaapati Name of lord vishnu Girl
2290 Kamalaj Lord brahama Girl
2291 Kamalakar Lord vishnu Boy
2292 Kamalaksh With beautiful lotus -type eyes Boy
2293 Kamalakshi One with lotus like eyes Boy
2294 Kamalanayan Lotus eyed Boy
2295 Kamalbandhu Brother of lotus Girl
2296 Kamalesh One with eyes like a lotus Boy
2297 Kamalika Goddess lakshmi, lotus Boy
2298 Kamalini Lotus Boy
2299 Kamalkali The bud of a lotus Girl
2300 Kamalkant Lord vishnu Girl
2301 Kamalnath Lord vishnu Girl
2302 Kamalnayan With beautiful lotus-type eyes Boy
2303 Kamana Desire Boy
2304 Kamat Unrestrained Boy
2305 Kamboj Conch shell, elephant Girl
2306 Kamesh Lord of love Boy
2307 Kamik Desired Boy
2308 Kamin A woman Boy
2309 Kamini A sensuous, beautiful woman Boy
2310 Kamitha Desired Boy
2311 Kamlesh The preserver; lord vishnu Girl
2312 Kamna Desire Girl
2313 Kamod A raga Boy
2314 Kampana Unsteady Girl
2315 Kamraj Cupid Boy
2316 Kamran Success Girl
2317 Kamsantak Slayer of kamsa. Boy
2318 Kamukh Passionate Boy
2319 Kan Rad Boy
2320 Kana An atom Boy
2321 Kanaan From he garden Boy
2322 Kanad An ancient Unisex
2323 Kanaiya Lord krishna Boy
2324 Kanak Gold Boy
2325 Kanaka Gold Boy
2326 Kanaka Gold Boy
2327 Kanakabati A fairy-tale Girl
2328 Kanaklata Gold climber plant Girl
2329 Kanakpriya One who loves gold Girl
2330 Kanal Shining Girl
2331 Kanan Forest Girl
2332 Kananbala Daughter of forest Boy
2333 Kanav A hindu sage Girl
2334 Kanchan Gold Girl
2335 Kanchana Gold Boy
2336 Kanchanprabha Golden light Girl
2337 Kanchi A waistband Girl
2338 Kandan Cloud Girl
2339 Kandarp God of love Girl
2340 Kandarpa Cupid Boy
2341 Kandhara Lute Boy
2342 Kangana A bracelet Boy
2343 Kanha Krishna Girl
2344 Kanhaiya Lord krishna Girl
2345 Kanika A dark , beautiful woman Boy
2346 Kanish Caring Boy
2347 Kanishk An ancient king Girl
2348 Kanishta Youngest Boy
2349 Kanj Lord brahama Boy
2350 Kanjari A bird Boy
2351 Kankana A bracelet Boy
2352 Kanta Beautiful Girl
2353 Kanti Shine Girl
2354 Kantilal Lustrous Girl
2355 Kantimoy Lustrous Girl
2356 Kanu Lord krishna Boy
2357 Kanupriya Beloved of kanha - lord krishna ( radha) Boy
2358 Kanv Name of a saint Boy
2359 Kanvar Young prince Girl
2360 Kanwal Lotus Boy
2361 Kanwaljeet Lotus Boy
2362 Kanwaljit Lotus Boy
2363 Kanwalkishore Lotus; lord krishna Boy
2364 Kanyana Maiden Boy
2365 Kapaali Lord shiva Boy
2366 Kapalini Another name for durga Girl
2367 Kapardini A goddess Boy
2368 Kapi Monkey, sun Girl
2369 Kapidhwaj One with monkey flag ( arjun) Girl
2370 Kapil Fair complexioned Boy
2371 Kapil Dev Master of kapil Boy
2372 Kapila Divine cow, white cow Boy
2373 Kapilashwar One with a white horse Boy
2374 Kapindra King of monkeys, hanuman Girl
2375 Kapirath Lord rama/arjun Boy
2376 Kapish Lord hanuman Boy
2377 Kapoor Saffron Boy
2378 Kapotakshi One with dove -like eyes Boy
2379 Karabi A flower Boy
2380 Karan Instrument Girl
2381 Karm Fate Girl
2382 Karmendra Duty performer Boy
2383 Karmjit Winner over obstacles Boy
2384 Karna The first-born son of kunti Boy
2385 Karnabhushan Ear ring, ear ornament Boy
2386 Karnajeet Conquerer of karna (arjun) Boy
2387 Karnam Famed Boy
2388 Karnapriya Sweet to the ears Boy
2389 Karnik Judge Boy
2390 Karpoor Camphor Girl
2391 Kartar Lord of creation Boy
2392 Kartik Name of a hindi month Boy
2393 Kartikeya Elder son of lord shiva Boy
2394 Karuka Heavenly piece of art Boy
2395 Karuna Pity Boy
2396 Karunaanidhi Sea of compassion Girl
2397 Karunakar Merciful Girl
2398 Karunamaya Full of compassion Boy
2399 Karunamayee Full of pity for others Boy
2400 Karunashankar Merciful Boy
2401 Karunesh Lord of mercy Girl
2402 Karunya Compassion Boy
2403 Kaschith The sun Boy
2404 Kashi Luminous; pilgrimage spot Boy
2405 Kashika Shiney Boy
2406 Kashinath Lord shiva Boy
2407 Kashiprasad Blessed by lord shiva Girl
2408 Kashvi A shining man Boy
2409 Kashyap Name of a vedic sage Boy
2410 Kasi From he holy ciy ; shining Girl
2411 Kasish Lord shiva Boy
2412 Kasturi Musk, fragrant material Unisex
2413 Kathith Well recited Boy
2414 Katyayan Name of a grammarian Girl
2415 Katyayani Goddess parvati Boy
2416 Kaunteya Son of kunti Boy
2417 Kausar Lake of paradise Girl
2418 Kaushal Clever Boy
2419 Kaushalya Mother of rama Boy
2420 Kaushik An epithet of vishwamitra Boy
2421 Kaushika Silk Girl
2422 Kaustav Gem worn by lord vishnu Boy
2423 Kaustubh Immortal Girl
2424 Kautik Joy Boy
2425 Kautilya Name for chanakya Boy
2426 Kavana Poem Boy
2427 Kaveesha Lord of poets. lord ganesha Boy
2428 Kavel Lotus Girl
2429 Kaveri Name of river in india Boy
2430 Kavi Poet Boy
2431 Kavin Handsome; beautiful Girl
2432 Kavindra Poet or poetess Boy
2433 Kavini Composes beautiful poems Boy
2434 Kavir The sun Boy
2435 Kaviraj Doctor Girl
2436 Kavish King of poets; name of lord ganesh Boy
2437 Kavita Poem Boy
2438 Kayaan The name of a dynasty of king kaikobad Boy
2439 Kaylana A beautiful and auspicious woman Girl
2440 Kaylanna A beautiful and auspicious woman Boy
2441 Kedaar A field, name of shiva Girl
2442 Kedarnath Lord shiva Boy
2443 Keertan Songs of worship Boy
2444 Keertana Hymn, a song sung in praise of god Boy
2445 Keerthinath Famous person Boy
2446 Kerani Sacred bells Girl
2447 Kesar Pollen, lion Boy
2448 Kesari Saffron ; a lion Girl
2449 Keshav Vishnu Girl
2450 Keshika A woman with beautiful hair Girl
2451 Keshini One with beautiful hair ( kesh = hair ) Boy
2452 Keshto Lord hanuman Girl
2453 Ketak Flower Girl
2454 Ketaki Name of a flower Boy
2455 Ketan Pure gold Boy
2456 Ketana Home Girl
2457 Ketu Lord shiva Boy
2458 Ketubh Cloud Girl
2459 Keva Lotus Boy
2460 Keval Only Boy
2461 Kevalkishore Absolute Boy
2462 Kevalkumar Absolute Boy
2463 Kewal Only Boy
2464 Keyur Flower Boy
2465 Khagendra Lord of the birds Boy
2466 Khagesh God of birds (garuda ) Boy
2467 Khajit Lord buddha Boy
2468 Kharanshu Sun Boy
2469 Khemchand Welfare Boy
2470 Khemprakash Welfare Boy
2471 Khushal Perfect Boy
2472 Khushwant One full of happiness Boy
2473 Kindam A rishi in indian mythology Boy
2474 Kinshuk A flower Boy
2475 Kintan Wearing a crown Boy
2476 Kiraat Hunter Boy
2477 Kiran Ray of light Boy
2478 Kiranmala Garland of rays Boy
2479 Kiranmay Full of light Girl
2480 Kirat Lord shiva Girl
2481 Kiratidev Lord of light Boy
2482 Kirav The sun Boy
2483 Kireet Crown Boy
2484 Kireeti Another name for arjun Boy
2485 Kirik Sparkling Boy
2486 Kirin Poet Boy
2487 Kirit Crown Boy
2488 Kiritmani Jewel in the crown Boy
2489 Kirsi Amaranth blossoms Boy
2490 Kirtan Song of praise Boy
2491 Kirtana Hymn, a song sung in praise of god Girl
2492 Kirti Fame Boy
2493 Kirtibhushan One adorned with fame Girl
2494 Kirtikumar Famous Girl
2495 Kirtin Celebrated Boy
2496 Kirtivallabh Aspirant of fame Boy
2497 Kishan Lord krishna Boy
2498 Kishor A young boy Boy
2499 Kishore Lord krishna Boy
2500 Kishorekumar Young lad Boy
2501 Kishori A young girl Boy
2502 Kivar The sun Boy
2503 Kokila Cuckoo, nightingale Girl
2504 Komal Tender Boy
2505 Koshin A delicate bud Girl
2506 Kotijit Conquering millions Boy
2507 Koundinya Sage Boy
2508 Kovida Wise Boy
2509 Kovidh Wise Boy
2510 Koyel The cuckoo Boy
2511 Kraanti Revolution Boy
2512 Krandasi The sky and the earth Girl
2513 Kranti Revolution Boy
2514 Kriday Lord krishna Girl
2515 Kripa Has a twin sister kripi Girl
2516 Kripal Compassionate Boy
2517 Kripanidhi One with heart full of mercy Boy
2518 Kripasagar Ocean of mercy Boy
2519 Krish Shortform of lord krishna Boy
2520 Krishan Lord krishna Boy
2521 Krishang Lord shiva Boy
2522 Krishanu Fire Boy
2523 Krishna Dark skinned, draupadi, also name of a river in india Boy
2524 Krishnachandra Lord krishna Boy
2525 Krishnadeva Lord krishna Girl
2526 Krishnakanta Lord krishna Boy
2527 Krishnakumar Lord krishna Boy
2528 Krishnala Lord krishna Boy
2529 Krishnamurari Lord krishna Boy
2530 Krishnamurthy Lord krishna Boy
2531 Krishnaroop Dark Boy
2532 Krishnaveer Brave as krishna Boy
2533 Krishnendu Lord krishna Boy
2534 Kritanu Skilled Boy
2535 Krithik Shivas son murugas name Boy
2536 Krithya Action Boy
2537 Kriti Work of art Boy
2538 Kritika Well starred Girl
2539 Kritiman Sculptor Girl
2540 Krittika The 3rd nakshatra Boy
2541 Krivi Lord shiva Boy
2542 Krunal Companionate person, Kind to others Girl
2543 Krupa Grace, favour Boy
2544 Krupal Ruler of the world Boy
2545 Ksema Safety , security , welfare , tranquility Girl
2546 Kshama Forgiveness Boy
2547 Kshanaprabha Lightening Girl
2548 Kshanika On which lasts for few moments ( lightening) Girl
2549 Kshantu Patient Girl
2550 Kshaunish King Girl
2551 Kshemendra Lord of welfare Boy
2552 Kshipa Night Boy
2553 Kshipra Name of a river in india Boy
2554 Kshiraj Moon, lotus, conch -shell Girl
2555 Kshirin Flower Girl
2556 Kshirja Goddess lakshmi Boy
2557 Kshithi Earth Boy
2558 Kshiti Earth Girl
2559 Kshitidhar Mountain Girl
2560 Kshitij Horizon Girl
2561 Kshrugal A name of god shiva Boy
2562 Kuber God of riches Boy
2563 Kuberchand God of wealth Boy
2564 Kularanjan Star of family Boy
2565 Kulbhooshan Brings honour to the family Boy
2566 Kulbhushan Pride of the house Boy
2567 Kuldeep Light of family Boy
2568 Kuldev Family diety Boy
2569 Kulik Well born Boy
2570 Kullin A high- born man Boy
2571 Kullyn A high- born man Boy
2572 Kulvir Most courageous Boy
2573 Kumar Young boy Boy
2574 Kumaresh Lord of youth Boy
2575 Kumkum Vermilion Boy
2576 Kumud Lotus Boy
2577 Kumudavalli Lotus garland Girl
2578 Kumudesh Moon Girl
2579 Kumudini White lotus, moon light Boy
2580 Kumush Old and ancient man Boy
2581 Kunaal Son of king ashoka Girl
2582 Kunal Lotus; of gold; golden Boy
2583 Kunda Name of a flower Boy
2584 Kundan Gold Boy
2585 Kundanika Golden girl Girl
2586 Kundanlal Golden Boy
2587 Kundini An assemblage of jasmines Girl
2588 Kundir Strong Boy
2589 Kunja Grove of trees Girl
2590 Kunjabihari Lord krishna Boy
2591 Kunjal Cuckoo, nightingale Boy
2592 Kunjalata Wild climber plant Boy
2593 Kunjana Forest girl Girl
2594 Kunsh Shining Girl
2595 Kunshi Shining Girl
2596 Kuntal Hair Boy
2597 Kuntala One with beautiful hair Boy
2598 Kunti Mother of pandavas Girl
2599 Kunwar A prince Girl
2600 Kurangi Deer Girl
2601 Kusagra A king Boy
2602 Kush Son of lord rama Girl
2603 Kushad Talented Boy
2604 Kushal Clever Boy
2605 Kushala Safe, happy, expert, virtuoso Boy
2606 Kushanu Fire Boy
2607 Kusuma Flower Girl
2608 Kusumakar Spring Boy
2609 Kusumanjali Flower offering Girl
2610 Kusumavati Flowering Boy
2611 Kusumesh Lord of flowers Girl
2612 Kusumita Blossomed Girl
2613 Kusumlata Flowering creeper Boy
2614 Kuval Wisdom Girl
2615 Kuvam Sun Girl
2616 Kuvar Fragrance Boy
2617 Kvanh Melodious sounds Boy
2618 Laabh Profit Boy
2619 Laalamani Ruby Boy
2620 Laasya Dance Boy
2621 Laavanya Beauty Boy
2622 Labangalata A flowering creeper Girl
2623 Labh Gain Boy
2624 Lagan Appropriate time Girl
2625 Lahar Wave Boy
2626 Lajja Modesty Boy
2627 Lajjawati A sensitive plant ; modest woman Boy
2628 Lajvanti touch me not plant Girl
2629 Lajvati Shy Girl
2630 Lajwanti Modest, humble Girl
2631 Lajwati Modest Girl
2632 Lakhan Lord ramas brother Girl
2633 Laksh Aim, target Girl
2634 Laksha White rose Boy
2635 Lakshan Aim Boy
2636 Lakshanya One who achieves Girl
2637 Lakshin With auspicious marks Boy
2638 Lakshman Brother of lord rama Boy
2639 Lakshmi Goddess of wealth, wife of lord vishnu Boy
2640 Lakshmibanta Fortunate Boy
2641 Lakshmidhar Lord vishnu Girl
2642 Lakshmigopal Lord vishnu Boy
2643 Lakshmikant Vishnu, husband of goddess lakshmi Boy
2644 Lakshmikanta Lord vishnu Boy
2645 Lakshminarayan Lakshmi and lord vishnu together Boy
2646 Lakshmipati Husband of lakshmi Boy
2647 Lakshmiraman Lord vishnu Boy
2648 Lakshmishree Fortunate Boy
2649 Lakshya Target Boy
2650 Lalam Jewel Girl
2651 Lalan Nurturing Boy
2652 Lalana A beautiful woman Boy
2653 Lalchand Red moon Boy
2654 lalchandra Red moon Girl
2655 Lali Beloved darling girl Boy
2656 Lalima Morning red in the sky Boy
2657 Lalit Name of lord krishna, attractive Girl
2658 Lalita Variety, beauty, goddess durga Girl
2659 Lalitaditya Beautiful sun Boy
2660 Lalitchandra Beautiful moon Girl
2661 Lalitesh God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife Boy
2662 Lalitkishore Beautiful Boy
2663 Lalitkumar Beautiful Boy
2664 Lalitlochan One with beautiful eyes Boy
2665 Lalitmohan Beautiful and attractive Boy
2666 Lambodar Lord ganesh Boy
2667 Lambodhar Lord ganesh Boy
2668 Laniban Lord shiva Boy
2669 Lankesh Ravana Boy
2670 Larraj A sage Boy
2671 Lata A creeper, vine, beauty Boy
2672 Latangi Slim girl Boy
2673 Latika Small creeper Girl
2674 Lav Son of lord rama, fragment Girl
2675 Lav Son of lord rama Girl
2676 Lavali Clove Boy
2677 Lavangi Apsara , of the clove plant Boy
2678 Lavani Grace Girl
2679 Lavanya Grace, beauty Girl
2680 Lavitra Lord shiva Girl
2681 Laxman Lord ramas brother Girl
2682 Laxmi Laxmi Boy
2683 Layak Capable Boy
2684 Leela Divine play, amusement Girl
2685 Leelavati Goddess durga Boy
2686 Lekh Document Girl
2687 Lekha Writing, picture Girl
2688 Liladhar Lord vishnu Boy
2689 Lilavati Goddess durga Girl
2690 Lipi Script Boy
2691 Lipika Short letter Girl
2692 Lochan Eye Girl
2693 Lochana Eye Girl
2694 Lohendra Lord of three worlds Girl
2695 Lohini Red skinned Girl
2696 Lohit Red, made of copper, mars Boy
2697 Lohita Red , ruby Girl
2698 Lohitaksh Lord vishnu Boy
2699 Lohitaksha Lord vishnu Girl
2700 Lohitashwa One with red horse, fire Boy
2701 Lohith Loheth Boy
2702 Lokajit Conqueror of world Boy
2703 Lokakriti Creator of the world. Boy
2704 Lokanetra Eye of the world Boy
2705 Lokapujya Worshipped by the universe. a name for lord hanuman Boy
2706 Lokbhushan Ornament of the world Boy
2707 Lokesh Lord brahma Boy
2708 Loknaath Lord of the world Boy
2709 Loknath Lord vishnu Boy
2710 Lokpradeep Gautam budha Boy
2711 Lokprakash Light of the world Boy
2712 Lokranjan Lord vishnu Boy
2713 Lolla Goddess lakshmi Boy
2714 Lomash A sage Boy
2715 Lona Pretty, beauty Girl
2716 Lopa Wife of sage Boy
2717 Lopamudra Wife of sage agastya Girl
2718 Loro Great power Girl
2719 Lukesh King of the empire Girl
2720 Luv Ramas twin son Boy
2721 Luvya Loveable Boy
2722 Maadhav Another name of krishna Boy
2723 Maagh Name of a hindu month Boy
2724 Maahika The earth Boy
2725 Maan Mind Girl
2726 Maandhata An ancient king Boy
2727 Maanya A respected man Boy
2728 Madan God of love Boy
2729 Madan God name Girl
2730 Madanapal Lord of love Boy
2731 Madangopal Lord krishna Boy
2732 Madanmohan Attractive and lovable Boy
2733 Maderu Worthy of praise Boy
2734 Madesh Lord shiva Boy
2735 Madhav Lord krishna Boy
2736 Madhavan Lord shiva Boy
2737 Madhavdas Servant of lord krishna Boy
2738 Madhavi Sweet honey - like, also a flowering creeper Boy
2739 Madhavilata A flowering creeper Boy
2740 Madhu Honey, elixir, nectar Girl
2741 Madhubala Sweet girl, honey -bee Girl
2742 Madhuban Lord vishnu Girl
2743 Madhuchanda Pleasing metrical composition Girl
2744 Madhuja Made of honey Boy
2745 Madhuk A honeybee Boy
2746 Madhukant Moon Girl
2747 Madhukanta The moon Boy
2748 Madhukar A bee, lover Boy
2749 Madhuksara One who showers honey Boy
2750 Madhula Sweet Boy
2751 Madhulata Sweet creeper Girl
2752 Madhulekha Beautiful Girl
2753 Madhulika Flower nectar Girl
2754 Madhumalati Flowering creeper Girl
2755 Madhumati Ganga river Girl
2756 Madhumay Consisting of honey Girl
2757 Madhumita Sweet girl Girl
2758 Madhunisha Pleasant night Boy
2759 Madhup A bee Girl
2760 Madhur Melodious Girl
2761 Madhura Sweet Boy
2762 Madhuri Sweet girl Boy
2763 Madhurima Charming Girl
2764 Madhushri Beauty of spring seasons Girl
2765 Madhusoodan Name of lord krishna Girl
2766 Madhusudan Lord krishna Girl
2767 Madin Delightful Boy
2768 Madira Nectar Boy
2769 Madirakshi Woman with intoxicating eyes Boy
2770 Madona My lady ; refers to the virgin mary Girl
2771 Madri Wife of pandu Girl
2772 Madur Gentle, a soft peron, sweet Girl
2773 Madura A bird Girl
2774 Magadh Son of yadu Boy
2775 Magan Engrossed Girl
2776 Mahaadev Another name of shiva Boy
2777 Mahaaveer Most powerful Boy
2778 Mahabahu Arjuna Boy
2779 Mahabala Strength Boy
2780 Mahabhadra Ganga river Boy
2781 Mahadev Lord shiva Boy
2782 Mahadevi Goddess durga Girl
2783 Mahaganga The great ganga Boy
2784 Mahagauri Goddess durga Girl
2785 Mahaj A noblel descent Girl
2786 Mahajabeen Beautiful Girl
2787 Mahakali Goddess durga Boy
2788 Mahakanta Earth Girl
2789 Mahakaya Gigantic. lord hanuman Girl
2790 Mahaketu Lord shiva Girl
2791 Mahakram Lord vishnu Boy
2792 Mahalakshmi Goddess lakshmi Boy
2793 Mahamani Lord shiva Boy
2794 Mahamati One with big brain ( ganesh ) Girl
2795 Mahamaya Goddess durga Boy
2796 Mahanidhi Great storehouse. lord shiva Boy
2797 Mahaniya Worthy of honour Girl
2798 Mahant Great Boy
2799 Mahanth Great Boy
2800 Mahapadmananda Big lotus Boy
2801 Mahapurush Great being, lord rama Boy
2802 Maharath A great charioteer Boy
2803 Maharshi A great saint Boy
2804 Mahasvin Glorious Boy
2805 Mahasweta Goddess saraswati Boy
2806 Mahati Great Boy
2807 Mahatru Lord vishnu Girl
2808 Mahavir A jain prophet, also the super courageous one Girl
2809 Maheepati The king mahendra Boy
2810 Mahendra Lord vishnu Boy
2811 Mahesh Supreme god, name of shiva Boy
2812 Maheshi Goddess parvati Boy
2813 Maheshwar Another name of shiva Boy
2814 Maheshwari Goddess durga Girl
2815 Mahi The world Boy
2816 Mahijith Conqueror of the earth Girl
2817 Mahijuba A hostess Boy
2818 Mahima Greatness Boy
2819 Mahin The earth Girl
2820 Mahindra A king Girl
2821 Mahip Protector of the earth Boy
2822 Mahipal A king Boy
2823 Mahipati King Boy
2824 Mahish Ceremoniously crowned king Boy
2825 Mahit Honoured Boy
2826 Mahith Honoured Boy
2827 Mahua An intoxicating flower Boy
2828 Mahubala Sweet girl Boy
2829 Maina A bird Girl
2830 Mainak A mountain a himalayan peak Girl
2831 Maithili Sita Boy
2832 Maitra Friendly Boy
2833 Maitreya Friendly Girl
2834 Maitreyi Name of a woman scholar Girl
2835 Mak Mak Boy
2836 Makara Born under capricorn Girl
2837 Makarand Honey, honey bee, pollen Boy
2838 Makhesh Lord krishna Girl
2839 Makrand Honey Boy
2840 Makshi Honeybee Boy
2841 Makul Bud Boy
2842 Makur Mirror Girl
2843 Mala Garland, necklace Boy
2844 Malank King Boy
2845 Malati Jasmine, moon- light Girl
2846 Malavika Princess of malawa Boy
2847 Malay A garden of indra Girl
2848 Malaya A forest Girl
2849 Maley A ruler ; the firstborn son Girl
2850 Malhar A raga used in indian music Girl
2851 Mali A ruler ; the firstborn son Girl
2852 Malie A ruler ; the firstborn son Boy
2853 Malini Flourist, a river Unisex
2854 Mallesh Lord shiva Girl
2855 Malley A ruler ; the firstborn son Girl
2856 Malli A ruler ; the firstborn son Boy
2857 Malliga Jasmine Girl
2858 Mallika Queen, a creeper plant Girl
2859 Mallikarjun Lord shiva Girl
2860 Malti Fragrant flower Girl
2861 Maly A ruler ; the firstborn son Boy
2862 Mamata Love, affection Girl
2863 Mamraj Lord of affection Girl
2864 Man Mind Girl
2865 Manadha Giving honour Boy
2866 Manajith One who conquered the mind Unisex
2867 Manaka According to the mind Girl
2868 Manan Thinking Boy
2869 Manana Meditation Girl
2870 Mananya Deserving praises Boy
2871 Manas Mind Girl
2872 Manasa Conceived in the mind Girl
2873 Manasi A lady Boy
2874 Manasika Of mind Girl
2875 Manasyu Wishing , desiring Girl
2876 Manav Man Girl
2877 Manavendra A king Boy
2878 Manayi Wife of manu Boy
2879 Mandaar A flower Boy
2880 Mandakini Ganga ( in heaven), asteroid belt Girl
2881 Mandakranta A sanskrit metre Boy
2882 Mandan A tribal name Girl
2883 Mandar A celestial tree Boy
2884 Mandara Large , firm Boy
2885 Mandeep Light of the mind Boy
2886 Mandhatri Prince Girl
2887 Mandin Delighting Boy
2888 Mandir Temple Boy
2889 Mandira Cymbals ; home Boy
2890 Mandith Adorned Boy
2891 Manditha Adorned Girl
2892 Mandodari One with narrow abdomen, ravans wife Boy
2893 Maneendra Lord of gems Girl
2894 Maneesh Lord of the mind Girl
2895 Maneet One who wins heart Boy
2896 Manendra King of mind Boy
2897 Mangai Cultured lady Boy
2898 Mangal A planet Boy
2899 Mangala Auspicious, bliss, goddess parvati Girl
2900 Mangalya Pious , pure Boy
2901 Mangesh Lord shiva Girl
2902 Manha Gift of alla Girl
2903 Manhar Lord krishna Boy
2904 Mani Gem Girl
2905 Manibhushan Supreme gem Boy
2906 Manidhar A mythical snake with jewel in its hood Boy
2907 Manik Ruby Boy
2908 Manikaant The blue jewel Boy
2909 Manikandan Lord ayyappas name Boy
2910 Manindra Diamond Boy
2911 Manini A lady Boy
2912 Maniram Jewel of a person Boy
2913 Manish God of mind Girl
2914 Manisha Goddess of mind, intelligence, desire Boy
2915 Manishankar Lord shiva Boy
2916 Manishika Intelligence Girl
2917 Manisi Desired by heart Boy
2918 Manisitha Wisdom Girl
2919 Manit Highly respected Girl
2920 Manith Honoured Girl
2921 Manitha Honoured Boy
2922 Manjari A bunch Boy
2923 Manjeet Conqueror of the mind Girl
2924 Manjira Ankle-bells Girl
2925 Manjistha Extremely Boy
2926 Manjit A conqueror of the mind ; having great knowledge Girl
2927 Manju Snow, dew drops, beautiful Girl
2928 Manjubala Beautiful girl Girl
2929 Manjughosh Sweet sounding recitation Girl
2930 Manjul Handsome Girl
2931 Manjula Melodious Boy
2932 Manjulika A sweet girl Boy
2933 Manjusha A box Girl
2934 Manjushri Sweet lustre Girl
2935 Manjusri Goddess saraswati Girl
2936 Manjyot Light of the mind Girl
2937 Manmatha Cupid Girl
2938 Manmayi Jealous ; sri radha Boy
2939 Manmeet Friend of mind Boy
2940 Manmohan One who wins over the heart Girl
2941 Mannan Thought Boy
2942 Mannath A vow to a deity Boy
2943 Mannith Chosen Boy
2944 Manohar One who wins over the mind Boy
2945 Manoj Born of mind Boy
2946 Manojavaya Speed like wind Boy
2947 Manomay Conqueror of ones heart Boy
2948 Manonith Carried by the mind Boy
2949 Manorama Attractive, beautiful Boy
2950 Manoranjan Entertainment Boy
2951 Manorath Desire Girl
2952 Manoritha Of the mind Boy
2953 Manoth Born of the mind Boy
2954 Manprasad Mentally calm & cool person Girl
2955 Mansukh Pleasing Boy
2956 Manth Thought Boy
2957 Manthan Reflection through study Boy
2958 Manthika Thoughtful Boy
2959 Mantram Holy name. lord vishnu Boy
2960 Manu The first human being, a sage Girl
2961 Manuj Son of manu Boy
2962 Manuraj Kuber Boy
2963 Manushri Goddess lakshmi Boy
2964 Manvendra King among men Boy
2965 Manvir Conqueror of heart Girl
2966 Manya A respected man Boy
2967 Manyah A respected man Boy
2968 Manyu Mind Girl
2969 Maraal Swan Girl
2970 Marala Swan Boy
2971 Mardav Softness Boy
2972 Mareechi Ray of light Girl
2973 Margi A women with good character Boy
2974 Marichi Name of an ancient sage Boy
2975 Marichika Mirage, ray Girl
2976 Marisa Mother of daksa Boy
2977 Mariyan Not death Girl
2978 Markanday Shivas devotee; a sage who wrote devi mahatmyam Girl
2979 Markandeya A devotee to lord shiva Girl
2980 Martand Sun Boy
2981 Martanda The sun Boy
2982 Marudeva Lord of the desert Boy
2983 Marudham From the lush green fields Boy
2984 Marut Wind Boy
2985 Maruti Hanuman, bhimsen Girl
2986 Matanga Sage, advisor to devi lalita Boy
2987 Matangi Goddess durga Boy
2988 Matheysh Lord shiva Boy
2989 Matsendra King of the fishes Girl
2990 Matsyendra Lord of the fish Boy
2991 Maulik Precious Boy
2992 Maushmi Monsoon wind Boy
2993 Mausumi Beauty, monsoon wind Boy
2994 Maya Illusion, goddess lakshmi Girl
2995 Mayan Pure one Girl
2996 Mayank Moon Girl
2997 Mayanka The moon Boy
2998 Mayon The black god Boy
2999 Mayukh Brilliant, splendour Boy
3000 Mayukhi Peahen Boy
3001 Mayur Peacock Boy
3002 Mayuri Peahen Girl
3003 Mayurika With peacock feathers Boy
3004 Medh Goddess saraswati Girl
3005 Medha Intelligence, goddess saraswati Girl
3006 MEDHA Saraswati Boy
3007 Medhani Of intelligence Girl
3008 Medhansh Who born with intelligence Girl
3009 Medhya Mighty , clean , fresh Girl
3010 Medini Daughter of the earth Boy
3011 Meena Precious stone, fish Girl
3012 Meenakshi Eyes Girl
3013 Meenakshi One with fish- shaped eyes, daughter of kuber Girl
3014 Meer Chief Boy
3015 Meera A devotee of lord krishna Girl
3016 Meet Friend Boy
3017 Megana Rivar name Girl
3018 Megh Cloud Boy
3019 Megh-naad Roar of clouds Girl
3020 Megha Cloud Boy
3021 Meghaj Pearl Boy
3022 Meghana Cloud Girl
3023 Meghashyam Black like a cloud Boy
3024 Meghdutt Gift of clouds Girl
3025 Meghnad Thunder Boy
3026 Meghraj King of clouds Boy
3027 Mehal Cloud Boy
3028 Mehtab Moon Boy
3029 Mekhala Girdle Boy
3030 Menaka Celestial damsel, heavenly beauty ( an apsara ) Boy
3031 Menitha Wise Girl
3032 Meru Famous mountain in hindu mythology , high point Girl
3033 Mesha Ram ; born under the sign of aries Girl
3034 Mihir The sun Boy
3035 Mihirkiran Sun ray Girl
3036 Mikul Comrade Boy
3037 Milan Getting together Boy
3038 Miland Bee Boy
3039 Milap Union Boy
3040 Milind Honey bee Boy
3041 Milit Comradship Boy
3042 Minakshi Fish eyed , daughter of kubera Boy
3043 Minal A precious stone Boy
3044 Minati Prayer Girl
3045 Minto Great Girl
3046 Misal Example Boy
3047 Misri Mixed ; sweet Boy
3048 Mitali Friend Boy
3049 Miten Male friend Boy
3050 Mitesh One with few desires Boy
3051 Mithil Kingdom Boy
3052 Mithila Kingdom Boy
3053 Mithilesh The king of mithila Boy
3054 Mithran Sun Boy
3055 Mithun Union Boy
3056 Mitra A friend Boy
3057 Mitrajit Friendly Boy
3058 Mitul Friend Boy
3059 Modak Pleasing Boy
3060 Modal Enjoyment Boy
3061 Moh Love Boy
3062 Mohajit Who has conquered embarrasment Boy
3063 Mohak Attractive Boy
3064 Mohal Attractive Boy
3065 Mohan Fascinating Boy
3066 Mohana Attractive Boy
3067 Mohin Fascinating Boy
3068 Mohini Very beautiful, bewitching, mesmering Girl
3069 Mohisha Intellect Boy
3070 Mohit Spellbound Girl
3071 Mohnish Lord krishna Girl
3072 Mohul Attractive Boy
3073 Moksh Mukti Boy
3074 Moneisha Having great intelligence Boy
3075 Monesha Having great intelligence Boy
3076 Moniesha Having great intelligence Girl
3077 Monish Lord of mind Girl
3078 Monna One who is born into the nobility Boy
3079 Moorti An idol Girl
3080 Moti Pearl Girl
3081 Motilal Pearl Boy
3082 Moulik Valuable Boy
3083 Mridul Tender, delicate Boy
3084 Mridula Tenderness Boy
3085 Mrigaa A female deer Boy
3086 Mrigaj Son of the moon Girl
3087 Mrigakshi One with deer- like beautiful eyes Boy
3088 Mrigalochan With eyes like that of a deer Boy
3089 Mriganayani One with deer- like beautiful eyes Girl
3090 Mrigank Moon Boy
3091 Mriganka The moon Girl
3092 Mrigankamouli Lord shiva Boy
3093 Mrigankasekhar Lord shiva Boy
3094 Mrigasya Lord shiva Boy
3095 Mrigendra The lion Boy
3096 Mrigesh Lion Boy
3097 Mrinaal Lotus-stack Boy
3098 Mrinal Lotus Boy
3099 Mrinali Lotus Boy
3100 Mrinalika Stem of lotus Boy
3101 Mrinalini Lotus Girl
3102 Mrinank Moon Girl
3103 Mrinendra Lion Girl
3104 Mrinmayi Of the earth Boy
3105 Mritunjay Who has won over death, Lord Shiva Boy
3106 Mrudun Lord shiva Boy
3107 Mrugha Palu Boy
3108 Mruthyunjeyan One who defeats death Boy
3109 Mudgal A saint Boy
3110 Mudil Moonshine Boy
3111 Mudit Pleased Boy
3112 Mudita Happy Boy
3113 Mudra Expression Boy
3114 Mudrika Ring Boy
3115 Mugdha Spellbound, innocent Girl
3116 Mukesh An epithet for shiva Girl
3117 Mukta Pearl Girl
3118 Muktananda Liberated Boy
3119 Mukti Ultimate freedom Girl
3120 Mukul A bud Boy
3121 Mukund Name of vishnu Girl
3122 Mukunda Lord krishna Boy
3123 Mukut Crown Boy
3124 Mulkraj King Boy
3125 Muneendra Best among saints Boy
3126 Muni Village god Boy
3127 Munish Lord buddha Boy
3128 Muraaree Another name of lord krishna Boy
3129 Murad Wish Boy
3130 Muralee The flute Boy
3131 Muralidhar Lord krishna Boy
3132 Muralimanohar Lord krishna Boy
3133 Murari Lord krishna Boy
3134 Murarilal Lord krishna Boy
3135 Murthy Vishnu Boy
3136 Murugan Tamil god Boy
3137 Muskan One who smiles often Boy
3138 Mustapha The chosen one Boy
3139 Mythili Sita Girl
3140 Naabhi Centre of body, an ancient king Boy
3141 Naag A big serpent Girl
3142 Naag-raaj King of the serpents Boy
3143 Naagarjun An ancient philosopher Boy
3144 Naagdhar One who wears cobra Boy
3145 Naagendra King of the serpents Boy
3146 Naagesh God of serpents ( sheshnaag ) Boy
3147 Naagpal Saviour of serpents Boy
3148 Naagpati King of serpents ( vaasuki ) Boy
3149 Naakesh Moon Boy
3150 Naamdev Name of a saint Boy
3151 Naanak First sikh guru Boy
3152 Naaraayan The refuge of man Boy
3153 Naarad An ancient sage Boy
3154 Naavya One who is youthful Boy
3155 Nabendu New moon Boy
3156 Nabhanya Celestial Girl
3157 Nabhanyu Eternal Boy
3158 Nabhendu New moon Girl
3159 Nabhi The best Boy
3160 Nabhij Lord brahama Boy
3161 Nabhith Fearless Boy
3162 Nabhitha Fearless Boy
3163 Nabhoj Born in sky Boy
3164 Nabhomani Jewel of the sky (sun) Girl
3165 Nabhya Lord shiva Boy
3166 Nachik A short form of nachiketa Boy
3167 Nachiket Son of vajashravas Boy
3168 Nachiketa An ancient sage, fire Boy
3169 Nachni Dancer ; suggestive look Boy
3170 Nadeen Ocean Boy
3171 Nadeesh God of river (ocean) Girl
3172 Nadish Ocean Boy
3173 Naganandini Mountain born Boy
3174 Naganika Serpent maiden Boy
3175 Nagarin Lord of a town Girl
3176 Nagarjun Best among the snakes Girl
3177 Nagdhar One who adornes mountain Boy
3178 Nagendra Lord of mountains ( himalaya ) Boy
3179 Nagesh Seshnag, cosmic serpent Boy
3180 Nageshwaran Lord snake Boy
3181 Naggar Lord krishna Boy
3182 Nagpal Saviour of serpents Boy
3183 Nahush Name of an ancient king Boy
3184 Nahusha A mythological king Boy
3185 Naina Name of a goddess Boy
3186 Nairit South-west Boy
3187 Naishadh Legendary king of nishadha Girl
3188 Nakhraj Moon Boy
3189 Naksatraraja King of stars Boy
3190 Nakshatra Star Boy
3191 Nakul Twin brother of sahdev Boy
3192 Nakula Goddess parvati Boy
3193 Nal An ancient king Boy
3194 Nalesh King of flowers Girl
3195 Nalin Lotus Boy
3196 Nalinaksh Lotus -eyed Boy
3197 Nalinaksha Lotus-eyed Boy
3198 Nalini Lotus Boy
3199 Nalinikant Husband of lotus, ( sun) Boy
3200 Naman Salutation Girl
3201 Namasyu Bowing Boy
3202 Nambi Self confident Boy
3203 Namdev Poet, saint Boy
3204 Namish Lord vishnu Boy
3205 Namit Bowed down, modest Boy
3206 Namita Modest Boy
3207 Namrata Modesty Boy
3208 Nanak Guru of sikhs Girl
3209 Nand Pleasure, father of krishna Girl
3210 Nand-kishore Lord krishna Boy
3211 Nand-nandan Lord krishna Boy
3212 Nanda Happiness, a daughter, goddess durga Boy
3213 Nandak Pleasing Boy
3214 Nandakishor Wiz kid Girl
3215 Nandakumar Lord krishna Boy
3216 Nandan Son Boy
3217 Nandana Daughter, durga etc Boy
3218 Nandana Daughter Boy
3219 Nandi One who pleases others Girl
3220 Nandika Goddess lakshmi, water vessel made up of clay Girl
3221 Nandin The delightful, follower of shiva Boy
3222 Nandini Daughter, one who brings joy, ganga, goddess durga Girl
3223 Nandish Lord shiva -nandishwar) Boy
3224 Nandita Happy Girl
3225 Nandlaal Lord krishna Boy
3226 Naotau Our new son Girl
3227 Narad Indian saint, devotee of narayan Boy
3228 Narahari Lord vishnu Boy
3229 Narasimha A form of vishnu that is half man & half lion Boy
3230 Narayan Lord vishnu Boy
3231 Narayana Vishnu Boy
3232 Narayanan Title of vishnu/krsna Boy
3233 Narayani Goddess lakshmi, goddess durga Boy
3234 Narendra King of men Boy
3235 Narendranath King of kings, emperor Girl
3236 Naresh Lord of man Boy
3237 Narhari Man-lion Boy
3238 Narinder The king Boy
3239 Narmad Bringing delight Boy
3240 Narmada One who arouses tender feelings in others, the river narmada Boy
3241 Narois Flower Boy
3242 Narottam Best among men Girl
3243 Narsi Poet, saint Girl
3244 Narsimha Lion among men Boy
3245 Nartan Dance Boy
3246 Nartana Makes others dance Boy
3247 Narun Leader of men Boy
3248 Naruna Leader of men Boy
3249 Natesa Lord of dance Boy
3250 Natesh King Boy
3251 Nateshwar God of drama ( lord shiva) Girl
3252 Natraj The supreme dancer Boy
3253 Natun New Boy
3254 Natwar Lord krishna Boy
3255 Nauhar 9 garlands Boy
3256 Nauka Boat Boy
3257 Navaj Newly born Boy
3258 Navakanth New light Boy
3259 Naval Wonder Boy
3260 Navalan Orator Boy
3261 Navaneet Who takes pleasure in new joys Boy
3262 Navaneeta Butter Boy
3263 Navashen The one who brings hope Boy
3264 Naveen New Girl
3265 Naveena New Boy
3266 Navendu The moon a night after amavasya Boy
3267 Navin New Girl
3268 Navinchandra Same as navendu Boy
3269 Naviya One who is youthful Boy
3270 Naviyah One who is youthful Boy
3271 Navneet Curd , daily new Girl
3272 Navneeta Butter -like Girl
3273 Navnit Fresh butter Unisex
3274 Navrang Beautiful Girl
3275 Navratan Nine jewels Boy
3276 Navroz A parsee festival Boy
3277 Navtej New light Boy
3278 Navya One who is youthful Boy
3279 Nawalkishor Lord krishna Boy
3280 Nayakan Hero Girl
3281 Nayan Eyes Boy
3282 Nayana One with attractive eyes Boy
3283 Nayana One with attractive eyes Boy
3284 Nayantara Star of the eyes Girl
3285 Nayath Leading Girl
3286 Neana A woman who has beautiful eyes Girl
3287 Neeharika Dew drops, nebula Boy
3288 Neel Blue Girl
3289 Neela Blue colour Girl
3290 Neelabh Object in the sky (cloud, moon) Boy
3291 Neelabja Blue lotus Girl
3292 Neeladri The nilgiri hills Boy
3293 Neelaja River starting from blue mountain ( neelparvat ) Girl
3294 Neelakshi Blue- eyed girl Boy
3295 Neelam A blue -jewel Girl
3296 Neelamani Blue jewel Girl
3297 Neelambar Blue sky Girl
3298 Neelambari A raagini Boy
3299 Neelambuj Blue lotus Boy
3300 Neelanchal Nilgiri hills Girl
3301 Neelanjan Blue Boy
3302 Neelesh Lord krishna; moon Boy
3303 Neelgreev Lord shiva Boy
3304 Neelkamal Blue lotus Boy
3305 Neelkanta Lord shiva Boy
3306 Neelkanth Lord shiva Boy
3307 Neelmadhav Lord jagannath Boy
3308 Neelotpal Blue lotus Boy
3309 Neema Prosperous Boy
3310 Neena A woman who has beautiful eyes Boy
3311 Neenah A woman who has beautiful eyes Unisex
3312 Neerad Clouds Girl
3313 Neeraj A lotus Girl
3314 Neeraja Lotus flower, pure, goddess lakshmi Boy
3315 Neerav Quiet, silent Boy
3316 Neeti Good behaviour Boy
3317 Neev Foundation Boy
3318 Neha Love, rain Girl
3319 Nehal Rainy, beautiful Boy
3320 Neharika Of the morning dew Girl
3321 Neil Blue Girl
3322 Netra Eye Girl
3323 Netravati One with beautiful eyes Boy
3324 Nibodh Knowledge Girl
3325 Nidhi Treasure Girl
3326 Nidhish Lord of treasure Boy
3327 Nidhyana Intuition Girl
3328 Nidhyathi Meditation Boy
3329 Nidra Sleep Girl
3330 Nigam Treasure Girl
3331 Nihaar Fog Girl
3332 Nihal Gratified Boy
3333 Nihar Covered with the morning Boy
3334 Niharika Nebula Boy
3335 Nikash Horizon Boy
3336 Niket House, mansion Girl
3337 Niketan House, mansion Boy
3338 Nikhat Fragrance Boy
3339 Nikhil Entire Boy
3340 Nikhilesh Lord of the universe Boy
3341 Nikhita Sharp, earth Boy
3342 Nikunj Bower,arbour Boy
3343 Nikunja Enchanting Boy
3344 Nilasha Blueness Boy
3345 Nilay Home, mansion m/f hindu Boy
3346 Nilaya Abode, house Girl
3347 Nilesh Krishna, blue god Boy
3348 Nilima Blue Girl
3349 Nilofar Neelkamal Boy
3350 Niloofar Neelkamal Girl
3351 Nima Large indian tree Girl
3352 Nimai Chaitanya Girl
3353 Nimish Spilt-second Boy
3354 Ninad Sound Boy
3355 Nipun Exper Boy
3356 Nir Water Boy
3357 Niraamay Pure Boy
3358 Nirad Given by water Boy
3359 Niraj Born from water, lotus flower, pearl Boy
3360 Nirajit Illuminated Boy
3361 Niral Calm Boy
3362 Niramay Without blemish Boy
3363 Niramayee Pure, clean, spotless Girl
3364 Niramitra Son of pandava sahadeva Boy
3365 Niranjan The night of the full moon Girl
3366 Niranjana Goddess durga Boy
3367 Nirankar With no shape -god) Boy
3368 Nirav Without sound Girl
3369 Nirbhay Fearless Boy
3370 Nirbhik Fearless Boy
3371 Nirdhar One who holds water ( cloud) Boy
3372 Nirek Superior Boy
3373 Nirijhar Waterful Boy
3374 Nirish Free, without any owner Boy
3375 Nirmal Pure, clear Boy
3376 Nirmala Clean, virtuous Boy
3377 Nirmalya Pure Boy
3378 Nirmanyu Free of anger Girl
3379 Nirmay Pure Boy
3380 Nirmayi Without blemish Boy
3381 Nirmit Created Boy
3382 Nirmitha Created Girl
3383 Nirmohi Unattached Boy
3384 Nirupa A decree, command Girl
3385 Nirupam Without comparison Boy
3386 Nirupama Unique, uncomparable Girl
3387 Nirvan Liberation Boy
3388 Nirvana Ultimate bliss Girl
3389 Nischal Cool Girl
3390 Nischith Fixed Boy
3391 Nisha Night Boy
3392 Nishad Seventh note of the octave Boy
3393 Nishakant Husband of night ( moon) Girl
3394 Nishakar Moon -lord of night) Boy
3395 Nishanath Moon Boy
3396 Nishant Dawn Boy
3397 Nishar Warm cloth Boy
3398 Nishat A tree Boy
3399 Nishchal Unmovable, unshakable Boy
3400 Nishesh Moon Boy
3401 Nishikaant The moon Boy
3402 Nishikant Husband of night ( moon) Boy
3403 Nishikanta The moon Boy
3404 Nishikar Moon -lord of night) Boy
3405 Nishil Night Boy
3406 Nishinath Lord of night (moon) Boy
3407 Nishipal Moon Boy
3408 Nishipati Moon Boy
3409 Nishit Midnight Boy
3410 Nishith Night Boy
3411 Nishithini Night Boy
3412 Nishkama Selfless Boy
3413 Nishkarsh Result Girl
3414 Nishok Happy Boy
3415 Nishtha Faith Boy
3416 Nissim Unbounded Boy
3417 Nisyaanthan Evening Girl
3418 Nita Moral, faithful Boy
3419 Nitara Having deep roots Boy
3420 Niteesh Lord of law Girl
3421 Nitesh Master of the right path Girl
3422 Nithik Master of justice Boy
3423 Nithin Brilliant Boy
3424 Nithya An eternal beauty Boy
3425 Niti Morality Boy
3426 Nitima Girl of principles Girl
3427 Nitin Master of the right path Girl
3428 Nitish Lord of correct path Girl
3429 Nitya Goddess parvati, ever present Boy
3430 Nitya-sundara Good-looking Boy
3431 Nityagopal Constant Girl
3432 Nityanand Perennially happy Boy
3433 Nityananda Lord krishna; always happy Boy
3434 Nityanta Lord vishnu Boy
3435 Nityapriya Ever pleasing Boy
3436 Nived Pottan Boy
3437 Nivedita One dedicated to service of god Girl
3438 Nivritti Nonattachment Boy
3439 Nivrutti Separation from world Girl
3440 Niyath Behaviour Girl
3441 Niyati Fortune, fate, supreme power Boy
3442 Noopur Anklet Boy
3443 Nridev King amongst men Girl
3444 Nrip King Girl
3445 Nripa King Boy
3446 Nripendra King of kings Boy
3447 Nripesh King of kings Boy
3448 Nrupadh Feet of a king Boy
3449 Nupura Anklet Boy
3450 Nutan New Boy
3451 Nuti Worship , praise , reverence Girl
3452 Obalesh Lord shiva Girl
3453 Odathi Refreshing Girl
3454 Oditi Dawn Boy
3455 Oha Meditation , true knowledge Girl
3456 Ohas Praise Girl
3457 Oindrila Name for the wife of indra Boy
3458 Oja Vitality Boy
3459 Ojal Vision Girl
3460 Ojas Lustre Girl
3461 Ojaswini Lustrous Girl
3462 Ojayit Courageous Boy
3463 Ojeeta Born in the month of falgun Girl
3464 Olichudar Brilliant Boy
3465 Olikodi Brilliant Girl
3466 Olimani Brilliant Girl
3467 Oliyarasi Brilliant Girl
3468 Om Sacred syllable used in hindu prayer Girl
3469 Oma Life giver Girl
3470 Omaja Result of spiritual unity Boy
3471 Omala Earth Boy
3472 Omana A woman Girl
3473 Omanand Joy of om Girl
3474 Omesa Lord of om Boy
3475 Omesh Lord of the om Boy
3476 Omeshwar Lord of the om Boy
3477 Omisha Goddessof birth & death Boy
3478 Omja Born of cosmic unity Boy
3479 Omkar Mystic name for hindu gods Girl
3480 Omkareshwari Goddess parvati, gauri Boy
3481 Omkari Light Boy
3482 Omkarnath Lord of omkaar, shiva Girl
3483 Ompati Master of om Girl
3484 Omprakash Light of om Boy
3485 Omrao King Boy
3486 Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity Boy
3487 Omvati Sacred,having the power of om Boy
3488 Omya Knowledge Boy
3489 Onella Light Girl
3490 Oni Shelter, cover Girl
3491 Onkar God Girl
3492 Oojam Enthusiasm Boy
3493 Oorja The energy Boy
3494 Oorjit Powerful Boy
3495 Oparna Parvathi Girl
3496 Orion Son of fire Boy
3497 Orissa A state in eastern india Girl
3498 Orpita Offering Boy
3499 Oshma Summer Girl
3500 Ottakoothan Poet Girl
3501 Oviya Artist, beautiful drawing Girl
3502 Pa Pa Boy
3503 Paandu Father of the pandavas Girl
3504 Paandurang A diety Unisex
3505 Paaninee A sanskrit grammarian Boy
3506 Paarbrahm The supreme spirit Boy
3507 Paarth Another name of arjuna, a king, student Boy
3508 Paarthiv Earthly Boy
3509 Paavak Pure Boy
3510 Paavan Pure, sacred Boy
3511 Padam Lotus Boy
3512 Padma Lotus, goddess lakshmi ( padmaja = born from lotus ) Boy
3513 Padmabandhu Friend of lotus ( bee , sun ) Boy
3514 Padmadhar One who holds a lotus Girl
3515 Padmahasta Lotus-handed. lord krishan Boy
3516 Padmaj Lord brahama Boy
3517 Padmaja Born from lotus , lakshmi Boy
3518 Padmakali Lotus bud Boy
3519 Padmakant Husband of lotus ( sun) Girl
3520 Padmakar Jewel, lord vishnu Girl
3521 Padmakshi One with lotus-like eyes Boy
3522 Padmal Lotus Boy
3523 Padmalochan Lotus eyed Girl
3524 Padmamalini Goddess lakshmi Boy
3525 Padman Lotus Boy
3526 Padmanabh One with lotus in his navel i.e. vishnu Girl
3527 Padmanabha Lord vishnu Boy
3528 Padmapani Lord bramha Boy
3529 Padmapati Lord vishnu Boy
3530 Padmarekha Lotus- like lines on palm which are considered to be sign of good luck Boy
3531 Padmaroopa Like a lotus Boy
3532 Padmavasa One who resided in lotus ( goddess lakshmi) Girl
3533 Padmavati Goddess lakshmi Girl
3534 Padmayani Lord brahama; buddha Girl
3535 Padmesh Lord vishnu Girl
3536 Padmini Lotus plant, also famous queen of chittaud Boy
3537 Padminish Lord of lotuses; sun Boy
3538 Pahal Facet, beginning initiative Girl
3539 Pakhi Bird Boy
3540 Paksha Symbolising the phases of moon. Boy
3541 Pakshi Bird Boy
3542 Palak Eyelid Boy
3543 Palash Tree Boy
3544 Palashkusum The flower of palash Boy
3545 Palashranjan Beautiful like a palash Boy
3546 Palin Protecting Boy
3547 Pallab New leaves pallav Boy
3548 Pallav Young shoots and leaves Boy
3549 Pallavi New leaves Boy
3550 Pallavini With new leaves Boy
3551 Panav Prince Girl
3552 Panchaanan Five-eyed, name of shiva Girl
3553 Panchajana Made of five things Boy
3554 Panchal Lord shiva Boy
3555 Panchali Doll, also draupadi, the wife of pandavas Boy
3556 Panchavaktra Five faced, lord hanuman Boy
3557 Pandhari Lord vithobha Girl
3558 Pandita Scholar Boy
3559 Panduranga With pale white complexion Boy
3560 Pandya South indian dynasty Boy
3561 Pankaj Mud born, lotus Boy
3562 Pankaja Lotus Boy
3563 Pankajalochana Lotus eyed. lord krishna Boy
3564 Pankajan Lotus; lord vishnu Girl
3565 Pankajeet Eagle ( garuda ) Boy
3566 Pann-gesh King of serpents Boy
3567 Panna Emerald Boy
3568 Pannalal Emerald Boy
3569 Panshul Lord shiva Boy
3570 Paraag Pollen, sandal wood Boy
3571 Paraashar A celebrated saint Boy
3572 Parag Pollen grains Boy
3573 Parajika A raagini Boy
3574 Parakram Strength Boy
3575 Param Perfect, ultimate Girl
3576 Param-hans The supreme spirit Boy
3577 Parama The best Boy
3578 Paramananda Supreme bliss Boy
3579 Paramartha Highest truth Girl
3580 Paramesh The supreme lord, title for vishnu or shiva Boy
3581 Parameshwar The supreme god Boy
3582 Parameshwari Goddess durga Boy
3583 Paramhansa Supreme soul Boy
3584 Paramita Prowess Girl
3585 Paramjeet Highest success Boy
3586 Paramjit Heroic paranjay varun Girl
3587 Paranjay Lord of the sea Boy
3588 Parantapa Conqueror; arjuna Boy
3589 Paras Touchstone Boy
3590 Parashar A renowned saint Boy
3591 Parashuraam Brave, an ancient sage Boy
3592 Parashuram Sixth incarnation of lord vishnu Boy
3593 Parasmani A touchstone Boy
3594 Parasme Most superior, lord rama Boy
3595 Paratpara Greatest of the greats Boy
3596 Paravasu Name of a sage Boy
3597 Paravi Bird Boy
3598 Parees Touch stone Boy
3599 Paresh Supreme spirit Girl
3600 Paresha Lord of the lords. a name for lord rama Boy
3601 Pari Beauty, fairy Boy
3602 Paridhi Realm Boy
3603 Parighosh Loud sound Girl
3604 Parijat A celestial flower Girl
3605 Pariket Against desire Boy
3606 Parikshit An ancient king Boy
3607 Parimal Perfume Boy
3608 Parindra Lion Boy
3609 Parinita Expert, married woman Boy
3610 Paritosh Satisfaction Boy
3611 Parmaarth Highest truth, salvation Girl
3612 Parmanand Divine happiness Boy
3613 Parmeet Wisdom Boy
3614 Parmesh Lord vishnu Boy
3615 Parmeshwari Goddess durga Boy
3616 Parnad A brahmin in the epics Boy
3617 Parnal Leafy Girl
3618 Parnavi Bird Boy
3619 Parni Leafy Boy
3620 Parnik Creeper Girl
3621 Parnika A small leaf, parvati Girl
3622 Parth King;arjun Boy
3623 Partha Arjun Girl
3624 Parthapratim Like arjuna Boy
3625 Parthasarathi Charioteer of partha ( lord krishna) Boy
3626 Parthiv Prince of earth Boy
3627 Parthivi Sita Boy
3628 Parul Name of a flower Boy
3629 Parvat Mountain Girl
3630 Parvateshwar God of mountains, himalaya Girl
3631 Parvati Daughter of himalaya, wife of lor shiva Boy
3632 Parvatinandan Son of parvati, lord ganesh Boy
3633 Parveen Star Girl
3634 Parvesh Lord of celebration Boy
3635 Pasha Net, snare Girl
3636 Pashunath Lord of animals, lord shiva Boy
3637 Pashupati Lord of animals, lord shiva Boy
3638 Patag Sun Boy
3639 Patakin Holder of a banner Boy
3640 Patanjali Famous yoga philosopher Boy
3641 Pathik Traveller Boy
3642 Pathin Traveller Boy
3643 Patmanjari A raga Boy
3644 Patmanjiri A raagini Boy
3645 Patoj Lotus Girl
3646 Patr Defender Girl
3647 Patralekha A name from ancient epics Boy
3648 Patralika New leaves Boy
3649 Paurav A descendent of king puru Girl
3650 Pavak Fire Boy
3651 Pavalan Skilled in literature Boy
3652 Pavan Wind Boy
3653 Pavana Holy , sacred Boy
3654 Pavanaj Lord hanuman Boy
3655 Pavani One who is pure ; chaste Girl
3656 Pavankumar Bhim, hanuman ( son of the wind) Boy
3657 Pavanputra Son of wind (bhim, hanuman) Girl
3658 Pavansut Son of wind (bhim, hanuman) Boy
3659 Pavitra Pure Boy
3660 Pawan Wind Boy
3661 Payal Foot ornament Boy
3662 Payas Water Boy
3663 Payod Cloud Girl
3664 Payoja Lotus Boy
3665 Peetambar Yellow robed Boy
3666 Peeyush Nectar Girl
3667 Pehlaj First born Boy
3668 Phalak Sky Boy
3669 Phalgun Name of a hindu month, spring Boy
3670 Phalguni Born in falgun , a hindu month Boy
3671 Phani Snake Boy
3672 Phanibhusan Lord shiva Girl
3673 Phaninath Lord of serpents Boy
3674 Phanindra Seshnag; the divine snake Boy
3675 Phanindranath Lord vishnu Boy
3676 Phanishwar King of serpents Boy
3677 Phenil Foamy Boy
3678 Phoolan Flower Boy
3679 Phoolendu Full moon Boy
3680 Piki Cuckoo Girl
3681 Pinak Bow of lord shiva Boy
3682 Pinaki Lord krishna Boy
3683 Pinakin Lord shiva Boy
3684 Pingal A reputed sage Boy
3685 Pingala Goddess lakshmi Boy
3686 Pitambar Lord vishnu pival Boy
3687 Pival A tree Girl
3688 Piyali A tree Boy
3689 Piyush Milk Girl
3690 Pooja Idol worship Boy
3691 Poojit Worshipped Boy
3692 Poonam Full moon Girl
3693 Poonish Lord of the pious Boy
3694 Pooran Complete Girl
3695 Poorbi Eastern Boy
3696 Poorna Fully contented Boy
3697 Poornachandra Full moon Girl
3698 Poornanand Complete joy Girl
3699 Poornima Full moon Boy
3700 Poorv The east Boy
3701 Poorva Earlier one, elder, east Girl
3702 Poorvaganga River narmada Boy
3703 Poorvaj Elder, ancestorsn Girl
3704 Poorvaja Elder sister Girl
3705 Poorvi A classical melody Boy
3706 Poushali Of the month poush Girl
3707 Prabal Very strong, mighty Girl
3708 Prabha Light, glow, shine Girl
3709 Prabhada Lady Boy
3710 Prabhakar The sun Girl
3711 Prabhanjan Dust storm Girl
3712 Prabhas Lustrous Boy
3713 Prabhat Dawn Boy
3714 Prabhati Of the morning Boy
3715 Prabhav Power, might Boy
3716 Prabhavati A raagini, wife of sun Girl
3717 Prabhave Popular lord. lord hanuman Boy
3718 Prabhu God Girl
3719 Prabir Hero, brave one (praveer) Boy
3720 Prabodh Waking, vigilance Boy
3721 Prabodhan Knowledge Boy
3722 Prabuddha Knowledgeable Boy
3723 Prachet Lord varun Boy
3724 Pracheta Varun, wise Boy
3725 Prachetas Energy Boy
3726 Prachi East Boy
3727 Prachur Abundant Boy
3728 Pradarsh Appearance, order Girl
3729 Pradeep Lamp Boy
3730 Pradeepta Glowing Boy
3731 Pradhi Intelligent Boy
3732 Pradnaya Knowledge Girl
3733 Pradnesh Lord of wisdom Boy
3734 Pradosh Twilight Girl
3735 Pradyot To illuminate Boy
3736 Pradyumna God of love Boy
3737 Pradyun Radiant Boy
3738 Praful Blooming Boy
3739 Prafula Lotus Boy
3740 Prafulla Pleasant, cheerful Boy
3741 Pragathi Advancement Girl
3742 Pragati Progress Boy
3743 Pragnya Scholar. lord hanuman Girl
3744 Pragun Straight; honest Girl
3745 Pragya Prowess, goddess saraswati Boy
3746 Pragyaparamita Wise Boy
3747 Pragyawati A wise woman Girl
3748 Prahalad Bliss Girl
3749 Prahallad Son of hiranyakasipa Girl
3750 Prahlad Excess of joy Boy
3751 Prajapati King, bramha Boy
3752 Prajeet Victorious Boy
3753 Prajesh Lord brahma prajin Boy
3754 Prajin Kind Boy
3755 Prajit Kind Boy
3756 Prajval Brightness Boy
3757 Prajvala Flame Boy
3758 Prakash Light Boy
3759 Prakat Manifest Boy
3760 Praket Intelligence Boy
3761 Prakhar Shape, summit Boy
3762 Prakrit Nature; handsome Boy
3763 Prakul Good-looking Boy
3764 Pralay Himalay Boy
3765 Prama Knowledge of truth Boy
3766 Pramada Beautiful lady Boy
3767 Pramath Horse Girl
3768 Pramesh Master of accurate knowledge Girl
3769 Pramila Sleep Boy
3770 Pramit Consciousness Boy
3771 Pramiti Knowledge of truth Girl
3772 Pramod Delight Boy
3773 Pramodan Lord vishnu Girl
3774 Pramsu A scholar Boy
3775 Pramukh Main Boy
3776 Pran Vital breath, life Boy
3777 Prana Spirit Boy
3778 Pranad Lord vishnu; lord brahma Boy
3779 Pranati Om Boy
3780 Pranav The sacred syllable om Boy
3781 Pranava The mystic syllable om Girl
3782 Pranavi Aum Boy
3783 Pranay Love, friendship Boy
3784 Praneel A name for lord shiva Girl
3785 Praneet One who is humble ; modest Boy
3786 Pranesh Lord of life Boy
3787 Pranet Leader Boy
3788 Praney Obedient Boy
3789 Pranit Modest Boy
3790 Pranjal Simple, straightforward Boy
3791 Pranjivan Breath of life Boy
3792 Prannath Lord of life, husband Boy
3793 Pranshu Tall, lord vishnu Boy
3794 Pransu High, tall Boy
3795 Pransukh Joy of life Boy
3796 Prapti Gain Boy
3797 Prarthana Prayer Boy
3798 Prasad Propitiary offering or boon Girl
3799 Prasana Rising Girl
3800 Prasanna Happy Boy
3801 Prasata Father of draupad Girl
3802 Prasenjit A king in the epics Boy
3803 Prasham Peace Boy
3804 Prashansa Praise Boy
3805 Prashant Very calm Boy
3806 Prashanta Calm Boy
3807 Prashanth One who is peaceful ; calm Boy
3808 Prashanti Complete peace Boy
3809 Prashray Love, respect Boy
3810 Prasiddhi Accomplishment , fame Girl
3811 Prasoon Flower Boy
3812 Prasun Blossom Boy
3813 Pratap Glory, vigour Boy
3814 Prateek Symbol , first word in a sentence Boy
3815 Prateep Opposite Boy
3816 Prateet Manifested Boy
3817 Pratham First Boy
3818 Prathamesh Lord ganesh; lord of the best Boy
3819 Prathmesh Lord ganesha Boy
3820 Prathysha Early morning , from sanskrit word prathyusham Boy
3821 Pratibha Talent Boy
3822 Pratichi West Girl
3823 Pratigya Pledge, vow Girl
3824 Pratik Symbol Girl
3825 Pratima Idol, statue, icon Girl
3826 Pratishtha Preeminence Boy
3827 Pratiti Faith ; undrstanding Girl
3828 Pratosh Delight Girl
3829 Pratul A balanced person Boy
3830 Pratyush Sun praval Boy
3831 Praval Fierce , strong Boy
3832 Pravan Bowed down, modest Boy
3833 Pravar Most excellent Boy
3834 Praveen Expert, skilled Boy
3835 Praveer An excellent warrior, king Boy
3836 Praver Chief Boy
3837 Pravin Expert; skilled Boy
3838 Pravir Brave Boy
3839 Pravit Hero Boy
3840 Prayaag Place of sacrifice, allahabad Boy
3841 Prayag Confluence of ganga-jamuna-saraswati Boy
3842 Preetam Lover Boy
3843 Preeti Love Boy
3844 Preetidutt Gifted with love Boy
3845 Preetish God of love Girl
3846 Preetiwardhan One who increases love Boy
3847 Prem Love Boy
3848 Prema Love Boy
3849 Premal Full of love Boy
3850 Premala Loving Girl
3851 Premanand Joy of love Boy
3852 Premendra Lover Girl
3853 Premila Queen of a womens kingdom Boy
3854 Prerana Inspiration Boy
3855 Prerit The inspired one Girl
3856 Pretvan Moving along Girl
3857 Preyasi Beloved Boy
3858 Pribhakta Favourite of the devotees. a name for lord shiva Boy
3859 Prina Pleased Girl
3860 Prineet Content, satisfied Boy
3861 Prinita Pleased Boy
3862 Prisha Gods gift Boy
3863 Prita Dear one Boy
3864 Pritam Lover Girl
3865 Pritesh Lord of love Girl
3866 Pritha Same as kunti Boy
3867 Prithish Lord of the world Boy
3868 Prithu Broad Girl
3869 Prithuloma Fish Boy
3870 Prithvee The earth Boy
3871 Prithvi Earth Girl
3872 Prithvijaj King of the earth Boy
3873 Prithviraj King of the earth Boy
3874 Priti Love Boy
3875 Pritika Dear one Boy
3876 Pritikana An atom of love Girl
3877 Pritilata A creeper of love Girl
3878 Pritish Lord of love Girl
3879 Privrata Son of satarupa Girl
3880 Priya Loved one, darling Boy
3881 Priyaank Very dear husband Boy
3882 Priyadarshan Nice to look at, handsome Girl
3883 Priyadarshi One who is liked by all Boy
3884 Priyadarshini Delightful to look at Boy
3885 Priyadutta Earth Boy
3886 Priyaka Loving, deer Girl
3887 Priyamvada Sweet spoken Girl
3888 Priyanka Beautiful or lovable act, symbol or body Boy
3889 Priyanshu First ray of sunlight Girl
3890 Priyanvad Sweet talking person Girl
3891 Priyanvada One who speaks nicely Boy
3892 Priyaranjan Beloved Boy
3893 Priyesh Loved by god Girl
3894 Pruthivi Earth Boy
3895 Puja Same as pooja Boy
3896 Pujan The ceremony of worshiping Boy
3897 Pujita Worshipped Girl
3898 Pukhraj Topaz Boy
3899 Pulak Ecstacy, rapture Girl
3900 Pulakesh Joyous Boy
3901 Pulastya An ancient Boy
3902 Pulin Sandy river bank Boy
3903 Pulkit Happy; thrilled; overjoyed Boy
3904 Puloma Wife of the sage bhrigu Boy
3905 Punarnava A star Boy
3906 Pundalik Lotus Girl
3907 Pundarik White lotus Girl
3908 Puneet Pure Boy
3909 Punit Holy Boy
3910 Punita Pure, holy Boy
3911 Punthali Doll Boy
3912 Purahan Lord shiva Girl
3913 Purajit Lord shiva Girl
3914 Puran Complete Boy
3915 Purandar Lord indra Boy
3916 Puranjay Lord shiva Boy
3917 Purav Chanting voice from east at sunrise Boy
3918 Purnanada God Boy
3919 Purnendu Full moon Boy
3920 Purnima Full moon Boy
3921 Purohit A brahmin priest purshottam Boy
3922 Puru A legendary king Girl
3923 Purujit Conqueror of city Boy
3924 Purumitra Friend of city Boy
3925 Pururava The founder of chandra dynasty Boy
3926 Purushottam Best among men Boy
3927 Purva East Boy
3928 Purvaja Elder sister Boy
3929 Pusan A sage Girl
3930 Pushkal Lord shiva Girl
3931 Pushkar A blue lotus Boy
3932 Pushp Flower Boy
3933 Pushp-mitra An ancient ruler Boy
3934 Pushpa Flower Boy
3935 Pushpa Kumari Pushpa kumari Boy
3936 Pushpad who gives flowers Girl
3937 Pushpagandha Juhi flower Girl
3938 Pushpaj Born from a flower Boy
3939 Pushpak Mythical vehicle of lord vishnu Girl
3940 Pushpakar The spring season (vasant ), flower season Boy
3941 Pushpaketu Kamdev, cupid Boy
3942 Pushpalata Flower creeper Boy
3943 Pushpanjali Flower offering Boy
3944 Pushpesh Lord of flowers Girl
3945 Pushpita Decorated with flowers Girl
3946 Puskara Blue lotus, fountain Boy
3947 Pusti Nourishment , endorsement Girl
3948 Putul Doll Boy
3949 Pyarelal Lord krishna Girl
3950 Pyaremohan Lord krishna Girl
3951 Quarrtulain Gods mercy Boy
3952 Raahi Traveller Boy
3953 Raajaa King Girl
3954 Raajeev Blue lotus Boy
3955 Raajeevalochan Who has blue lotus eyes Boy
3956 Raajyashree Propriety of a king Boy
3957 Raakaa Day of the full moon Boy
3958 Raakesh Lord of the night Boy
3959 Raakhi Symbol of protection ;full moon in the sravan month Boy
3960 Raam Lord rama, god, supreme spirit Boy
3961 Raam-datt Gift of rama Girl
3962 Raamaanuj Younger brother of rama Boy
3963 Rachana Born of the creation Boy
3964 Rachit Invention Boy
3965 Rachna Construction, arrangement Girl
3966 Radha Lord krishnas lover, also means prosperity, nature Girl
3967 Radhak Liberal Boy
3968 Radhakanta Lord krishna Girl
3969 Radhakrishna Radha and lord krishna Boy
3970 Radhana Speech Boy
3971 Radhani Worship Boy
3972 Radhatanaya Son of radha Girl
3973 Radhavallabh Lord krishna Girl
3974 Radhesh A name for lord krishna Boy
3975 Radheshyam Lord krishna Boy
3976 Radhey Karna Boy
3977 Radheya Karna, foster son of radha Boy
3978 Radhika Radha, lover of lord krishna Boy
3979 Raghav Lord rama Boy
3980 Raghavendra Lord rama Girl
3981 Raghotham Greatest of all Boy
3982 Raghu An ancient king of avadh Boy
3983 Raghukumara Lord ram Boy
3984 Raghunandan Lord rama Boy
3985 Raghunath Lord rama Boy
3986 Raghupati Lord rama Boy
3987 Raghuveer Lord rama Boy
3988 Raghuvir Lord rama Boy
3989 Rahas Merriment, delight Boy
3990 Rahul Son of lord buddha Boy
3991 Raima Pleasing; rama of the axe Boy
3992 Raivata A manu Boy
3993 Raivath Wealthy Girl
3994 Raj Royalty, kingdom Boy
3995 Raja King-queen Boy
3996 Rajak Illuminating Boy
3997 Rajalakshmi Goddess lakshmi Unisex
3998 Rajan King Boy
3999 Rajaneesh God of night -moon) Girl
4000 Rajani Night Boy
4001 Rajanigandha Scented flower Boy
4002 Rajanikant Sun, lord of night Girl
4003 Rajanikanta Moon Girl
4004 Rajanya Kingly Boy
4005 Rajarshi The king Boy
4006 Rajas Arising from passion Boy
4007 Rajashri Kings pride, ornament Boy
4008 Rajasi Worthy of a king, goddesss durga Boy
4009 Rajat Silver Girl
4010 Rajata Sovereignty Girl
4011 Rajatanabhi Very rich. lord vishnu Boy
4012 Rajatshubhra White as silver Boy
4013 Rajdeep Best of kings Boy
4014 Rajeev Blue lotus Boy
4015 Rajeevalochana Lotus-eyed, lord rama Boy
4016 Rajendra King Boy
4017 Rajendrakumar King Boy
4018 Rajendramohan King Boy
4019 Rajesh King Boy
4020 Rajeshwari Queen ( main ), goddess parvati Boy
4021 Rajhans Celestial swan Boy
4022 Rajit Decorated Boy
4023 Rajitha Illuminated Boy
4024 Rajiv Lotus flower Boy
4025 Rajivini Collection of blue lotuses Girl
4026 Rajkumar Prince Boy
4027 Rajkumari Princess Girl
4028 Rajnandhini Princess Boy
4029 Rajnish God of night -moon) Girl
4030 Rajrishi Kings sage Girl
4031 Rajshri Sage-like king Boy
4032 Raju Prosperity Boy
4033 Rajul Brilliant Girl
4034 Rajveer The hero of the kingdom, the warrior Boy
4035 Rajyeshwar King Boy
4036 Raka Full moon Boy
4037 Rakesh Lord of the night, sun Boy
4038 rakhee Thread used in brother-sister bonding during festival of rakhsha bandhan Girl
4039 Rakhi Thread used in brother-sister bonding during festival of rakhsha bandhan Boy
4040 Rakshan Lord vishnu Girl
4041 Raktakamal A red lotus Girl
4042 Ram Lord rama Boy
4043 Ramadeep Lord rama Boy
4044 Ramadhuta Ambassador of rama Boy
4045 Ramadut Lord hanuman Boy
4046 Ramakaant Lord vishnu Boy
4047 Ramakanta Beloved of ram Boy
4048 Ramakrishna Rama & krishna Boy
4049 Raman Pleasing Boy
4050 Ramana Enchanting Boy
4051 Ramanand Joy of Laxmi Boy
4052 Ramani A beautiful girl Girl
4053 Ramanjit victory of beloved Boy
4054 Ramanuj Lord krishna; lord laxman Girl
4055 Ramanuja Ramas brother (lakshman) Boy
4056 Ramashray Lord vishnu Boy
4057 Ramavatar Reincarnation of lord rama Boy
4058 Rambha Name of an apsara Boy
4059 Ramchandra Lord rama Boy
4060 Ramdas Devotee (a servant) of rama Girl
4061 Ramesh Another name of vishnu Boy
4062 Rameshwar Lord of raama Boy
4063 Rameshwari Goddess parvati Boy
4064 Ramgopal Lord Ram and Krishna Boy
4065 Ramita Pleasing Girl
4066 Ramkishore Lord rama Boy
4067 Ramkrishna Lord rama, krishna Girl
4068 Ramkumar Lord rama Boy
4069 Rammohan Lord rama Boy
4070 Ramnath Lord rama Boy
4071 Ramoji Lord rama Boy
4072 Ramprasad Lord rama Boy
4073 Rampratap Lord rama Boy
4074 Ramra Splendour Boy
4075 Ramratan Lord rama Boy
4076 Ramswaroop Lord rama Boy
4077 Ramu Lord sriram Boy
4078 Ramya Beauty Boy
4079 Ranadeva Lord of battles Boy
4080 Ranajay Victorious Girl
4081 Ranajit Victorious Boy
4082 Ranak King Boy
4083 Randhir Brave Boy
4084 Ranee Strong counselor Boy
4085 Ranesh Lord shiva Boy
4086 Rangana To be coloured, dyed or painted Girl
4087 Ranganath Lord vishnu Boy
4088 Rangith Well couloured Boy
4089 Rangitha Charmed Boy
4090 Ranhitha Swift Boy
4091 Rani Queen Girl
4092 Ranjan Delighting Girl
4093 Ranjana Entertainment Girl
4094 Ranjay Victor Boy
4095 Ranjeet Victor in wars Girl
4096 Ranjika Exciting Boy
4097 Ranjini Pleasing Boy
4098 Ranjit Victor Girl
4099 Ranjita Amusing, decorated Girl
4100 Ranjiv Victorious Boy
4101 Rantidev Devotee of narayana Girl
4102 Ranveer Hero of the battle Boy
4103 Ranvitha Joyous Boy
4104 Rasaraj Mercury Boy
4105 Rasbihari Lord krishna Girl
4106 Rasesh Lord krishna Boy
4107 Rashana Born of the creation Boy
4108 Rashanda Born of the creation Boy
4109 Rashanna Born of the creation Girl
4110 Rashmi Sun rays Girl
4111 Rashmil Silken Girl
4112 Rasik Full of feeling, passion Boy
4113 Rasika Sugarcane juice, connoiseur Boy
4114 Rasmaru Lord krishna Boy
4115 Rasna Tongue, speech Girl
4116 Rasul Angel Boy
4117 Ratan Precious stone Boy
4118 Ratanjali Red sandal wood Boy
4119 Ratannabha Lord vishnu Boy
4120 Rathik One who rides a chariot Girl
4121 Rathika Satisfied Boy
4122 Rathin Warrior who fights from a chariot Boy
4123 Rati Wife of cupid ( kamdev ) Girl
4124 Ratish Kamadev, cupid Boy
4125 Ratna Gem Girl
4126 Ratnabala Jewelled Boy
4127 Ratnabali String of pearls Girl
4128 Ratnabhu Lord vishnu Girl
4129 Ratnadeep Gem of gems Girl
4130 Ratnajyoti Light from a jewel Boy
4131 Ratnajyouti Lustrous jewel Boy
4132 Ratnakar The ocean Girl
4133 Ratnalekha Beauty of jewels Girl
4134 Ratnali A jewelled Boy
4135 Ratnamala Jewels necklace Girl
4136 Ratnangi Whole body adorned with jewels Girl
4137 Ratnanidhi Lord vishnu Girl
4138 Ratnaprabha Earth, light from a jewel Girl
4139 Ratnapriya One who likes jewels Boy
4140 Ratnavali A bunch of gems, earth Girl
4141 Ratnesh God of jewels ( kuber) Girl
4142 Ratul Truth seeking, interested Girl
4143 Raveendra The sun lord Boy
4144 Raven A bird Boy
4145 Ravi The sun Boy
4146 Ravikanth Whose fame is like sun Boy
4147 Ravikeerti Whose fame is like sun Boy
4148 Ravikiran Sun ray Boy
4149 Ravinandan Karna Boy
4150 Ravindra Sun Boy
4151 Ravindranath Lord of Sun Boy
4152 Ravinshu Kamdev Boy
4153 Raviprabha Light of the sun Boy
4154 Ravish Sun Boy
4155 Ravisharan Surrender Girl
4156 Ravishu Cupid Boy
4157 Ravit Sun Boy
4158 Ravy From the sun Boy
4159 Ray Beam of light Boy
4160 Rayirth Lord brahma Boy
4161 Rebanta A son of surya Boy
4162 Reesha Soundness of mind Boy
4163 Reeva Goddess durga , narmada river Boy
4164 Reka One who walks a straight line Girl
4165 Rekha Line Girl
4166 Renaud Wise power Girl
4167 Renesh Lord of love Girl
4168 Renu Molecule, particle, earth Boy
4169 Renuka Molecule, earth, parshurams mother Boy
4170 Reva Goddess durga, narmada river Girl
4171 Revanth Horse rider Girl
4172 Revati Wife of balarama, 27th nakshatra Girl
4173 Reyaansh Vishnus ansh Boy
4174 Reyansh Vishnus ansh Girl
4175 Richa Praise; Splendour; Worship; A hymn Boy
4176 Riddhi A prosperous woman Boy
4177 Riddhiman Possessed of good fortune Girl
4178 Riddhish Name of lord ganesha Girl
4179 Rigved Oldest Vedas Boy
4180 Riju Innocent Boy
4181 Rijul Innocent Boy
4182 Rijuta Innocence Boy
4183 Rijwal Bright Boy
4184 Ripu Enemy Boy
4185 Ripudaman Killer of enemies Boy
4186 Risha Amaizing Boy
4187 Rishab Superior Boy
4188 Rishabh Morality Girl
4189 Rishi A saint, sage Boy
4190 Rishika One who is knowledgeable Boy
4191 Rishikesh Hair of a saint Boy
4192 Rishit The best Boy
4193 Rishita The best Boy
4194 Rishvanjas Lord indra Boy
4195 Ritesh Lord of truth Girl
4196 Rithik Stream Boy
4197 Rithika Flow of water Boy
4198 Rithwik Saint Boy
4199 Riti Motion Girl
4200 Ritika Bronze Boy
4201 Rituraaj King of seasons Boy
4202 Rituraj Spring Girl
4203 Ritvik Priest Boy
4204 Riya Bird Boy
4205 Rochak Tasty Boy
4206 Rochan Bright Girl
4207 Rohak Rising Boy
4208 Rohan Ascending Boy
4209 Rohanlal Lord krishna Boy
4210 Rohini 4th nakshatra, cow, lightening Boy
4211 Rohiniraman The enchanted lord Boy
4212 Rohinish Moon Girl
4213 Rohit Red Boy
4214 Rohitasva Son of king harishchandra Boy
4215 Rohith Red Boy
4216 Rohtak Sun Boy
4217 Rolee Sindoor Boy
4218 Roma Goddess lakshmi Boy
4219 Romila Heartfelt Girl
4220 Romir Interesting Girl
4221 Ronak Brightness, radiance Boy
4222 Ronit Prosperity Boy
4223 Ronita Ronita Boy
4224 Ronnita Ronita Girl
4225 Ronsher Lion of the battlefield Boy
4226 Roopak Dramatic composition Girl
4227 Roshan Illumination Boy
4228 Roshni Light Boy
4229 Ruann One who is musically inclined Boy
4230 Ruchi Taste Girl
4231 Ruchir Radiant, beautiful Girl
4232 Ruchira Saffron, tasty Girl
4233 Ruchita Beauty Boy
4234 Ruchitha Bright Girl
4235 Rudr Fearsome, name of lord shiva Girl
4236 Rudra Angry, lord shiva Girl
4237 Rudrabhiravi Goddess durga Boy
4238 Rudrakali Godess durga Boy
4239 Rudrani A wife of shiva (idurga), a raagini Girl
4240 Rudrapriya Beloved of shiva Girl
4241 Rudresh Lord of Rudra Girl
4242 Ruhan Spiritual Boy
4243 Ruhi A spiritual woman Boy
4244 Rujul Simple, honest Boy
4245 Rujula Who endows wealth, goddess lakshmi, soft, innocent Girl
4246 Rujuta Honesty, sincerity Boy
4247 Rukm Gold Girl
4248 Rukma Golden Girl
4249 Rukminesh Lord krishna Boy
4250 Rukmini Wife of krishna Girl
4251 Ruma One who has been exalted Boy
4252 Rupa Beauty, silver Girl
4253 Rupak Sign, feature Girl
4254 Rupal A beautiful woman Girl
4255 Rupali Beautiful, pretty Boy
4256 Rupang Beautiful Girl
4257 Rupashi Beautiful Girl
4258 Rupashri A musical raagini Boy
4259 Rupasi Beautiful lady Girl
4260 Rupendra Lord of the form Girl
4261 Rupesh Lord of beauty Girl
4262 Rupeshwar Lord of the form Boy
4263 Rupi Beauty Boy
4264 Rupin Embodied beauty Boy
4265 Rushabh Decoration Boy
4266 Rusham Peaceful Boy
4267 Rusheek Son of saint Boy
4268 Rushi San Boy
4269 Rushil Charming Boy
4270 Rushyashringav A saint Boy
4271 Rustam Large, very tall Boy
4272 Rutajit Conquerer of truth Boy
4273 Rutesh Kind of seasons Boy
4274 Ruthvik Who makes all do yagas Boy
4275 Rutujit Conquerer of seasons Boy
4276 Rutva Speech Boy
4277 Rwiju Straight, erected Boy
4278 Ryan The little ruler ; little king Boy
4279 Ryna King Boy
4280 Saachi Truth Boy
4281 Saagar Ocean Unisex
4282 Saajan One who is dearly loved Girl
4283 Saakaar Manifestation of god Boy
4284 Saaketh Lord krishna Boy
4285 Saania A moment in time preserved Boy
4286 Saaniya A moment in time preserved Boy
4287 Saaniyah A moment in time preserved Girl
4288 Saanjh Evening Girl
4289 Saanvi Godess laxmi Girl
4290 Saanya A moment in time preserved Boy
4291 Saaras Swan Girl
4292 Saatatya Never ending Girl
4293 Saatvik Pious Boy
4294 Sabal With strength Boy
4295 Sabarinathan Lord ayyapa Boy
4296 Sabhya Civilized Boy
4297 Sabita Beautiful sunshine Boy
4298 Sabrang Rainbow Boy
4299 Sacchidananda Total bliss Girl
4300 Sachchit Lord brahma Boy
4301 Sachet Consciosness Boy
4302 Sachetan Rational Boy
4303 Sachh The truth Boy
4304 Sachi Wife of lord indra Boy
4305 Sachin Lord shiva Boy
4306 Sachish Lord indra Girl
4307 Sachit Joyful Boy
4308 Sachita Consciousness Boy
4309 Sachiv Friend Boy
4310 Sadabindu Lord vishnu Girl
4311 Sadanand Ever joyous Boy
4312 Sadar Respectful Boy
4313 Sadashiv Pure Boy
4314 Sadashiva Eternally pure Boy
4315 Sadavir Ever courageous Boy
4316 Sadeepan Lit up Boy
4317 Sadgati Liberation Boy
4318 Sadgun Virtues Boy
4319 Sadguna Good virtues Girl
4320 Sadhan Fulfulment Boy
4321 Sadhana Long practice or study, fulfilment Girl
4322 Sadhil Perfect Boy
4323 Sadhri Conqueror Girl
4324 Sadhya Perfection Boy
4325 Sadiva Eternal Girl
4326 Sadru Lord vishnu Girl
4327 Safal Succeed Boy
4328 Saffar Coppersmith Boy
4329 Sagan Lord shiva Boy
4330 Sagar Sea, ocean Boy
4331 Sagardutt Gift of ocean Boy
4332 Sagari Of the ocean Boy
4333 Sagun Auspicious gift, omen Boy
4334 Saguna Possessed of good qualities Girl
4335 Sahaj Easy Boy
4336 Sahara Lord shiva Boy
4337 Saharsh With joy Boy
4338 Sahas Brave Boy
4339 Sahasrad Lord shiva Boy
4340 Sahastrabahu One with thousand arms Boy
4341 Sahastrajit Victor of thousands Boy
4342 Sahasya Mighty Boy
4343 Sahat Stong Boy
4344 Sahay Help Boy
4345 Sahaya Lord shiva Boy
4346 Sahdev One of the pandava princes Boy
4347 Saheli A beloved friend Boy
4348 Sahen Falcon Boy
4349 Sahib The lord Girl
4350 Sahishnu Lord vishnu Boy
4351 Sahit Bounded Boy
4352 Sai Flower Boy
4353 Sai Satpurusha Virtuous, pious, venerable one. Boy
4354 Saiamartya Immortal, shirdi sai baba Boy
4355 Saideep A name for sai baba Boy
4356 Saijeevadhara Support of all living beings Boy
4357 Saikalakala Lord of eternity, shirdi sai baba Boy
4358 SaiKalateeta Beyond time limitations Boy
4359 Sainath God Boy
4360 Saipraasad Blessing or gift of god Boy
4361 Saipratap Blessing of saibaba Boy
4362 Sajaad Tousef Boy
4363 Sajad Tousef Boy
4364 Sajal Moist Boy
4365 Sajala Cloud Boy
4366 Sajan Beloved Boy
4367 Sajili Decorated Girl
4368 Sajiv Lively Boy
4369 Sajiva Full of life Girl
4370 Sajni One who is dearly loved Boy
4371 Saju Travelling Boy
4372 Sakaleshwar Lord of everything Girl
4373 Sakash Illumination Boy
4374 Saket Lord krishna Boy
4375 Saketh Lord krishna Boy
4376 Saketharaman A name for lord rama Boy
4377 Sakhi Friend Boy
4378 Saksham Able,capable Boy
4379 Sakshum Skillful Unisex
4380 Sala From the sacred sala tree Boy
4381 Salaj Water which flows from melted ice from mountain Boy
4382 Salarjung Leader in war Girl
4383 Salil Water Boy
4384 Salila Water Boy
4385 Salokh Friendship Boy
4386 Samabashiv Lord shiva Girl
4387 Samaj Lord indra Boy
4388 Samajas Lord shiva Boy
4389 Samanyu Lord shiva Boy
4390 Samarendra Lord vishnu Boy
4391 Samarendu Lord vishnu Boy
4392 Samarjit Lord vishnu Boy
4393 Samarpan Dedicating Boy
4394 Samarth Lord krishna Boy
4395 Samavart Lord vishnu Boy
4396 Samay Start Boy
4397 Sambaran Restraint; an ancient king Boy
4398 Sambha Shining Boy
4399 Sambhav Born; mainfested Boy
4400 Sambhddha Wise Boy
4401 Sambit Consciousness Boy
4402 Sambodh Complete knowledge Boy
4403 Sambuddha Wise Boy
4404 Samdarshi Lord krishna Boy
4405 Sameen One who is treasured Boy
4406 Sameep Close Boy
4407 Samendra Winner of war Unisex
4408 Samendu Lord vishnu Boy
4409 Samesh Lord of equality Boy
4410 Samgram Host Boy
4411 Samhita A vedic composition Boy
4412 Samidha An offering for a sacred fire Boy
4413 Samik Peaceful Boy
4414 Samiksha Analysis Girl
4415 Samin Self- disciplined Boy
4416 Samiran Breeze Girl
4417 Samit Laughing Boy
4418 Samividhan Constitution Boy
4419 Sammad Joy Boy
4420 Sammath Agreed Boy
4421 Sammathi Agreement Boy
4422 Sampada Blessing Boy
4423 Sampat Prosperous Girl
4424 Sampath A wealthy man Boy
4425 Sampatti Wealth Boy
4426 Sampoorn Complete Boy
4427 Sampriti Attachement Girl
4428 Samrat Emperor Girl
4429 Samridhi Development Boy
4430 Samrithi Meeting Boy
4431 Samrudh The enriched one Girl
4432 Samskar Good ethics and moral values Girl
4433 Samskara Ethics Boy
4434 Samudra Sea Boy
4435 Samudragupta A famous gupta king Boy
4436 Samudrasen Lord of the ocean Boy
4437 Samvar Content Boy
4438 Samvath Prosperous Boy
4439 Samyak Enough Boy
4440 Sanaatan Permanent Boy
4441 Sanabhi Related Boy
4442 Sananda Happy Boy
4443 Sanat Lord brahma Boy
4444 Sanatan Eternal Girl
4445 Sanatana Eternel, lord shiva Boy
4446 Sanchali Highly mobile Boy
4447 Sanchay Collection Boy
4448 Sanchaya Collection Girl
4449 Sanchit Collected Boy
4450 Sanchita Collection Girl
4451 Sancho Truthful and sincere Boy
4452 Sandeep A lighted lamp Girl
4453 Sandeepan A sage Boy
4454 Sandeepen Lighting Boy
4455 Sandesh Message Boy
4456 Sandhaya Collection Boy
4457 Sandhya Evening Boy
4458 Sandip One who is enlightened Girl
4459 Sandipani A preist Girl
4460 Sandy Defending men Boy
4461 Sanea A moment in time preserved Boy
4462 Sangeeta One who is musical Boy
4463 Sangita Musical Girl
4464 Sangupt Perfectly hidden Girl
4465 Sanhata Conciseness Girl
4466 Sania A moment in time preserved Boy
4467 Saniaa A moment in time preserved Boy
4468 Saniia A moment in time preserved Girl
4469 Saniiya A moment in time preserved Girl
4470 Saniiyah A moment in time preserved Girl
4471 Sanithi Obtainment Girl
4472 Saniyaa A moment in time preserved Girl
4473 Saniyya A moment in time preserved Girl
4474 Saniyyah A moment in time preserved Girl
4475 Sanjay Victorious Girl
4476 Sanjeet Invincible Girl
4477 Sanjeev Giving life, re-animating Boy
4478 Sanjeevani Immortality Boy
4479 Sanjef Victory Boy
4480 Sanjit Who is alwaysvictorious Girl
4481 Sanjith Victorius Boy
4482 Sanjiv Vital Boy
4483 Sanjivan Making alive, giving life Boy
4484 Sanjivani Immortality Boy
4485 Sanjna A conscientious woman Boy
4486 Sanjog Coincidence Girl
4487 Sanjukta Union Girl
4488 Sanjula Beautiful Boy
4489 Sanjushree Beautiful Girl
4490 Sankalp Will, determination Girl
4491 Sankalpa Resolve Girl
4492 Sankara Shiva Boy
4493 Sankari Goddess parvati Boy
4494 Sankarshan A name of balaram Boy
4495 Sanket Signal Girl
4496 Sankul Crowded together, dense Boy
4497 Sannath Accompanied by a protector Boy
4498 Sannidhi Nearness Boy
4499 Sannigdh Always ready Boy
4500 Sanniyah A moment in time preserved Boy
4501 Sanobar A pine tree Boy
4502 Sanshray Aim Girl
4503 Sanskar Good ethics and moral values Boy
4504 Sanskriti Culture Boy
4505 Santan A tree Boy
4506 Santawana Consolation Girl
4507 Santayani Of the evening Boy
4508 Santhosh Happy Girl
4509 Santosh Happiness Girl
4510 Santoshi Happy Boy
4511 Sanurag Affectionate Boy
4512 Sanvali Dusky Girl
4513 Sanvi Godess laxmi Boy
4514 Sanwari Dusky Girl
4515 Sanwariya Lord krishna Boy
4516 Sanya A moment in time preserved Girl
4517 Sanyakta Joined ; united Boy
4518 Sanyog Joining together, combination Girl
4519 Sanyukta Union Girl
4520 Sapan Dream (swapna) Boy
4521 Saparna Leafy Girl
4522 Saphala Successful Boy
4523 Sapna Dream Girl
4524 Saprathas Lord vishnu Girl
4525 Saptajit Conqueror of 7 elements Girl
4526 Saptanshu Fire Boy
4527 Saptarishi 7stars representing 7great saints Boy
4528 Saquib Bright Boy
4529 Sarada Goddess saraswati Boy
4530 Sarakshi Good sight Boy
4531 Saral Simple, straightforward Girl
4532 Sarala Simple, black tulsi ( basil ) Girl
4533 Sarama A kind woman / in hinduism , indra Boy
4534 Sarana Injuring Girl
4535 Sarang Spotted deer Girl
4536 Sarani Protecting Boy
4537 Saransh In brief Boy
4538 Saras Moon Girl
4539 Sarasa Swan Boy