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That the divinity is beyond the control of Human beings and it is controlled by the GOD. Therefore the effect of astrological advice is the boon bestowed by the God. DTPMAGIC.COM works as a Guide only but does not assure & guarantee for the result. For any effect or no-effect as a result of the astrological advice made available by DTPMAGIC.COM will not render the said site liable for any purposes. The people having less or no faith in cosmic powers may restrain themselves to avail the facilities provided by the DTPMAGIC.COM. Endeavours at your part to avail the facilities as aforesaid is your discretion but conditional in above terms.

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That the DTPMAGIC.COM also notifies that there are several astrologers and they have different mode & technique to deliver their knowledge, idea, advice and instructions as per their methodology but ultimately all are duty-bound to guide you to reach at your satisfaction level.

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