Dream Analysis

When you dream after drifting off to sleep, it is an indicator of something that your sub conscious mind is trying to tell you. Dreams have a meaning and one must never ignore these indicators of what’s in the present and what will soon be a reality. It’s best to stay prepared for these new events that are about to happen in your life. Each dream is co-related to something that impacts your everyday thoughts. Sleeping is a state when you relax and let your thoughts communicate with yourself. It’s trying to tell you something, but are you listening? 

Dream Analysis is a science where the meaning of dreams is uncovered. If you saw your mom crying in the dream, what does it mean? Dreams about falling, dreams about being chased by dogs, dreams of running away – each new dream has a different meaning attached to it.

When you dream after drifting off to sleep, it is an indicator of something that your sub conscious mind is trying to tell you. Dreams have a meaning and one must never ignore these indicators of what’s in the present and what will soon be a reality. It’s best to stay prepared for these new events that are about to happen in your life. Each dream is co-related to something that impacts your everyday thoughts. Sleeping is a state when you relax and let your thoughts communicate with yourself. It’s trying to tell you something, but are you listening?

In Indian scriptures and astrology description of dream analysis is given in a very detailed and easy to understand format. The basis of dream analysis factors on time, place and 'tithi' when we saw the dream. Dreams in the betimes of the night are not auspicious whereas dreams seen after midnight are usually auspicious in nature. Dreams seen on the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth days of darker fortnight and those seen on seventh and fourteenth day of brighter fortnight are considered to realize immediately.

Dreams seen on full moon day, comes true invariably. Dreams seen on second, third days of darker fortnight and those seen on eighth and ninth days of brighter fortnight gives totally opposite results.

According to ancient scriptures it is believed that dreams seen on betimes of night gives results in 1 year, those seen on second part of night gives result in eight months, those seen in third part seen gives results in three months, and those seen in fourth part of night gives results in 10 days, whereas, dreams seen on wee hours of the day comes true on the same day.

If you wish to see that your dreams come true then you should not discuss with anyone else, whereas, in case on nightmares, you should indulge in worshiping, hawan, feeding the Brahmins,and indulge in donation etc.

To participate in sports - Rise in fortune

To see farms - Increase in education and money, through tour

To see crops - Conflict with wife

To see skul - Success in intellectual works

To see donkey - To get love

To see loaded donkey - Gain in business

To hear donkey screams - To have sorrow

To ride a donkey - Good news

To see a cow - Gain in wealth

To see cow or ox of yellow colour - Symptoms of Epidemic

To see hot water - Fever or other diseases

To see bald head - To be successful in exams, increase in respect

To see a crowded street - Expectation of death news

To see an abandoned street - Profits and gain

To be a witness - TO be inducted in crime

To see a empty flower pot - Increase in stress

To see a flower pot with flower - Indication of good news

To see carpet or seating on that - To participate in mourning

To see milk-man or milk-maid - Good results

To see a carrot - Good crop

To hear someone abusing - Bad name

To see a vehicle - Meaningful voyage

To chant Gayatri Mantra - Rare dreams, increase in respect

To see glass - Decease in home expenditure

To see count - Loss in work

To see a cameleon - Indication to indulge in quarrel

To see squirrel - Very auspicious news

To see a jackal - Fear of an enemy

To see a wet object - Indication of prolong illness

To see Geeta - Rare time

To see rose - Increase in respect

To eat jaggery - To get success

To see a doll - Early marriage indication

To see a vault breaking - Growth in business

To do Tilak - Growth in business

To see a storm or stuck in storm - To get rid of sufferings

To weigh - Increase in inflation

To see oil or oil-merchant - Increase in problems

To see a canon - Victory upon enemy

To see a parrot - Feeling joyful

To see to be slapped - To entagled in fight

To feel tired - Success in work

To shiver in fear - Increase in respecct

To see a full platter - Inauspicious

To see an empty plate - To get success

To spit - Increase in respect

To see a bag full - Growth in property

To see an empty bag - Dispute over property

To see a close door - Increase in worry

To see curd - Monetary gains

To see or eat porridge - Health Deterioration

To see a crack - Rift in house

To see marsh - Laziness at work

To open a door - Beginning of new work

Fall of a door - Inauspicious indication

To give or take donation - Loss in business

To drive fire fighter - Monetary gains

To see mirror - Mental disturbance

To wear gloves - Good news

To give or take dowry - Probability of theft

To see a tailor working - Releif from courts

To give or take medicine - Meeting a good friend

To see doctor - Disappointment

To see a dacoit - Increase in wealth

To se a moving wheel - Growth in business

To wear chappal - To travel

To see mill - Increase in respect

To see leather - To be miserable

To see band-stand - Increase in respect & wealth

To see black rock - Auspicious

To see white rock - Inauspicious

To slap - Montary loss

To be slapped - Getting good results

To see fat - Alarm about fire

To walk on floor - To get a new employment

To walk on water - Loss in business

To walk in sky - To get indication of illness

To see moon-eclipse - Obstruction in work

To see a bat flying - Long journey

To see a bat hanging - Inauspicious indication

To see a spoon - Deceipt by a close person

To see a chappal - To go on a voyage

To eat sauce - Increase in sorrow

To move spinning-wheel - Machinery breakdown

To lose spectacles - indication of theft

To drink milk from silver pan - Increase in welath

To see a bunk - Losses

To wrap a sheet around body - Increase in family disputes

To see a dirty sheet - Gain in wealth

To fold a sheet - Indication of theft

To see a silver utensils - Increase in family disputes

To eat chocolate - Indication of good times

To see tea - Increase in wealth

To see rice - To get wealth but with great difficulties

Broken tooth - Auspicious

To see tooth-ache - Starting of a new-work

To see beard - Increase in mental troubles

To see dead granparents - Increase in respect

To take charity - Gain in wealth

To give charity - Loss in wealth

To see cremation - Indication of desired work getting fulfilled

To brush - Get rid of sufferings

To feed grains to birds - Gain in business

To see a spot - Theft

To see son-in-law - Increased sufferings to daughter

To spill lentils on clothes - Auspicious indication

To sip lentil - Hurdles at work

To see white beard - Hurdles at work

To see black beard - Wealth gain

To lit a match - Increased enemosity

Put off a lamp - To start a new-work

To lit a lamp - To get bad news

To see Diwali - Loss in business

To see a lamp - Increase in respect

To see a bride - To get happiness

Opening a shop - Increase in respect

Selling a shop - Defamation

Buying a shop - Monetary gains

Shop getting closed - Increase in sufferings

To see a stol - Improvement in health

To be a groom or bride - Defamation

To see bride/groom with procession - Disease expectation

To see a binoculars - Loss in respect

To see milk - Monetary gains

To sit in a shop - Gain in respect and wealth

To get a mantra from God - Success in new work

To eat or throw fruit-stone - News of getting a plenty of money

To see wheat - To earn with very hard-work

To see a ball - To get in trouble

To see marigold flower - Mental disturbance

To see serina clothes - Time is good

To see Bhagvad Geeta - Troubles eliminated

To see Granth Sahib - Interest in religious affairs

To see a watch - To go on travel

Losing the watch - Postponment of travel

To see decorated house - Loss of property

To see a ruined house - Profit in property

To see someone else entering in house - Victory over enemy

To see fire in house - Profit from Government

To see a house of Gold - Indication of fire at home

To see a house of iron - Increase in respect at home

To see water filled vessel - Wealth gain

To hear bell ringing - indication of theft

To see clock tower - Bad news

To see a river bank - Indication for a pilgrimage

To see a wounded person - Relief from distress

To see green grass - To get profit

To see butter - Wealth gain

To hear ankle-bells sound - Gain in respect and wealth

To surrender - Success in debate

To see a veil - Start a new venture

To see a decorated horse - Loss in work

To see a black horse - Increase in respect and wealth

To ride a horse or an elephant - Growth

To see a flag - Beware of Enemies

To play a Tambourine - News of Celebration at home

To see a post office - Bad news

To see a postman - Good news

To see God or Goddesses - Gain in wealth and prosperity

To see a leaf-plate - Wealth gain

To see a double-head snake - Expectation of treachery and accident

To run - Failure atwork

To see God/Krishna - Increase in love-life

To see God/Ram - To be successful

To see God/Shiv - Increase in mental peace

To see God/Vishnu - To get success

To see God/Brahma - Good time is coming

To see God/Hanuman - Defeat of enemy

To see God/Durga - Cure from disease

To see God/Seeta - Success only after struggles

To see God/Radha - To get physical pleasure

To see God/Laxmi - Wealth gain

To see God/Saraswati - Bright future

To see God/Parvati - To get success

To see God/Naarad - Good news from far-away

To hear a blast - Increase in sufferings

To eat poppy seed - To get away from sufferings

To see green corriander - To go on a journey

To see a bow - Success in all fields

To see spots - Good Indications

To see or bring heritage - Loss in business

To see religious function - Good Indications

To see thread - Progress in work

To see an axle - Gain in Respect

To see smoke - Increase in sufferings and difficulties

To see fog - Good news

To hear a tune - Troubles increased

To see celebration - Troubles increased

To see dust - Increased touring

To see a washerman - Success in work

To see a knife - Success in the end

To see a picture - Meeting with an old friend

To see a sparrow - Indication of Guests at home

To see an ant - Wealth gain

To see a many ants - To be in trouble

To see Eagle - Defamation

To kill an ant - To be succeed immediate

To kiss somebody - Increased prosperity

To give a kiss - Increased friendship

To pinch - Clash in family

To collect Toll Tax - Wealth gain

To see a witch - Wealth loss

To see a rat - Deception by a woman

To see a rat captured - Body pain

To see a rat escaping rat-trap - Relief from pain

To see a dead mouse - Wealth gain

To kill a rat - Monetary loss

To break bangles - Long life for husbands (for female)

To eat powder - Releif in disease

To see a hearth - Getting tasty food

To get chicken pox - Wealth Gain

To catch a thief - Information of wealth gain

To see self on a peak - Losses

To see an intersection - Success whie travelling

To see a watchman - Sudden wealth gain

To see a fourth night moon - Very inauspicious

To see a roof - To build a house

To see a stick - Gain from child

Walk with an umbrella - To get rid of sufferings

To see a parasol - Respect at Royal/Government court

To wear a ring - Increase in education

To see a saree - To travel

To blast - Increase in crisis

To see a religious place-Mandir - Inestment in wealth in auspicious work

To see a religious place-Gurudwara - To gain knowledge

To see a religious place-Mosque - To get solution of a problem

To see a religious place-Church - Increase in mental peace

Reward To see religious book-Ramayana - Success after hard-work

To see a tap flowing - Work will start immediately

To see a tap closed - Hurdles at work

To see hell - Increase in difficulties

To see a gem - Benefits from Court and with good news

To see a Nagada - Monetary and fame gains

To see someone offering Namaj - End of sufferings, getting peace

To see salt-dispenser - To feel happiness in family-life

To eat salt - To get entangle in fight

To see salt - Gains in business. To get rid of disease

To see drunk self - Wealth gain but increase in difficulties

To see Narcissus flower - A happy family life

To see falling down in river - Indications of multiple crisis

To see someone with tonsured nose - Increase in wealth and respect

To copy - Unsuccess in Work

To see someone copy - Hurdles at work and travel

To draw map - Begnining new plans

Hemorrhage from nose - To face mental stress

To put a mask - To get serious disease

To smell sniffing tobacco - Increase in mental sufferings

To see an acrobat - To get family peace and happiness

To see a river - The future is secure

To get a bath in river - Success in work

To fall down in river - Happiness after crisis

To dig a canal - To plan about work

To get naked - Increase in luxuries

To sound of Chham-Chham - Arrival of Guests

To see sieve - Increase in respect

To drink butter-milk - Wealth gain

To see a printing-press - Wealth gain

To see a group of students - Education gain

To see a lizard - Troubles from Enemies

To sneeze - Inauspicious indication

To eat Dry-Date - Wealth gain

To see dagger - Fear from enemy

To see small children - Desire fulfillment

To see crowd - To be appriciated

To hear cheers - Fall in crisis

To burn - Increase in respect

To see an astrologer - Sufferings to offsprings

To see long haired sage - Auspicious indication

To see a ship - Indications of an accident

To see a chain - To be accused

To see yourself chained - To get rid of problems

To see water - Indications of crisis

To see roots - Good dream

To see volcano - Indication of relocation

Digging earth - Gain from difficulties

To see a forest - To get rid of sufferings

To eat jalebi - Increase in pleasure

To see a burning house - Increase in disease and difficulties

To see burning corpse - Good news

To see of do magic - Monetary loss

To see web of spider - Good Indications

To see fish-net - Indication of crisis

To eat or see blue-berries - Indication of travel

To see procession - Promotion in job

To see of kill lices - Mental agony

To see river, tree or mountain - Wealth gain. To get rid of sorrow

To see a drama - Uncertainity in future

Nail breakage - Delay in success

To see very big nose - Gain in respect. Expectating promotion

To see nails - Hurdles in work

Nose bleeding - Wealth gain

To see play - Family happiness

To participate in a play - Get cheated

To see coconut - Monetary gains. Good food

Injury on nose - Loss of prestige

To see on old acute wound - Get rid of diseases

To see Cobra go in burrow - Wealth gain

To measure - Loss in business

To see Cobra come out of burrow - Wealth loss

To see Cobra in home - Indications of purity of that place

To see Cobra picked - Indication of property gain

To see maternal grand-parents - Gain in family happiness

To see a drain - Expectation of grave danger

To see a boat - Family happiness

To sit in a boat - Indications of multiple crisis

To get shaved from a barber - Get deceived

To see navel - Progress and wealth gain

To see someone dishonoured - Gain in respect and prestige

To aim at target - Fulflment of old desire

To see buttocks - Family happiness

To see Neem tree - Get rid of disease

To see Blue Sapphire - Good news expectation.Defeat of enemy

To sleep or to rise from sleep - Monetary gains

To beat by shoe - Increase in respect

To beat self with a shoe - Increase in respect

To see an empty pocket - Inauspicious

To see full pocket - Indication of excessive expenditure

To see a prison - Mocked by world

Get out of prison - Success in work

To see a clown - Waste of time

To see a fight - Good news

To see cold water-fall - Auspicious

To see hot water-fall - Indication of disease

To see white or temples flag - Good news

To see green flag - Problems in travel

To see Yellow flag - Get diseases

To sweep - Theft in home

To see empty tank - Good Indications

To see full tank - Indications of bad news

To see white tie - Inauspicious

To see coloured tie - Auspicious

To see empty basket - Good Indications

To take of hat - Increase in respect

To see Lord Shiv/Neelkanth - Increase in respect. Get married

To cut or squeeze lemon - Religious work

Get wounded by sharp object - Get indulge in argument

To see a Mongoose - End of Sorrow. Get gold-ornaments

To see a fairy - Gain in wealth and prestige

To see a mountain - Victory over enemy

Pumping out water - Hurdles in business

To distribute prasad - Prosperity gains. Diseases lessens

To climb a hill - Gain in wealth and respect

Climb down the mountain - Loss in business

To see a foreigner - Wish fulfillment

To tie a turban - Gain in prestige and wealth

To see a cracker - To get happiness

To see a bed - To get insulted

To see a deserted village well - To get an invitation

To see a crowded village well - Celebration in family

To see a family - Good fortune

To eat farm-cheese - Wealth gain

To eat papaya - Stomach disease

To see watchman - Probability of theft

To eat panjeeri - Indication of disease

To see white curtain - Loss in respect

To see black curtain - Wealth gain

To see a purse - Secret work completed

To see wheel - To attnd a big festival or celebration

To see of eat on leaf-plate - Auspicious indication

To see or throw a stone - Gains from Government/authority

To write a letter - Facing the problems

Shiver in cold - To get happiness

To see a water-melon - Wealth gain

To see a weighing machine - Work completes fairly

To play Tabla - Life passes happily

To see pillow - Increase in respect

To see sword - Victory over enemy

To see a sage - Peace of mind

To eat fried dishes - Good news

To get divorced - Wealth gains

To slap - Victory over enemy

Weighing by scale - Life threatening disease

To see an empty gcooking pan - Inauspicious indication

To bake bread on cooking pan - Wealth and property gain

To see a basement or to enter it - Indication of going to pilgrimage

To see copper - Benefits from Court and with good news

To swim in a pool - Health gain

To see a lock - Hurdles at work

To see a key - Resolution of disturbance in work

To see a tonga - To get vehicle

To tie an amulet - Loss in work

To see playing cards - Fight with friend or neighbour

To see a star - Inauspicious

To see a butterfly - Get married or meeting a lover

To see a butterfly flying away - Tension in family life

To see a mole - Profit in business

To see a three-way road - Fighting

To see a Trident - Get a Government job

To see Trinity - Getting good guidance

To catch a butterfly - Blessed with a child

To close a vault - Wealth gain

To eat or feed someone onion - Inauspicious happening

To be appreciated - Bad Indication

To make a water-booth - Monetary gains

To sit in examination - Failure atwork

To fly a kite - Long voyage

To make or eat delicious dishes - Success in work

To see a wheel - Joy and prosperity gain

To see someone drinking water - Increase in sorrow

To polish - Promotion in job

To see a tree of betel-leaf - Prosperity of offspring

To see a mad man - Gain in auspicious work

To see a betel-box - Friendship enhancement

To dab powder - Gain in respect

To see Goddess Parvati - Increase in joy and prosperity

To hear anklets - Separation with wife

To be fecilitated - To be humiliated

To sit in a palaquin - Ill health

To see a cot - Domestic bliss

To row a cot - Increase in sufferings of offspring

To see the lower world - Gain in respect and appreciation

To fart or feel a fart - Business gain and business related travel

To cross by swimming - Gain respect

To see treasure box - Monetary gains

To see a cage - Health issues

To see an empty cage - Monetary gains

To see a bird in cage - Disturbance in domestic life

To see Peepal tree - Get good news

To see yellow color - Poor health

To see someones back - Gains from friends

To see brass vessel - Gain in wealth and business

To see a yellow mustard - Auspicious in every aspect

To see a library - Gain in prosperity

To loose in book - Get humiliated

To find a book - Increase in respect

To be priest - Progress in life

To fold a paper - Increase in physical problems

To get a reward - Losses

To cross a bridge - Wealth gains

To see a bridge collapsing - Over coming of crisis

To worship - Happiness, peace and prosperity

To see ancestor - Increase in prosperity

To worship and pray - Mental peace

To propose - Delay in marriage

To see plants - Profit in work

To loose a belt - Probability of theft

To piss - Over coming of crisis. Monetary gain

To eat sweet - Oral disease

To see feet chopped - Victory over enemy

To scratch feet - Early travelling

To put a patch - Prior indication of suffering

To get some money - To get some free money

To see pen and pencil - Success in examination

To wipe floor - Relocation

To wear a dress - Indication of disease

To eat fruits - Happiness, peace and prosperity

To see torn clothes - Losses and tensions

To see a Fakir - Success at work

To see an angel - To have a wish fulfillment

To see or put on a noose - Relief from distress

To burst a blister - Ending of troubles

To see a fountain - Ending of all troubles

To see a dove - End of sufferings from wife. Mental agonyand guilt

To see a gate - Ending of lawsuit

To see alum - Monetary gain

To be hanged - Change in direction in life

To see flower garden - Happiness and Marriage with choice

To see someone eat bread - Monetary gains. But bad news

To see cracker sparkle - To attend a marriage

To see drizzles - Monetary gains

To see damaged eye - Increased physical and ecnomic issues

To blow - Increased respect in Social work

To see a flower bloom - Blessed with a child. Increased happiness

To see a flower pot - Increase in respect

To see flower burning - Experience death of someone very close

To see duck in water - Good news

To see duck on land - Monetary loss

To see a monkey - Monetary gain. Good food

To tuck a button - Indication of crisis

To see a button - Wealth gain

To see raining on a city - Gain in prosperity

To see raining on your home - Indication of crisis

To walk with umbrella in rain - Getting rid of crisis

To steal or eat a goat - To fight

To eat ice/snow - Elimination of worries

To see a snow-fall - Increase in wealth

To see a merchant at door - Increase in debt

To see a wallet - Increase in wealth. Elimination of disease

To wear a vest - Increase in wealth and peace

To see a white crane - Benefits all around

To see a black crane - Losses and tensions

To be congratulated - Bad news

To see heifer - Good news indicators

To see hair fall - Increase in monetary sufferings

To chop an arm - To be humiliated

To have injured arm - Injurious to parents

To see chopped arm - Victory over enemy

To see a bamboo - Continuour progress

To see a hawk - To indulge in accident

To see a pouncing hawk - To fall from a hill

To attend a marriage procession - Bad news

To see a tiger - Victory over enemy

To see a reindeer - Travelling to a far-off place

To see flood - Get rid of sufferings

To get stuck in flood - Pleasant atmoshphere

To save people stuck in flood - Increased domestic disurbances

To swim in flood water - Success in business

To see people drowning in flood - Long voyage

To see clouds raining - Peace and properity in family

To see lightening through clouds - Bad news

To touch a cloud - Monetary gains

To see yourself roaming in market - Good news

To see market - Monetary and business loss.

To see someone juggle - To get trapped in conspiracy

To eat almond - Deterioration in health. Danger in hospitalization

To see emperor - Monetary and respect gain

To see chopped hairs of head - Getting rid of debt

To see your black hairs - To get more money

To see your white hairs - To get higher place in society

To see hairs on palm or sole - Getting trapped in debt

To see underarm or below navel hairs - Get humiliated

To talk much - Progress in work and increase in prestige

To see sand - Wealth gain

To see sand filtering - Increased financial troubles

To see scorpion, snake or dreadful animals - Wealth gain

To see a dwarf - Auspicious time is near

To see Bible - Increase in knowledge

To see a store - Considerable wealth gain

To see a slit - Increase in land and property

To rub ash - Early marriage indication. Domestic bliss

To see brother - Increase in brothers age and elimination of diseases

To see sister-in-law - Birth of nephew. Overcoming of illness

To see someone running - End of sufferings. Good times are coming

To get intoxicated with cannabis - Get humiliated

To see a joker - To indulge in fight or debates

To walk with a spear - Victory over enemy

To throw a spear - Get humiliated

To perform with spear - Problems or Accident

To see huge crowd - Considerable profits

To see crowd or walk with a crowd - Incomlete work

To see lady-finger - Increase in happiness and laziness

To see a beggar - Good results in work

To see someone soaked - Gain in wealth and happiness

To see or give someone alms - Gain in domestic happiness and prosperity

To see earthquake - Catastrophe and crisis in general

To see hay-stack - Gains from animals

To see yourself underground - Terrible diseases and increased misries

To see wolf - Indication of betrayal and dangerous times

To see a lone sheep - Inauspicious

To see a flock of sheep - Profits

To see a bull (male buffalo) - Success through hard-work

To see a buffalo - Good food

To see mosquito - Get humiliated

To see a fish - Feel happy domestis life

To see a fly - Monetary loss

To see a spider - To work very hard

To see a house construction - Gain in respect

To eat milk-cream - Monetary gain

To see a temple or mosque - Gain in joy and happiness

To see a priest inside a temple - Increased clashes at home

To die - Monetary gains

To sit on velvet - Prolong illness

To see a crocodile - Get good news

To see a minister - Increase in prestige and respect

To see a rosary bead - Indication of good times

To garland somebody - Increase in prestige and respect

To see a gardner - Prosperity at home

To eat chilly - Success in work

To be or see an epileptic - Sharp wit

To eat or distribute sweets - Removal of hurdles in work

To eat meat - Wish fulfillment

To see a dead-body being carried away - To get spoils without doing work

To see a dead-body alive - Getting rid of worries

To see a number of dead-bodies - To be with bad company

To hear voices from a dead-body - Ruining of work

To bathe a dead-body - Monetary gains

To give something to a dead-body - Good news expectation

To eat something with a dead-body - Good times to come

To see a cock - Increase in foreign business

To see a hen - Get family happiness

To stamp - Monetary gains

To see withered flower - Sufferings to offsprings

To see or do tonsure - Getting rid of family tensisons

To see Muharram - Progress in business

To see or wear coral - Progress in business

To see beans, lentils or chipstik - Multiple difficulties

To see cobbler - Gains from travel

To see wax - Compromise in dispute

To see a dancing peacock - Good news

To see peacock and peahen - Increased marital happiness

to wear socks - Increased love with spouse

To see a candle - Getting married

To see or make a yantra - Inauspicious results

To see Yamraj - Cure from disease

To make a plan - Inauspicious results

To do Yoga - Auspicious results

To wear quilt - Monetary gains

To make a new quilt - Relocation

To see old torned quilt - Invitation for some good work

To wrap a rope - Get success

To see a chariot - Immedite travelling

To eat raspberry - Getting married

To eat ragolla - Wealth gain

To see waste - Getting stuck up money

To paint - Loss in concerned articles

To defend - Gain in prestige and respect

To darn - To get new clothes and jewellery

To see Rakshabandhan - Wealth gain

To see dirty kitchen - Good food

To see clean pathway - Get increment of promotion

To see clean kitchen - Wealth loss

To see jig-jag path - Get trouble

To see ash - Wealth loss

To see rocket - Increase in wealth and prosperity

To see night - Get trouble

To see Rod - Hurdles at work

To see a Demon - Increase crisis

To see Ramleela - Gain in fortune

To take bribe - Beware

To pull revolver - End of enemosity

To see or sit in a rickshaw - Increase in happiness

To see Railway Station - Gains from travel

To see a train - Painful journey

To see a radio on - Interruptions in progress

To see a refrigerator - Wealth gain

To see a desert - Wealth gain

To keep fast - Indication of financial crisis

To cry - Gain in respect

To peep from skylight - Financial gains from foreign

To make or eat breads - Indication of disease

To distribute breads - Wealth gain

To throw or see thrown out breads - Immedite foreign travel

To see or eat langar food - Wealth gain.Growth in business

To see Leaf Monkey (Langoor) - Good news

To see a nappy - Monetary crisis

To draw a line - Increased domestic disurbances. Clashes at home front

To dangle or see dangling - Desired success in work. Wealth gain

To see own boy in lap - Wealth gains. Growth in business

To see a unknown boy in lap - More sufferings. Clashes at home

To fight with rebels - Disturbance in country and society

To see a snaffle - Wealth gain. Gain in respect

To see picture of Goddess Laxmi - Gain in wealth and prosperity

To see garlic - Wealth gain.But losses in business of vegatables and food

To see fire flames - Peace and properity in family

To see red eyes - Auspicious results

To lit a lantern - Hurdles at work

To put off lantern - Multiple problems solving immediately

To see a tower - Multiple problems solving immediately

To see a wooden stick - Increase in peace, meeting good companion

To see red tilak - Benefits from Satsang. Success in work

To see red cloth - Monetary loss. And increase in dangers

To see red sky - Increase in terrorism and anarchy. Losses to finances and country

To see owns clothes white - Gains in peace, harmony and prosperity

To see green clothes - Gain in wealth and health

To see yellow clothes - Bad health. Expectations of theft

To see dirty clothes - Monetary losses. Expectations of bad news

To open an envelop - Insults in society. Exposing secrets

To see iron - Success after hard-work

To see an iron-smith - Gain in respect. Victory over enemy

To eat beans - Gain in wealth and business

To eat Gourd - Good news. Promtion in job. Monetary gain

To see lawyer - Increase difficulties. Quarrel

To get scholarship - Failure atwork. Loss in work

To see or put on a wedding-garland - Clashes at home. Conflict with friends

To make a will - Increased tensions at home

To make a promise - Habit of being lied

To laugh with excitement - Threat of humiliation by enemy. Take care of respect & prestige

To varnish household items - Family crisis increased.

To see vapour - Monetary, accident and physical loss.

To participate in valediction ceremony - Monetary gain. Gain in business

To see an aeroplane - Monetary loss

To see or hear an explosion - Meeting with important people. Start of new venture

To see one-self playing harp - Wealth and property gain

To play harp - Participate in mourning meeting, Feel mental agony caused by someone else

To see an old lady - Inauspicious News

To blow, see or hear a conch - Good news

To see syrup - Relief from distress

To see chess - Wastage of time in vain

To see wine - To get wealth without earning

To drink wine - Wealth gain

To see lamp - Increase in respect and prestige

To see lamp-holder - Relief from distress

To see honey-bee - Wealth gain

To see honey - Increased interest in auspicious deeds

To see or eat custard apple - Health gain

To see Mulberry - Good food

To go to cremation ground - Long life

To go to city - Wealth gain

To see city destructed - To be relocated forcefully

Walk with dead-body - Gain in fortune

To see tent - Wealth gain

To perform shraddh - Indication of good times

To wear shawl - To be humiliated

To see a shark - Foreign journey

To hunt - Crisis in family

To see mirror - Prolong illness

To break mirror - Facing the problems

To see a lion - Victory over enemy

To be stricken in grief - Celebration in family

To see ink - Get respect from government

To lit stove - Get good food

To see toilet - Wealth gain

To see or hear music - Increase in crisis

To see a trunk - Sudden wealth gain

To get punishments - Get rid of crisis

To bet - Indication of deceit

To eat salad - Wealth gain

To go to circus - Too much hardwork ahead

To see knitting needle - Increased in prestige

To eat mustard curry - Relief from diseases

To see mustard - Gain in business

To see father-in-law - Get good news

To see decapitated head - Foreign journey

To see crashed head - Loss in business

to get hear tonsured - Increase in family disputes

To see own hairs fall - Freedom from debt

To go to in-laws home - Increase clashes at home

To clear the ocean - Get promotion and raise

To see cycle - Get success

To ride bicycle - Increment, promotion at work

To see sign board - Profit in business

To see monsoon - Happiness in life

To see saree - Get married. Happy married life

To see crane - Wealth gain

To see brother or sister in-law - Happy married life. Guests at home. Wealth gain

To see ocean drying up - Indication of disease. Drought everywhere

To play sarangi - Defamation and wealth loss

To see green vegetable - Beware of sudden disputes.

To see soap - Health gain. Cure from disease

To catch or kill snake - Victory over enemy. Sudden monetary gain

To be afraid from a snake - Betrayal by close friend.

To talk with a snake - Benefits from enemy

To see snake and mongoose fight - Getting stuck in legal matter

To see snake teeth - Damages from close relation

To see snake falling from roof - Disease at home. Impairment in court matters

To see or eat snake - Sudden finance gain, but money is spent immediately

To see police-man - Indications of working against law

To watch cinema - Time lost in vain

To see someone smoking - Money wastage

To see sewing machine - Fight with spouse

To sew - Positive result inspite difficult situation

To see a jackal - Monetary loss. Indication of disease

To see sindur - Indication of accident

To offer sindur to deity - Wish fulfillment

To see a pumpkin - Poverty will be removed gradually

To see Goddess Sita - Gain in respect and prestige

To cross border - Gains from exports

To see a shell - Losses To see. Profits if picked up

to feel proud - Enhancement in fortune

To climb a ladder - Failure at work

To see a goldsmith - Betrayal by partner

To tie rope at waist - Poverty. Struggles ahead

To see an iron - Success in work. Get married

To see Sudarshan Chakra - Get punishment for cheating

To see betel nut - Immediate marriage. Increasing numbers of friend

To see golden colour - To get blocked money

To see or enter into a tunnel - Commencement of new work

To see a needle - Happiness if one. Sufferings To see many

To see a smoldering fire - Sad news

To see a beautiful lady - Loss in prestige

To see golden sunshine - Monetary gains from Government. Stress in family

To see an earthern pot - Cure from disease

To feel fragrance - Get skin disease

To see a deserted place - Increase in force

To see collecting interest - Get easy money

To be hanged on gallows - Freedom from worries. Good news

To see the Sun - Increase inwealth and respect

To see own face glowing like the Sun - Get reward. Gain in respect.

To see a pig - Defamation. Get indulge in illegal activities. Bad company

To drink pigs milk - Imprisonment. Character loss

To see sunflower - Indication of crisis

To see destrution of the Sun,theMoon etc - Distress and sufferings equivalent to death

To see French beans - Monetary loss. Get good food

To break-in to a house - To loose a favourite precious thing

To serve - Benefits of hardwork

To get served - Indication of bad health

To tie sehra - Indication of domestic clashes

To see a soldier - Increase in courage

To eat dry ginger - Health gain. Monetary loss

To see gold - Monetary loss. Disease in family

To find Gold - Wealth gain

To donate Gold to others - Benefits to others by self-infliction

To be robbed of Gold - Humiliation and increase in difficulties

To put gold as mortgage - Betrayal and humiliation

To see a sleeping Lion - Success will be result of working fearlessly

To see complete admment kit - Indication of illness and bad health

To see Ruby - Increase in powers and rights

To see pearl - Mental peace

To see Coral - Victory over enemy

To see emerald - Gain in business

To see Yellow Sapphire - Increase enemosity all around

To see diamond - Financial gains

To see Blue Sapphire - Progress and promotion

To see Gomed - Struck with problems and difficulties

To see Cats Eye - Increase in respect

To see Turquoise (Firoza) - Gain in business

To don make-up - Increase in love-affairs

To see empty chair - Get a job

To see garbage pile - Get money after difficulty

To see fort - Gain happiness

To see or putting on a nail - Divison in family

To comb hair - Pilgrimage

To see or eat banana - Getting happiness

To see cake - Getting a good thing

To see camera - Secrets to be hidden

To see leper - Monetary gain

To see a bunglow - Get grief

To see or hear cuckoo - Good news

To see cocoon - Good indication

To get scratched - Healthy body

To see bed bug - Struggle in life

To kill bed bug - Free from difficulties

To see melon - Get success

To read letter - Good news

To see rabbit - Infidelity with women

To see barn - Gaining respect

To eat sour - Monetary loss

To see empty vessel - Loss in work

To laugh heartily - Expectation of bad news

To mock at - Disappointment from people

To see a toy - Pleasure to sore eyes

Itching - Indication of cure from disease

To see happiness - Rising trouble

To see Blood shed - Rising Fortune

To see blood - Monetary gains

To see bloodrain - Threat of famine in country

To roll in blood - Get property and money

Seeing a walnut - Plenty to eat and wealth gain

Seeing grains - Indicates worries

Eating a sweet pomegranate - Wealth gain

Meeting a stranger - Advance warning about something bad

Eating Ajwain - Health gain

Seeing a teacher - Gain success

Seeing darkness - Problems occur

Seeing someone blind - Hurdles at work

To see an angel - Wealth and respect gain

To see a bier - Wealth gain

To see eating a guava - Wealth is acquired

To see eating a pineapple - Trouble followed by relief

To see eating Ginger - Gain in Respect and Recognition

To see eating pomegranate leaves - Marriage to happen soon

To see Amaltas/Cassia flowers - Jaundice or Leprosy

To see Arhar Daal - Auspicious

To see eating arhar daal - Stomach ache

To see Colocasia roots - Headache or stomach ache

To see closed almirah - Wealth gain

To see a mirror - Wish fulfillment and finding good friends

To see your face in the mirror - Job or wife related problem

To see the sky - Higher position and promotion

To see yourself in the sky - Good travel indications

To see yourself fall from the sky - Business loss

To see a fire - Acquiring wealth by wrong means

To see lighting a fire to cook - Wealth gain and progress at work

To see clothes burning due to fire - Sorrow and eye diseases

To become free - Freedom from many worries

To see a potato - Have plenty to eat

To see amla - Unfulfilled desire

Eating amla - Desire will be fulfilled

To see peaches - Finding contentment

To see aak/crown flowers - Bodily pain

To see eating mango - Wealth and baby

To see a man embracing a woman - Happiness at work

To see a woman embracing a man - Husband may betrayal

To see a man embracing a man - New enemies

To see a woman caressing a woman - Wealth gain

To commit suicide or see someone else commit suicide - Long life

To loiter - Wealth gain or new job

To see a saree anchal - Win in competition

To wipe tears with an anchal - Good times are nearby

To hide face with an anchal - To get respect and recognition

To see a saw operating - Problems will end soon

To see a saw halted - New problems are indicated

To apply or to write - Long journey

To see hermitage - Business loss

To see wheat flour - Work will be completed

To see eat icecream - Finding happiness

To see eating Imli - Lucky for a woman and unlucky for a man

To see eating idli and sambar - Help from everyone

To see theft of isht dev idol - Problems similar to death

To see reading an advertisement - Deception or theft

To see putting perfume - Good result and recognition will come

To see a building - Respect and recognition and wealth gain

Seeing a brick - Problems

A moving engine - Travel, and beware of enemies

To see a rainbow - Problems will increase, monetary loss

To see ace of spades - Sadness and disappointment

To see ace of diamonds - Troublesome situation

To see ace of hearts - Family clashes

To see ace of clubs - Home clashes, arrival of a guest

To see desolation - Far away journey

To use a razor - Journey brings wealth gain

To see a forest - Warning about illness

Seeing an inauguration - Bad sign

To see someone depressed - Good news will come

To give or take a loan - Wealth gain indications

To see oneself fly - Serious accident warning

To see jumping - Bad news may come

To see an owl - Sad news indications

To yawn - Sadness

To wear clothes upside down - Insult

To see brightness - News of future success

To see bright clothes - Respect will increase, wedding

To get up and fall - Struggle will increase

Messed up hair or threads - Tension will increase

Seeing a Razor - Wealth loss, fear of theft

Chest pain - Wealth loss, fear of theft

To see oneself at a height - Get insulted

To see wool - Wealth will increase

To see high hills - Work success after struggle

To see high trees - Delay in wishes getting fulfilled

To see someone wearing glasses - Gt Education, happiness and respect

To see medicine - Bad company will be seen

To dig a grave - Get rich, build a house

To kill oneself - Good dream, protect yourself from malfunction

To see ones shorter height - Get hmiliated, be in trouble

To see ones increased height - Huge crisis indicated

To see someone taking an oath - Sorrow through offspring

To see a pen - Knowledge gain

To give a loan - Happiness will come

To take a loan - Business loss

To see an art work - Respect and recognition

To see camphor - Gain in business

To see rag-man - Good times begin

To see a pigeon - To meet a lover

To see a flock of pigeon - Good news will come

Lotus flower - Knowledge gain

Cotton balls - Happiness and prosperity

To see bangles - Insult

To see pumpkins - Stomach ache

To see a girl - Wealth gain

To see a cremation cloth - Long life

To see a bud - Bad health

To see a tortoise - Good news will come

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