Grah Shanti Packages

In Astrology, characteristics of every planet and constellation (Nakshatra) have been described in details. Every planet is described with relation to its unique nature, colour, shape, smell etc. has prepared a ‘Grah Shanti’ package by specifically taking into consideration its colour, smell, natural elements, herbs and related materials. This package, available for all planets, not only is used for ‘Grah Shanti’ but also eradicates negative aspects generated due to that planet, if any. One can live in peace and harmony besides feeling an environment of growth and happiness by using this package.

In the present context it is a matter of grave concern as to how the products used for pooja is prepared. For example one must ascertain the ingredients used to make dhoop, oil, ghee, perfume etc. The dhoop available in market is prepared from degrading and harmful materials like tire-waste, mobile oil, wooden scrap etc. Similarly, oil, ghee, perfume etc. too are prepared from equally harmful materials. This is one of the major reasons behind unsuccessful and discouraging results from ‘Yagna’, ‘Anushthan,’ and or ‘Grah Shanti’ poojan. We have prepared ‘Grah Shanti Package’ by taking into considerations all of the above mentioned factors, which ensures that by simply using this package all the negative aspects of the planets are overcome and we get positive results.

We at firmly believe that by using our ‘Grah Shanti’ Package one can get similar results as in religious ‘Anushthan’ and ‘Pooja’, since it is a user friendly package and can easily be used to replace a number of different remedies like wearing Gems and Stones etc.

There are 9 different packages available :-

  • Surya Grah Shanti Package
  • Chandra Grah Shanti Package
  • Mangal Grah Shanti Package
  • Budh Grah Shanti Package
  • Guru Grah Shanti Package
  • Shukra Grah Shanti Package
  • Shani Grah Shanti Package
  • Rahu Grah Shanti Package
  • Ketu Grah Shanti Package

Each of the above mentioned packages contains following items:

  • Grah Shanti Dhoop
  • Positive Energy Booster
  • Grah Raksha Kawach
  • Grah Shanti Mala
  • Grah Shanti Oil
  • Grah Shanti Perfume
  • Grah Shanti Soap
  • Grah Shanti Tilak
  • Grah Shanti Jadi-Buti

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