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DTP Magic is not just another astrology website or organization. It’s an astrology organization with a mission to make an impact on people’s lives through exchange of ancient astrological wisdom. For centuries, Indians have relied on ancient principles and believed in the movement of stars, planets and also analysis of Kundalis, etc. There is a reason why people believe in the magic of date, time and place. Yes, these are the three most essential elements required for decoding magical secrets that can unveil what a person should or shouldn’t do for a happy life. ‘Happiness’ is the ultimate goal for all of us, and we at DTP Magic, aspire to guide you towards a brighter life. Astrology has the power to transform people’s lives, but this craft has been misused by people and organizations leading to widespread disbelief and disinterest in this ancient science.

Our main motive in starting DTP Magic and making this platform available to all is not profit based. We only believe in developing relationships with people we connect with, on the basis of trust. As all craftsmen, we too use this knowledge of astrology for helping others and whatever we charge is always what’s needed for basic sustenance. We want to win your trust through an excellent service that focuses on resolving problems and through highest ethical standards.

Visitors of DTP Magic will never be disappointed with the quality of the work done by our team of astrologers .We would love to hear your feedback and opinions about improving overall experience of our visitors. We are open to feedback and believe that the more we learn and hear from our visitors, the more we will grow.

Our mission is to change the way astrology is being perceived by the world today. This is an ancient science that has the ability to improve people’s lives.

DTP Magic believes in the magic of astrology and we hope you do too! We look forward to serving you.

Contact us and feel free to let us know what you think about us.


We have following planet based products available for your benefit