Shani Remedies

At any given period of time Lord Shani affects 5 Zodiac signs, in which 3 signs are affected by ‘Shani Saade Saati’ and 2 signs are affected by and ‘Shani Dhhaiyaa’. Each individual has to go through the ‘Saade Saati’or ‘Dhhaiyaa’ phase in his/her lifetime 2-3 times. has devised a remedy beneficial for anyone wishes to appease Lord Shani. This remedy is prepared with years of research and experience of a highly dedicated team of astrologers, using their knowledge and training. This remedy is based on ‘vidhi-sammat’ practices of worshiping Lord Shani. It follows principles of Lord Shani being the Judge of everyone’s Karmas. Through this remedy we approach Lord Shani with proper tools and method. This way Lord Shani blesses us with His kindness and lessens the impacts of wrong doings, all one has to do is to perform this remedy once in his lifetime. This upaay provide benefits to even those individuals who have Lord Shani in favourable position in their birth chart.

Shani Kripa Prapti Upaay is a very simple, practical and effective step-wise pre-defined method for anyone and everyone. This is one-time use package supplied with rare to find, pure and ‘abhimantrit’ ingredients.

We are going to introduce this package for everyone’s benefits very soon.

What is Shani Saade Saati?

There are a number of misconceptions about Lord Shani in Indian astrology. Planet Saturn is considered as inauspicious, causer of pain and sorrow. But for the matter of fact is that Saturn creates harmony and balance in nature and does justice with each living being. It is considered that Lord Shani tortures and torments only inappropriate actions.

According to astrology every person experiences Shani Saade Saati in every 30 years. Whenever Lord Shani transits in twelfth house, in birth house and in the second house it is Saade Saati.

According to traditions and beliefs the first stage makes person suffer physically, the second stage brings financial sufferings and in the third stage is considered evenly beneficial to the person affected by Shani Saade Saati.

What is Shani ki Dhaiyyaa?

It is considered Shani ki Dhiayyaa when Lord Shani transits from fourth and eight house of the birth chart of any individual. During this period the person suffers from loss in physical pleasures and luxuries due to effects of past karmas. The persons suffers a great deal of physical pain too, due to increase in sufferings. When Saturn transits in eights house then the person suffers from issues of children, family tensions and financial losses.