Grah Shanti Products

DTP Magic team, with a lot of efforts and after years of research and development, has developed a number of products for betterment of life and make each planet’s affect positive on one’s life.

These products cater to the effects of a planet on an individual’s life. These products are developed from knowledge of various branches of Astrology, using experience and knowledge of our team, and are very easy to use and consume.

Some of these products are of daily use like, soap, oil, perfume and some are of specific use like energy booster, jadi-buti (herbs). While some of these products like dhoop are used for pooja, havan etc.

Besides the already available products/packages, very soon we would introduce a ‘Shani Kripa Prapti Upaay’, for appeasement of Lord Shani. Any person regardless of the current status of Shani in his/her birth chart can perform this ‘Upaay’. This is very easy to do and can be perform without any major help.

We have following planet based products available for your benefit :-

  • Grah Shanti Products
  • Grah Shanti Package
  • Pooja Kits
  • Shani Kripa Prapti Upaay

Note: We at DTP Magic believe that using these products provides same results which can be attained by large scale religious ceremoniesand poojas. These products are very easy to use but the results attained can match with those attained by complex and very hard to perform poojas.